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Dean Swift Snuff

nachowaynenachowayne Member
edited June 2012 in Types of Snuff
So I tried some of the Dean Swift SP and the Bezoar today. I was all excited, loved the SP, liked the bezoar, then I came over here, did a quick search, and found that everyone pretty much hates Dean Swift.

I think one of the reasons I like it so much is that I don't have to be as careful with the sniffs as i do with the WE Garrett I have been snuffing. That stuff is so dry and harsh that it takes some practice just to not choke every time.

I really can say I do like the flavor of these two snuffs. A little more expensive than I would have liked, at about $10 for 2 tiny little tins, but I kind of expect that when I am buying from a local shop.

So is there no one else here who likes these? Am I all alone? Am I going to hate them too when I get some different snuffs in?


  • Hey Nacho where did you pick it up from? I thought they only carried Garrett in our neck of the woods.
  • I don't like Dean Swift purely because I've never come across a tin that wasn't dry as a bone, nor am I likely to since apparently there hasn't been any new Dean Swift manufactured in about 5 years.
  • if you think dean swift is easy to take try almost any other english snuff. I used to like dean swift then I tried wilsons.
  • I was up in Austin for the Race for the Cure and stopped at Pipe World on Anderson Lane. They said they just recently started getting snuff in again. The Dean Swift was all they had, but they did have quite a few flavors.
  • "if you think dean swift is easy to take try almost any other english snuff. I used to like dean swift then I tried wilsons."

    I have an order of ten tins of Toque coming in sometime. We'll see how that goes. I have a Toque SP in that order and it will be interesting to see what the difference is. I know the Dean Swift SP has a clove flavor and I guess that is not traditional. I did like it though. :)
  • My basic overview of the Dean Swift range could be summarized: "not entirely terrible"
    Bob is right though. If you like Dean Swift, you'll love Wilsons and wonder what you ever saw in Swift.

    Apricot and Inchkenneth are not bad, but the WoS Apricot is superior.
  • definatly. The wos apricot is utterly amazing where as the dean swift is alright.
  • dm_lassedm_lasse Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    Just visited on Wilsons website and saw that they sell Dean Swift 5g tins at 0,92£ so is it worth to buy these or should i just go with the wilsons other brands?

    I thought that Swift were american brand...
  • It was a contract brand manufactured by Wilsons for a US company to sell on the US market since the 1960s. A few years ago that company disappeared and the snuffs discontinued. Apparantly they have been recently revived. I'm guessing an arrangement between Mr.Snuff, Wilson's and the original trademark holder has been reached.

    They are worth trying, and there are some unique scents there not available under the regular Wilson's line. Some are pretty odd though. Read some reviews first.
  • I will stick with the proving gods of snuff.SG,Wos,Dholakia,and many others
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  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    They are worth having for their novelty, the clove SP is decent.  
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    In the minority I guess, but I like the Peppermint and the Jasmine- which is imo a decent incarnation of jasmine, if you like jasmine tea you just might like it.
  • bobbob Member
    The jasmine is interesting. It's got a little bit of menthol not a tonne. The peppermint is good. The night watch used to be amazing. We shall see if the new reintroduced is as amazing.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    I must try the black watch, the specific, and to see if the jasmine is as it used to be- I'm not sure it was much different than WoS's though.
  • I was sent a tin of the Dean swift sp and love it though I'm newish to snuffing
  • chefdanielchefdaniel Member
    edited October 2014 PM
    Waaaayyyy back when Dean Swift Snuff was manufactured by a great old guy in San Francisco. His tiny little building out in the hinterlands was a veritable museum of Dean Swift. Old packaging; from cloth sacks, 1 oz tubes, .5 oz metal snuffboxes, side-tappers and everything in between. I walked out of there $100 poorer, but a million dollars wealthier in snuff. The old Bezoar Fine Grind was the ultimate Aniseed-Menthol-Camphor-Eucalyptus snuff! When I was pulling Port-Starboard watches I'd go through about an ounce a week. When I wasn't wearing out a few dozen .5 oz tins of Dr. Rumney's Mentholyptus. The old school tobacconist, Drucquer & Sons in Berkeley had a pretty fair offering of nasal delights too.

    EDIT: I stand corrected. Manufactured in England, not San Francisco. My was the seventies after all, and San Francisco.
  • @maxmorter glad that you liked the SP, I think I'll stick to Black Watch & Bezoar from the Dean Swift line.
  • I had a load bought me for Christmas. Of the ones I've tried, I have to say SP, Dean's Own, Bezoar and Cinnamon have really "done it" for me. Bezoar especially, because it's like SM Blue with an aniseed topping, and I adore SM Blue. DS Specific I find really difficult to deal with, the Strawberry was about as good as the WoS Strawberry I've got (ie: not very), and I can't detect any apricot in the Apricot. I'm coming to the conclusion that me and "dry" fruit-scented snuffs just aren't made for each other, although the exception that proves the rule is WoS Raspberry, which is amazing.
  • I have some reservations on American snuffs. I come to conspiracy that they put harmful chemicals in them. This is not based on any proof. I just know how the tobacco companies here behave. hmmmmm....
  • Except than Dean Swift is and has always been made in England.
  • Oh, and if you're ever worried about the ingredients in US snuffs, they have to disclose them by law. USST even makes a handy tool on their site. Just enter the name of any snuff they make:
  • I have to defend swift because it is quite unique. A gentle snuff ideal for the begineer and for those that have weak sinuses. It will not blow your head off, it lacks any bad novelty flavours and most importantly offers some of the best floral scents on the market. It is made by Wilsons and a whole tray of tins can be purchased vis their website for a few pounds. I adore swift.
  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but apparently Dean Swift is no more. It was made under license by Wilsons and they told us about a month ago they were planning to stop production of all Dean Swift. :-(
  • IvanIvan Member
    @MrSnuff Bummer!
  • @MrSnuff Sorry to hear that. Dean Swift was one of the first snuffs for me. Mainly because it was available at a nearby tobacco store. I moved on to other snuffs, but still have fond memories of the Dean Swift days.
  • Dean Swift was the first snuff I ever tried, and that was back in 1969 or 70. They used to sell it in head shops in Southern California, where I grew up. I don't use it anymore because the tins are too small, but I do like the Inchkenneth, and one whose name I have forgotten that smells like burned up tires or burnt rubber. It was actually very good with a slight citrus/ menthol note behind the rubber.
  • IvanIvan Member
    @mrmanos that is Dean Swift Black Watch you are describing.
  • Yes, it was Black Watch. I grew to love it a little before the tiny, tiny tin was empty.
  • Is Dean Swift really no longer being produced? I'm enjoying a nice tin of Menthol Extra I recently purchased from Mr Snuff. If it's old stock then it's well preserved. Date/batch code on bottom is 30815A, if anyone knows how to decode those. 3rd week of August, 2015?
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    @ar47 WoS were making it, but it was a victim of the EU regulations, I'm afraid. 
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