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Why I love snuff so Much!

edited October 2012 in General
I thought this would be fun, just like the Play the Word Association Game thread.
A few from me :

I love it because it's so not everybody!

I love it because it make me feel authentic.

I love it because of the great guys I meet here!

I love it because it helped me 100% to quit the ciggie!


  • I love it because of its varieties.

    I love it because it tickles the brain.

    I love it because I can do it anywhere.

    I love it because it tastes so damn good.
  • I have to agree!
  • It coats inside my nose to help prevent sinus infections.....?
  • there have been a lot of OT subject improperly labeled. I think this is the first subject labeled OT incorrectly.
  • I like the scents.
    The packaging is invariably interesting.
    I like the way a huge pinch makes me feel.
    I like the fact that I can Snuff pretty much anywhere.
    I like the historical and cultural aspect of it.
    I like getting strange looks from people when I use it, giving me the chance to turn someone else on to the Snuffing habit. (I only do the second part if they're a smoker.)
    I like the fact that it's a lot cheaper than a pack of cigs these days.
  • I like it clears my nose
    I like it is cheap
    I like the variety
    I like that my wife doesn't complain it smells bad
    I like that I don't have to share
  • I love that it is.
  • @bob..........ditto!!
  • edited October 2010 PM
    Please make this an ON topic topic!!
  • I love snuff because it is amazing.
    It is amazing for the reasons stated above.
  • edited October 2010 PM
    I wouldn't say I love snuff. Its more like lust.

    I do love the "lil quickies" I get throughout the day tho.

    I NEED TO MOVE 12 ROLLS OF GENERAL PORTIONS. WILL SELL FOR $35 FOR 10 TINS INCLUDING SHIPPING, USA ONLY.  No problem shipping to Canada but I'll have to include an additional shipping cost.

  • It refreshes me

    It cures headaches

    It smell so good

    I can take it anywhere

    A little goes a long way
  • devilock76devilock76 Member
    edited October 2010 PM
    One of the fastest acting decongestants I have ever used.
    easily transportable in mass quantities
    great for bee sting relief!

  • @ Pieter & Bob : Should be good now !
  • not yet? oh well it's still funny. no big deal to me.
  • The antiquity
    The beauty of a fine snuff box
    The heavenly flavours
    The heritage
    and it keeps me of the MFing smokes..
  • I like the smell of snuff, how it clears up your nose (especially the menthol varieties!), and how it produces a rush similar to that of cigarettes (unlike the slow onset of snus), but without the negative effects of the smoke.
  • Where to start? The reasons I love snuff:

    The tins are adorable
    It keeps colds at bay
    I love offering a pinch to my hubby and watching him sneeze
    A single inexpensive tin will last me for weeks
    Collecting snuff & accessories takes up very little room
    I've been using snuff for two years and still haven't tried all, there are so many varieties!

    Snuff is hands down, the most enjoyable way to take tobacco. I could ramble on and on about my love of snuff but the main reason I am still here, snuffing away is because of you guys and gals here at snuffhouse! Especially the snuff grinders & sellers who not only make/sell incredible products but also interact and listen to customers! I love you guys!! *sheds a tear of happiness* - kidding about that last part, but we snuffers are passionate about our hobby! :)
  • edited October 2012 PM
    Just found this thread, so far...

    I love that the nic rush from snuff much more than that of a cig
    I love that it keeps me energetic throughout the day
    I love that it clears me right up, especially right now when my sinuses are a wreck and im all stuffed up
    I love that it's keeping me from smoking a ton of cigs a day
    I love smell of campfires in the morning (only had Tube Rose so far and that's the smell I get, it's wonderful)
  • I love the variety it has.
    I love possibility of changing flavors several times a day.
    I love the ritual of filling my bullets and snuffbox in the morning.
    I love the history it carries.
    I love to collect it.
    I love to have always several snuffs in the horizon to keep trying something new.
    I can go on all day... I LOVE SNUFF!
  • It's my obsession
    It's an infatuation
    It's sparks my Enthusiasm
    It doesn't argue or cheat.
    It's low maintaince
    It's a preoccupation
    It's a controversy
    It's my thing man
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I love snuff because snuff loves me...
  • I love snuff because snuff loves me...
    A snuff mind in a snuff body
  • It allows me to step outside myself, to visit other times and places, or review my past via my nose vs. my other senses. Too bad more are not enlightened to the possibilities. As a result, my mood and thinking can be heightened just due to using another or my senses. ( So much for those who say I have no sense at all).
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited August 3 PM
    I love the buzz of a good snuff
    i love the different buzz of different snuffs
    i love the price
    i love recognizing that old cultures actually knew what they were talking about and it is worth knowing
    i love the fact i dont smoke and have that intense risk
    i love nicotine from tobacco
    i love i can take it anywhere
    i love backdrip
    i love the fact my lungs are unaffected, i can actually jog 5km  3 times a week.

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