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Six Favorite Flavors

Hi Gents:

I have a quick question for you bastion of snuff buffs. As an elite group of experts your opinions are much respected.

If you could choose only 6 flavors (not necessarily brands, though that may be relevant) what would they be. MINE ARE AS FOLLOWS:

1. Menthol/Eucalyptus (McChrystals)
2. Cherry (Poeschl)
3. Aniseed (Samual Gawith)
4. Apricot (Poeschl)
5. Coffee (Smiths)
6. Sandalwood (Dholakia)

Let me know yr thoughts.

Mr. Snuff


  • 1) Scotch (Plain or Rappee) American style
    2) Orange or Citrus
    3) Honey
    4) Apricot
    5) Sandalwood (Dholakia is the best one)
    6) Clove

    Hello Mr. Snuff, any new development of Snuv?
  • 1. DH Toast
    2.Dry scotch American snuffs
    3. sweet mild American snuffs


  • Hey Troutstroker:

    yes some developments....we have finally got approval on the merchant account for amex and mastercard. Standing by for visa. You would not believe how difficult it is in N America to get this done. I guess that explains the paucity of new sites selling snuff. With luck we will truly be up and running by the end of the year. I hope sooner of course, but as soon as i get over one hurdle two more seem to pop up. I have been at this for two years can you believe. I do not plan on giving up though. Damn those regulators who can't tell the difference between smoking tobacco (= unhealthy; causes health problems; pisses off everybody around you) and snuff (= enjoyable social drug that does no known damage to the human body; upets nobody).

    thanks for asking (and thanks for yr input)

    Mr. Snuff
  • Glad to hear that your making some headway. Looking forward to you being up and running.
  • 1) American Dry Sweet and Mild
    2) Toque Chocolate
    3) Toque Menthol
    4) Clover
    5) American Dry Scotch
    6) Citrus/Peach
  • Where did you get the word "paucity" from?
  • American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This pau·ci·ty (pô'sĭ-tē) Pronunciation Key
    Smallness of number; fewness.
    Scarcity; dearth: a paucity of natural resources.
  • exactly right Merdock...i guess paucity is more commonly used in Scotland where I grew up. like pauper maybe? don't know if it is the same root but sounds similar.
  • TabacznikTabacznik Member
    edited October 2007 PM
    My favourite flavours:
    - Apricot (Mc Chrystal's Apricot)
    - Chocolate (SG Chocolate and maybe in future Toque Chocolate)
    - Coffee (SG Black Coffee, G. Smith&Sons' Cafe Royale and but not yet - Toque Espresso)
    - Rose (GH English Rose)
    - Ice(?) (Mc Chrystal's Highland Ice)
    - Hop (Hallertauer Hopfenprise)
  • I'll do a top 12

    #1 - Red Bull
    #2 - Wilson's Tom Buck or Queens Extra Strong (pretty much the same)
    #3 - Wilson's Super Menthol
    #4 - McChrystal's Stamheimer Hopfenschnupf
    #5 - BeSpoke Gin & Tonic
    #6 - McChrystal's Snuff
    #7 - Wilson's Prime Minister
    #8 - Wilson's Royal George
    #9 - McCrystal's O&G
    #10 - Wilson's Rose of Sharrow
    #11 - Dutch Windmill Peppermint
    #12 - Gawith Cola
  • It depends on my mood, but the top 6 are usually;
    1- O&G
    2- de Kralingse Macuba
    3- GletsherPrise
    4- Wilson's Kendal Brown
    5- Gawith Hoggarth's CM
    6- de Kralingse Latakia Peppermint
    7- Tom Buck

    Darn it, I just can't do 6. I'm already looking at this thinking "Why isn't Irish Coffee in there?"

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