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fell off the smoking wagon :(

WhiZZlEWhiZZlE Member
edited May 2010 in General
but jumping right back on. bought a pack and have had 5 and kept one for later and destroyed pack. 1st cigs in a month in a half and am disgusted with myself.


  • every time you feel the need for a cigarette, stab yourself in the leg with a fork. Negative reinforcement.
  • apap Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    This happened to me a few times since i quit, almost all my friends smoke cigs so when we go out to drink some beers i may have some cigs but i am fine just with snuff (and an ocasional pinch of dip) the other day , i dont think 5 cigs twice a month is that bad !
    At least is way better than my 30 cigs a day old habit.
    i will try it some time :)
  • Here is my advice, which has two consequences: i) quitting the habit permanently: ii) punishing yourself for want of willpower.

    Next time you buy a pack allow yourself one smoke only. Eat the remainder, cigarettes, filters, packet, foil, plastic wrapper and all.

    You will turn green, vomit copiously for hours and feel like death for two days. Even the thought of a cigarette will make you nauseous, and the effect is permanent.

    I knew a fellow, a heavy smoker, who actually attempted this in 1978, with a ten-pack and a glass of water for a £50 bet. He nearly won his bet and, as an unexpected consequence, was unable to even look at a cigarette, let alone smoke one ever again.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    I've fallen off the wagon several times recently, always due to drinking! Also my neighbor / friend started smoking after she quit for 9 years. For me the only solution is to stop buying them and bum a couple a week when I'm around smokers.
  • Now see, I quit for a while, yes with snuff and snus, but am smoking again and not really feeling bad about it. I like smoking, always will, but I only smoke a few a day and keep my nic stoked up handily by other means. Despite what the doctor tells you (they who would have us living in a giant HEPA filter subsisting on bee pollen and bran), any reduction is a good thing.

    Like many others here have said, if you have a butt don't beat yourself up. Sometimes life just calls for a cigarette and nothing else will do. Smoke it, enjoy it, move on. Don't throw the pack out, stash it in the freezer or something. If it sits there so long it goes stale, well good for you! If it takes a whole year to smoke them all, I'd say you're doing juuuust fine...
  • Here's what works for me, your mileage may vary. I keep a couple ounces of RYO tobacco in a humidor. On the once a week occasion that I really need one, I roll one. I feel this keeps me from buying a pack and having to use it. :)
  • tom502tom502 Member
    Yeah, the RYO idea is good, it even makes you have to work a little to get one. One thing I did also, is find a smoke you really hate, or like the least, and get that, and then when you have a crave, you'll hesitatingly smoke it, but not like it, and probably put it out.
  • Don't be mad at yourself. It happens. lol I remember years ago, I would be quit, then out of the blue, buy a pack, smoke 3 on the way home, then toss the pack out the window. I did it for days in a row, then just kept 'em. Bah, it can be a hard ride, but don't punish yourself, just get back on.
    Rollups can help, because it is a bit of work to get one going, vs just grabbing one from the pack, but beware, when you get good at rolling, it is almost as easy... and they are strong and up your tolerance.
  • It happens, and no need to worry we will stop the wagon for you. That is the good thing about the wagon is it never leaves you behind. Welcome back aboard. I guess in some ways I am sort of hanging on the side of the wagon. I use a electric cig, and a lot of snuff and am still having a few pipes during the week. Since pipe smoking is burning tobacco I guess that puts me on the side of the wagon.
  • BartBart Member
    I've tossed a pack before and gone back hours later to where I thought it was and rummaged along the roadside, cursing myself the whole time, hahaha!
    Well, I've had two smokes in about six months.
    My friendship with cigs is over... I can stop and visit from time to time, I suppose, though.
  • bobbob Member
    I almost never have the urge to smoke cigs. I really think a big part of it is psychological in that I never planned on not smoking. I started snusing and snuffing because of times I couldn't smoke. Cigs seemed lame everytime I thought about them. I didn't have it set up as a road block or monumental activity. As if not seeing as something grand but rather ho-hum it's been easy. I guess I'am saying drop the pressure a little bit. Let yourself think a little is better then none, hell even if you smoke everyday but less you're still in better shape then you would be if you didn't snuff and snus. Seriously if you kind of don't care so much I bet you'll ween down to almost no cigarettes. I've noticed that everybody that talks about smoking some seems to have a tone that says they are depriving themselves of a joy and almost like the completele cut off is more the deprevation, the never again. Just saying it's cool have a cigs. The more you use snuff the less appealing cigs should be as you rehabit yourself so to speak. I swear the longer you use snuff the more satisfing it becomes on a nic level. In fact when I smoke a cig I don't feel nearly as much as I do with snuff though it didn't start that way.
  • bobbob Member
    Oh another neat trick that some people say helps allow yourselve as many smokes as you want but with a special limitation you have to wait ten minutes or five minutes before you actualy smoke it after decieding to have it of course take a pinch of a favorite snuff. May or may not work but works for some.
  • XanderXander Member
    I'm with Bob. I quit by not quitting.

