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HeathHeath Member
edited June 2012 in Types of Snuff
can anyone recomend a snuff that is easly obtainable, thats not so harsh, and BBq flavored!


  • Guanxi88Guanxi88 Member
    edited April 2010 PM
    Your Discussion Title says it all, at least for those of us in Texas. It's in every single HEB grocery store.

    Get the Sweet one, and toss a clove or two in the box, maybe put a few drops of brandy in there and let it sit overnight, then, run it through a sieve to get the inevitable clumps out.

    Alternately, get yourself a pack of Natural American Spirit or whatever the hell it's called, perique blend. air-dry for about 3 days, then run through a coffee mill or grind in mortar and pestle, and you're good to go. Go ahead and moisturize it with a bit of brandy or what-have-you, and you're golden

    Most of the most commonly-available American snuffs are the American-style Scotches, which tend to be harsh and BBQ (at least a t first) If you can find Tops snuff, you're good to go, a very mild smokey snuff.
  • I'd recommend Starr as the easiest to take, but I've never seen it in a store. Thats for US made snuffs.
    Best bet is shopping online. There is a bewildering variety online to counter the dearth available in stores.
    If you buy online, you should probably avoid American snuffs for the time being. Get some English and German ones to start with.
  • HEB!
  • umm, what does "HEB" mean/stand for?
  • @snu\ff_n00b:


    The founder of the grocery store chain; it's a Texas thing.
  • ahh ok, that makes sense now
  • A very smokey American Scotch that is easy to take is Honest Scotch. The only problem is if you don't watch it, it will turn to concrete in your nose.
  • My new favorite Scotch is Tops Mild, it's wonderful. I also think Honest, Three Thistles and Square are really good scotches with not too much BBQ.
  • W.E. Garretts Sweet was my first snuff and I still love it. It almost turned me off to snuff entirely but I kept on trying it, found this forum, perfected my snuff taking techniques and here I am. I would recommend the "back-of-the-hand" for taking the scotches. It worked well for me but it might not for you. It's always worth a try though.

  • That sounds masochistic
  • yeah, I don't think back of the hand is the easiest way to take a scotch or a toast, sounds like it could hurt badly lol. But hey, to each his own, right
  • I don't know how easy it is to use (I can personally use all scotches equally well) but my favorite has got to be Railroad Mills plain.
  • I have a theory. Railroad Mills Plain and Navy Plain are the same thing in different labels. Look at the stats. They have exactly the same nicotine content and the same unpronated nicotine, and they come from the same manufacturer and seem the same in my nose.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Nah, they are different.
  • They taste very similar to me too, Nachman. If anything RR Mills has a tiny bit more flavor.
  • all the swisher snuffs seem to have a common "base" or background to me. i get the same "chemically" drip from RR as I do Honey Bee. I thought is was the sweetener in the Honey Bee at first, but I noticed it with several of their snuffs. anyone else experience this?

    Back on topic. I love the WE garret. Just ordered a few tins of it as well as a giant tin of Levi.
  • I bought my first can of WE Garrett and I have nothing to compare it too since this is my first scotch snuff. How do you know if it is too old? It had dust on the can from sitting on the shelf for God knows how long....does this stuff ever expire? It's got a strong smell and enough nicotine from a small pinch to make my head spin. I take it that this is normal? Would there be any signs of this snuff being too old? The snuff in this can looks like it could survive nuclear war. Good stuff!
  • tom502tom502 Member
    I think they last forever.
  • XanderXander Member
    When scotches are too old they are dried out (yes, even drier than normal) and take on a musty taste.
  • Ok thanks...I don't think it has a musty's hella smoky and strong! Kind of reminds me of BBQ Corn Nuts. My wife doesn't like being around me after I snuff this...she says it stinks!
    The first time I tried this I took 2 small pinches, waited a few minutes, blew my nose and tried 2 more pinches. Big mistake! That kinda knocked my ass down for awhile! Does the cardboard container keep the snuff fresh or do I need to transfer it to another container? I was thinking about transfering it to an empty dip can...easy to transport that way. Let me know what u guys do!
  • XanderXander Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    For that one in particular, I get it under the Levi Garrett label (same snuff) in the brown bottles. I do have one of those in W. E.'s in cardboard in a clamping jar in the cellar. I'm sure it will keep well enough. I prefer the Swisher '"flav-r-gauard" container, so If you intend to keep it long, perhaps you could transfer it to an empty one of those.
    Still, it should be fine in there for a few years if you keep the lid tight, and in a cool dry place.
  • I second that one, Xander. I have an old can of W.E. that I've had since I started which is coming on two years now and it's still as fresh as when it was purchased. One complaint, however, is that the top of the cardboard tube just under the lid gets bent making it difficult on ocassion the put the lid back on.

  • I was thinking my can will last at least a year. How do they stay in buisness? I would only be spending about $4 a year for W.E.
  • @stinkboto: That's easy; most people dip it, in which case a can won't last too long. But it'll keep; no fear! It's been jokingly (?) mentioned here that maybe all of these US dry snuff companies last ran their mills decades ago and what we're getting is from a bulk silo last filled in 1956, hehehe...
  • XanderXander Member
    Also if its your only snuff, you coud empty the can in about 10 days.
  • Levi Garrett for me. I even have a piece of their factory on display in my house!!
  • Hey James I believe it! The retro style lookin labeling on these cans probably aren't retro...they are the original 1956 cans!
  • RansRans Member
    levi garret is very good.....nice bbq
  • @stinkboto: the only hang to that theory being, they have modern Surgeon General's warnings...
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