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Essential oils for scenting snuffs.

rdunnionrdunnion Member
edited November 2010 in General
I have a whole tin of tube rose that I'm not too fond of.
So I am thinking about using some essential oils to scent
some as an experiment. Should I put a few drops on a paper
towel and seal it in a container with some snuff? Or should
I add it straight to the snuff? Of course I could experiment
and figure this out myself, but I was looking for an excuse to
post ;)


  • here's an old discussion that was interesting concerning that very topic.
    Old Thread found with Search function :p
  • Search functions are so antisocial. I'm sure I could spend an hour on google and get my answers but I want to hear personal experiences. The existence of that thread proves I don't have a unique idea. Somebody must have tried it and could share their experience. Maybe I'm out of line but this has always been a very social site.
  • Tube Rose is my favorite American snuff, so I wouldn't personally mess with it, but adding a tonka bean to Toque Natural gave me a splendid snuff.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited November 2010 PM
    Essential oils are largely what the professionals use.

    Nicotine Rush Tom sells a range on

    I have a few oils here, tea tree and clove both out of my medicine cabinet. I haven't experimented with tea tree yet, and I'll never make anything better than McChrystal's clove.

    I also have some rose oil, but its not pure. Its a 5% concentration used for adding to bath water (coconut oil makes up the remainder). 100% is very expensive. I have experimented with this and soaked a cotton ball in it, and put it in a 25g size tin filled with a plainer scotch snuff. Then I shook it up and let it sit for a couple days. The results were good, but not amazing.

    There are lots of places online to buy essential oils. Be careful as some just say "essence oil" or simply oil. Look for 100% concentrations. Isis Books and Gifts has many, and they look reputable. They also carry many aromatic herbs which could also be interesting for scenting. I've not shopped there personally yet.

    Since you mention Tube Rose, its good to point out that a tube rose essential oil exists, and it is probably possible to doctor tube rose snuff into having a stronger scent.
  • I use whole vanilla beans in my scotches for a change of pace and moisture too.
  • Oil of Clove can be very tricky stuff to work with. It's a local anaesthetic.
    Although McC's Clove is strongly flavoured, I doubt there's a large amount of the essential oil in it.
    My nose tells me they balance it out with a touch of Cocoa, but it could be winding me up.
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited July 11 PM
    I know there are like five threads related to tonka beans here.  I just figured I'd mention that undiluted tonka bean oil is actually an absolute oil, not an essential oil

    Essential oil is distilled and the other kind, absolute is an extraction using EtOH.  Feel free to correct this as I'm not experienced in chemistry but that's the gist of what I understand after cursorily reading about the subject

    Maybe that'll help someone with their search.  I plan on trying the undiluted oil next week, even though I don't have a clue what it smells like
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