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Own Flavouring

AlexAlex Member
edited December 2006 in Snuff House Library
According to an articel on making your own snuff by Andy, I tested a method for flavouring plain snuff myself. As lazy as I am, I did not buy and grind tobacco in person, but rather took the plain Latakia Ao 1860 as a basis. Therefore I only had to care about the flavour. I decided to give whisky a try.

According to the instructions I did the following:
  • Take a small and bigger bowl. Put the snuff into the first and the whisky into the latter one.
  • Put the small bowl into the bigger one.
  • Close the bigger bowl and make sure it is air-tight.
[Image_11] [Image_12] [Image_13]

After two or three days at a warm place, I took a look at my whisky snuff:

left: before, right: afterwards

It is very moist and definitely needs to dry a little. The snuff has a slight scent of whisky, which is also noticeable when snuffing it. Next time, I will give it some more days to enhance the whisky scent.

Overall, it was a nice experiment which I will probably repeat with some different flavours. Maybe whisky and vanilla? Let's see.


  • I think sprinkling a few drops into it will probably not work out, as this might be to much. But Andy gave me the hint, using a perfume atomizer for applying whisky or similar scents. Maybe he can describe that in more detail?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • nice
  • The method used by Fribourg & Treyer, mentioned in John Arlott's book, was to add the scent directly to a hollow in the snuff & let it stand overnight. The liquid,of course, formed a hard lump in the snuff. The next day, they would sieve the entire lot of snuff until the flavor was evenly distributed. I've used this method & it works fine. I usually put a thin layer of snuff on a cutting board, add the fluid a few drops at a time and mix it into the snuff with an artist's palette knife.
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