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WoS Crumbs of comfort - can't put it down!

edited October 2010 in General
I just opened a tin of Crumbs of comfort this morning, and haven't been able to put it down all day! Got to be a must try for those that like a minty experience. Was a bit much sniffing the pinch directly (my nose is still a bit new to all this so the burn can be a bit off putting) but sniffing from the back of my hand and Wow! Anyone else got a must try snuff that you can't put down? The C of C has just the right balance between pleasure and pain - not to much but not just a pleasant scented inert powder either. I am relatively new to snuff (3 or so months), and the whiskey and honey from toque mixed 50/50 with Thuoc Lao is as much as my nose can handle right now (I find the Toque neat very nice but a bit much for me at the min)




  • Even though I just tried American Scotches a year ago, Navy Plain is the one I just can't put down. I go through a tin a month (all nasally) in addition to the European snuffs which I didn't diminish usage at all. It has so much good nicotine.
  • I can't say I've tried any American snuffs, although they are going to be on my hit list. I only usually snuff 4 or 5 times a day, but must be at number 15 already today with the the Crumbs! I get my nicotine from snus, and my pleasure from snuff, so the less I snuff usually the better it is!. I'll reign it in tomorrow a bit too much of a good thing and all that! Snuff gives me the hit that I used to enjoy from a cigarette, and is great for my withdrawl symptoms if I get a bad craving before the snus kicks in.
  • Its great when you get one like that, pure pleasure. My addiction of the moment of Fubar R and R.
  • edited October 2010 PM
    Crumbs Of Comfort used to be my daily snuff. That was before I tried O&G and Toque's Menthol, now I just prefer Menthol over spearmint.

    I can live on just Toque's Menthol and Tube Rose.

    I still have 100 grams of COC from a half pound tub that I haven't touched since June.
  • I like Crumbs of Comfort a lot as well. Crumbs of Comfort Extra is excellent as well, I think I may even like it more than the regular. I got some Prime Minister on the way, I figured that it would be the next one to try since I like his little brothers so much.

    I think that for me, the spearmint variations will remain a favorite and a regular for some time to come.
  • CoC is my all day snuff. Bought a pound of it a few months ago, and have easily used 70 grams of it so far
  • CoC 1or2 pinches every morning has become a daily ritual for to start the day. I mix a dash in with some of my scotches or personal grinds sometimes to add a little variety to the day (5 gm smash box half full 1 pipe tool spoon half full) lasts me all day. .
    I am admitting it is a must have for me. Never have had any rebound effect from it.
    I had a med. tin just opened in my pocket one day, I offered a non-snuffer friend (smoker) a pinch one day and he took it with him and hasn't smoked since.
  • It's all in a day's snuff. But honestly I can't stand it. The strangest thing is, I do like peppermint in my mouth; but not in my nose. I think of the chap that was on this forum about, ginger snuff. Well I think ginger in the mouth has a gradual burn, but that I'm sure can't be reproduced in the nose.
  • I am snuffing WoS CoC right now, good stuff.

    I still want to try ginger snuff. Almost nothing lost, if I do not like it. Much gained, if I love it.
  • Well I'm sure if you go down to your local grocery shop and look on the spices rack you will find ground Ginger. Put a little into some old, or plain snuff. BUT; I think you will be disappointed.
  • @thatjerk: Prime Minister seems to me like they've thrown a little bit of everything in there (menthol, spearmint, peppermint, camphor etc) and is quite unusual. I think it's one you'll love or hate.
  • I was hoping for something manufactured with oils or something. I made some kickarse snuff with fine tonka beans and Toque Natural.
  • Sorry to re-kick and old thread but I have just tried COC myself, ordered a 25g tin from MR Snuff based on rep alone for it and just WOW. It is with me all the time. Absolutely love it and I think I might have to look over the WOS line and see if there are any others in there I must try.
  • Grand Cairo
  • @Bob, NOW you're talking!!! I've been on Grand Cairo for a couple of days as my go to SP and I might order it in bulk. Will decide about it in a day or two.
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    edited November 2010 PM
    @ snuff_nOOb: "CoC is my all day snuff. Bought a pound of it a few months ago, and have easily used 70 grams of it so far "

    At roughly 28.3 g/oz (16 oz /lb), you only have about 383 g (13.5 oz) to go until you're OUT.
  • Too funny, I placed my first order from Mr Snuff tonight (bank marked it as fraud hopefully 2nd time
    is the charm) anyway I added the crumbs of comfort 25 gram
    and the grand Cairo I'm really excited to try them out.
  • Grand Cairo will be on my next order. I gotta space them as my wife doesn't understand the "collection" even though she snuffs as well. She was shocked I ordered more considering how much stash we have already built up in such a short time.

  • I was recommended Irish Toast #22 by WoS, and have quite enjoyed it though not to the degree (and regularity) of the CofC. I prefer F&T HDT, although if you like toasts it might be worth a go.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    WoS Crumbs of Comforts is the first snuff I enjoy more after natural airing out. Got it fresh from
    the WoS mills and slowly went through a medium tin in one month.
    Ammonia wasn't an issue at all. I like ammonia in snuffs a lot for that
    extra bite, but don't feel it in WoS anymore. Even the freshest WoS
    snuff is too light on ammonia for my tired nose. Seemingly it was a
    moisture that masked peppery notes and enhanced sweetness. While moist, it was
    overly fragrant and sweet, not unlike that particular chewing gum. As
    some of the moisture evaporated, the pepperiness became more pronounced
    and sweetness toned down. It smells just like dried herb now and
    pepperiness reminds that of unsweetened peppermint tea. A very nice alteration.
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