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Strawberry Sweet

TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
Well I had a chance to resample this snuff made by Helme/Swisher. I had received a free sample at a fair/rodeo a few years back before Swisher bought out Helme and remembered it to be a fairly nice snuff but did not remember enough to write a little review. Omegapd (EW) supplied me with a fresh sample. The initial aroma you get is not a plain strawberry but more like a strawberry jam or syrup with sort of a buttery sweet after tone. Not a strong strawberry scent, very light. If you can imagine smelling a hot piece of toast with melted butter and strawberry jam then you can get a hint of what this is like. This is a very sweet snuff. If you are familiar with Society snuff, its around the same color, texture and sweetness. Its about the same color as coco powder. The sweetness lasts as long as you keep it in. Very soft on the nose and if you happen to get any drainage down the back of throat, its actually enjoyable because of the sweetness. This is a very good breakfast snuff or dessert snuff. Another way I have just found today to enjoy this snuff is while drinking an A&W Vanilla Cream Soda. These two together are excellent. It is a hard snuff to find. Online I was only able to find wholesale distributers who carried it & I knew that stores in California wouldn't carry it and thats why I contacted omegapd about it after seeing it in his photo.

Thanks again EW for the swap.

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