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Makla - Interested?

edited October 2010 in General
I am considering stocking Makla and I am wondering how much interest there is. My problem is that their minimum purchase for wholesale is quite substantial and i don't want to end up having to use it all myself (I could think of worse problems though it must be said).

There are five flavors. Are there any you would NOT want to try, and which would be your first choice?

Makla El Kantara Menthol
Makla Ifrikia
Red Makla Bentchicou
Green Makla Bentchicou
Makla African Platinium

Many thanks for your input.


  • Any idea what the flavors actualy are. I doubt I'll order any soon.
  • Ask this at the snuson site. Personally, I'm not a big fan of loose snus. These are rather strong though, and unique.
  • They're all interesting, I've only had Ifrikia this far. Same company makes a nasal snuff too.
  • Yeah, Dave. If stocking these make sure to also stock the Neffa Ifrikia from these guys which is a true nasal snuff. I liked the Malka I tried, but its a lot courser than snus. Its actually semi-chewable. So personally, I might get the odd one, but would not go out of my way for it. Their snuff, however, is on my wishlist.
  • I'd likely try one of each in my next order, but I'd also be quite interested in their nasal snuff.
  • Im with Xander, Ive had Neffa Ifrikia on my wish list for a while now.
  • desirexedesirexe Member
    edited October 2010 PM
    I'd buy one of each non-menthol and also interested in the snuff.

    The 'red' perks my interest the most.
  • Snuff HunterSnuff Hunter Member
    edited October 2010 PM
    I Will Looking forward to getting some!
    the African Platinium looks look interesting
  • I might try a few, but I would definitely try their nasal snuff.
  • I'd be interested in making a purchase of all they offer.
  • I buy the red and occasionally the green every couple of weeks or so in local stores but find that the ifrikia makla and neffa are hard to come by and would place an order for these.

    If you are thinking of snus like products, a reliable supply of Neftobak would be on my wish list.
  • I'd try one of each.
  • I would definitely try them. I use chew and dip but have never got round to ordering snus, but if you stock em Ill try em.
  • More interest here than on the snus forum. I wasn't sure if my recommendation was a good one or not. Still not 100%.
  • We now have some Makla in stock for those who would like to try it. It is made by Makla-Ifrikia and this is what they say (google translated!). If you are interested see here: Makla on MrSnuff

    "What is Makla?

    Those who have already discovered him, love him ...

    For the others, a brief explanation:

    Makla is produced in Belgium and enjoyed chewing tobacco has long been in French-speaking world and is also gaining great popularity in Germany and Austria more and more friends.
    Makla is the smoke-free alternative in a time when it is due to the increasing smoking bans and more difficult to enjoy tobacco relaxed. "

  • I couldn't resist leaving the manufacturers description as is on the website. It could go either way in terms of attracting people to try it, but at least it is good for a chuckle. Also leaving it as "rouge" does run the risk of ladies purchasing to rub on their cheeks I suppose....

    Makla Rouge
    "With a rounder and softer taste Red Makla Bouhlel Bentchicou is made for amateurs of sweet and tasty feelings. This rich and fatty tobacco is really exceptional in its refinement."

  • street carpstreet carp Member
    edited October 2010 PM
    @mr.snuff: The link for makla in the left hand menu gives a "page not found" error when you click it. You've misspelled it as "maklal" in the link.
  • @street carp : thanks for the heads up. Fixed now.

  • Oh, just my luck for something I want to turn up a few days after I made an order! I guess I'll have to start saving for my next order asap.
  • Ooo...I hope the 'rouge' is my shade! ;) I'm willing to try all tobacco products at least once, so I'll definitely be adding a couple cans. I am really drawn to the "Africaine" as well as "Rouge."
  • If I have an extra $30-$40 this week, I'll be putting in another order. Of course, I'll be buying more just after I finally finished some. By the way, Dave, do you have any snuffboxes on your site that you would know to hold 10g? I want to try out some of the new range of SG snuffs you have, but I know for a fact that they don't fit completely into any of my PC boxes.
  • How do you use this ? As a Dip or like snus ?
  • Sweet and fatty, mmmmmmmmmm..........
  • Which flavors do you suggest Snuffster ?
  • Ordered some snuff and makla from MrS and got it today! I'm not sure how this happened, but the order reached me in THREE business days!!! Many thanks to Mr. Snuff as well as the postal carriers! I received a tin of Africaine, Ifrikia and red. All smell terrible, like NTSU on steroids...but the flavor is not as terrible, the Africaine was the best to me. They all hit hard and fast and I will reserve these for those times when I need instant nicotine! As for the nasal snuff, I missed out on that, they were all sold out. Anyone here order some? What is it like? Am I missing out???
  • Strange, I live in Belgium and I've seen Makla advertised as a Belgium snuff, however it's no where to be found here. I've used it and it's good strong snuff but I can only find it online not in Belgium itself. Isn't this a snuff made in Africa?
  • Hey folks!

    Makla is used like Snus. Upperlip! Here in germany you can get it in most asia/africa-stores. Be carefull with it! It´s stronger than every dip or snus. The first time I took a pinch/prilla I had to take it out after 15 min. It´s produced in Belgium but it´s a recipe of north african states (Algier/Morocco/Tunisia). Just 60% of the ingredients are tobacco. The rest is camelshit hahaha! This is the story of the marocan seller here in cologne! :-) Be careful with the rouge, there is kind of tabasco/peppery flavour inside and it burns heavy in your lip!


  • I've got Makla in Brussels, almost all shops and newsagents carry Maklas there. And it is belgian product!
  • LeffoLeffo Member
    I only now find makla and i relly love it..snuff and also "snus" version
  • We have introduced our own version of Makla in two flavors

    1.FIRE AND ICE in European flavor
    2.BEGUM TOBACCO in oriental flavor 50 g packing

    Both are now available at Mr.snuff.
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