    Lots of litter bugs here. I'd would have suffered more guilt over littering than I would ever have over smoking.
  • Bart, lol, so have I, and I felt the same as you when doing it. Gaah, what a savage monkey it can be.
  • I'm trying to climb back on. The past month or so I have been delving deeper and deeper into the hand-rollies, and it creeps slowly, like tendrils of a vine. I recently emptied the trash can, the smoking trash can, and I was shocked at how many butts were there! I also have a bad, bad habit of inhaling once in a while, sometimes more, from the briar. Not a full inhale like on a cig, but enough to be bad. My wife informed me last Sunday, that our 5K cancer run is this Sun. Eek! I had not been running in weeks, and had crusty lungs. A slight wheeze. How could I let it go this far. One week to train. One week to clean out the windbags. Monday was tough, man I could feel every stupid inhale of smoke the past month. Yesterday was much better.
    The tie-in here, is of course snuff. It can work both ways, raising or dropping the blood nic. I knew I had to lower the blood nico levels, so I first stopped the snus, I never took a lot of it, but it does seem to raise my nico-levels, to the tipping point of not being able to feel the effect of snuff. That step accomplished, snuff is saving the day. I wait until I feel a hint of "the panic", then take a bump. It eases off and everything is fine. "The Panic" is decreasing, and the snuff lift increasing, day by day. I still have a pipe in the evening, but stopped the inhale. Feeling much better in only a few days. Snuff is wonderful.
  • Quit more by accident than design. Smoked 1oz (25g) of hand rolling tobacco and used a fair ammount of snuff every day.Read about NTSU here and tried some. The ultimate nic hit!. Take it straight from the container, nice and damp with loads of ammonia.
    Lost the urge to smoke. Tobacco in the uk is very expensive, £6.50 an ounce (over $9.00) and the same for a pack of 20 cigarettes. Every no smoking day, put the cash in a tin. Dont bank it or you will not reaise how much you have saved. Every time you think of smoking, open the tin and feel all those crisp notes. Always have snuff with me wherever I go (like I used to with a pack of tobacco). 14g of NTSU costs me £1.00 ($1.50) and with serious use, it lasts for about 4 days.
    Have a look at the NTSU threads on this site, it may help.
  • Feel no disgust or guilt, it serves no purpose. You are already doing more for youself than millions of others. Took me nearly two years to quit with snuff, now cigs are bad memory.

    And just a piece of non PC advice - if you need a smoke real bad, have one. Just having that though in mind (like a safety net I guess) did more for me than any of the published health fascist BS. Simple fact: it can be done with snuff, and you will do it.
  • AllanHAllanH Member
    I agree with snuffster here. It's ok to have an occasional smoke than be stressed by that. In a time smokes do not anymore taste so good and nic hit doesn't quite hit anymore.
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