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Review - Railroad Mills Checkerberry Snuff



  • Never heard from Food Lion.

    I bought a can from MrSnuff. It arrived today and I have to say my first scent association was Skoal.

    It's not bad. It's not going to be a favorite for me, but it is a good snuff for wintergreen fans.
  • This snuff is so moist I might actually dry it out a bit. I got a new can around Jan 20, and it's been my night time snuff. I have to use the flat end of my snuff spoon and shovel heaps into my nose, as it's just too moist a snuff to pinch. Though with it being so moist it does pile very easily on the snuff spoon.
  • Now this I gotta try
  • @baconpete Northerner ships to Canada.
  • @volunge Nice, thanks.  Looks like they have a pretty good selection too and even a snuff I haven't heard of before called Oddwolf
  • @baconpete, someone at Snuffhouse mentioned that Oddwolf was made by Bernard. I suspect it could be far from fresh. Discontinued WoS snuffs at northerner are 100% stale, avoid them. I got some dried-out and badly rusted tins.

    V2 Thunder snuffs, Neffa, Jaxons and American dry snuffs might be quite fresh, though. There are two Molens snuffs, too. All the rest nasal snuffs are too overpriced there.
  • @volunge Ah okay, yeah I got excited when I saw WoS Rosemary but thought just that. I do need that checkerberry though, some snus sparked my interest but I'm not much of a snuser. 

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