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Toque Snuff bottle or very small spirit flask

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2010 in General

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I know a few of you have been waiting a long time for this but, I finally found a really good quality stainless steel snuff bottle that I really like. It could also be used as a spirit flask by the very mean virtual teetotaller. It measures just 2"/ 5cm in diameter.


  • nice. I do like so how much will one of these cost. I'am hopeing you say you need someone to run a test on it to make sure it will work as well in PA as it does near scotland.
  • This will be on my next order from you if it's available. Sweet. How / where did you get it etched/engraved? It looks very nice!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I like it sans the clip.
  • Cost is £14.99 $23.00 approx
  • You should make a Schmalzer to go in it ;)
  • Making schmalzler is illegal in Britain.
  • It is? How come?
  • What is the little flat piece of metal for? Do you sniff it off of that?
  • I was wondering the same thing. I'm also trying to picture the size. Do you have a picture of it next to something universal, like 10g Toque tin?
  • looks like silver cardboard to me.
  • It is exactly the same diameter as the 10g tin and the piece of card is part of the packaging and was used to stop the light reflection blurring the Toque etching. Mine holds about 6/7 grams.
  • I know I want one for sure but gotta wait to get a few more bucks in the bank. Tonight's my girlfriends birthday and I'm spending a small fortune. I would love to combine it with a snuff order but I have tons of everything, Toque-wise. I wish I knew if any new flavors were coming out soon... (hint, hint)
  • street carpstreet carp Member
    edited November 2010 PM
    Up until now I've been of the impression that snuff accessories are a waste of money that I could be spending on snuff, I broke with that reasoning to purchase an acrylic bullet from you but otherwise I usually use old tins.

    Rod, if you release these to the public you'll be converting me for a second time, that flask looks awesome.

    EDIT: Checked the website, they are available to the public lol. You're a naughty man Roderick, tempting me when I should be buying christmas presents for other people.
  • @ Spam: You can't have any oil based snuffs in the UK becuase of a very old law that presumes the oils will go rancid and make the users ill. They only have a shelf life of a few months, even refrigerated. Germany which has a tradition of oil based snuffs, revised their own law to only permit synthetic oils in their snuffs. They use food grade synthetic oils nowadays.

    You can however, buy ungreased schmalzler from Sternecker and add your own animal based oils. There is no law preventing Roderick from doing that!
    The Sternecker Fresco Ungefettet is the one to look for. might still stock it. Its quite good with the lard provided by my German friend.
  • Very sharp looking snuff bottle, I'll be getting some bulk Quit soon and I'll be adding this bottle to the order.
  • Hard to resist that cute little bottle, Come to pappa! What a great way to carry my Whiskey and Honey! I will be like a little St. Bernard rescue dog. Thanks for getting them Roderick!
  • Whalen,

    I couldn't agree more. The Toque logo is very subtle and they are so tactile, I can’t stop playing with mine. I currently have my keys attached to it but, think I'd like something more cultured to attach as the keys aren't nearly as stylish as the bottle.
  • Very cool, Roderick!

    I see one of these in my future! It'll be my first snuff bottle.
    Even though I appreciate the history of snuff, I just didn't like the idea of an old looking snuff bottle. But this is a new looking one! :)
  • Roderick
    Are these a limited time only item? I really want one but have to wait to order.
  • we have 100 for now but, can get more if they go well.
  • edited November 2010 PM
    I've ordered two this morning, one for myself and one for my snuffing buddy. I have a nice chain, for a pocket watch, which attaches to a belt or waistcoat. I'm going attach the chain to my belt with the bottle in my trouser's pocket, like a watch.

    As a Christmas gift, I'm going to order myself two more beginning of December.
  • Its very nice, I was hoping it would be a snuff box when you got round to doing something but Ill still get one. Looks like it will last a lifetime or two.
  • It's really beautiful. I'm very happy to see that it's from stainless steel.
    Is it good for fine and coarse grind snuff? Is the top Closes with thread?
  • I couldn't wait for certain samples of Toque I had to order today. A bottle/flask and 6 25g tins.

    If you have a Wal-Mart or someother store that sells camping equipment, you can find a small funnel that's used to pour whitegas into a lantern for under $1.00, just knock out the screen with a pencil first. Also, you find small funnel's at the dollar stores, obviously for a dollar.
  • I spoke to Roderick by telephone this morning, so I can answer your questions:

    The top is screw on and the "chain" is attached to the top. It's suitable for any kind of snuff, just do not overfill and compress the snuff. By doing this, you might battle to pour the snuff out.

    No funnel is needed as the hole is big enough to just pour the snuff into the bottle. An A4 piece of paper in which a fold was made, will work. Put the snuff on the paper and gently pour into the bottle.
  • @Pieter
    Thank you for your answer.
  • can the little clip and/or chain be removed to just carry the flask without them?
  • No. The keyring clip is very firmly welded to the cap. I suppose if you were very determined you could cut it off.
  • edited November 2010 PM
    @Roderick, although you have the bottle with you and I'm only looking at a picture, I beg to differ from you!! I think the "chain" piece can be removed which will then only leave the ring, which is welded to the top. It seems as if the clip is attached to the bottle with a link which can easily be bent open.
  • I stand corrected. Pieter is quite correct, you could bend/break the link and be left with a rotating single hoop on the top.
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