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ddavelarsenddavelarsen Member
edited November 2010 in General
From what I've read, it seems that almost everyone pinches their snuff. This does deliver a nice flow -- but man, what a mess! It just happened to be a weekend when I first started snuffing that I noticed in the mirror the big brown mess around my nostrils! Holy crap, if I looked like that inadvertently at work sometime, I'd be the subject of many conversations... :D I'd have to learn to keep myself well cleaned up if I were going to pinch my snuff routinely.

Anyway, I've found using a snuff spoon to be the favored way to take my snuff. Am I the rarity? How many of you folks use a spoon?

They're hard to find and often quite expensive (antiques) when I do, so I ended up making a few. I like being able to select a spoon size that reflects the character of the snuff I'm using, too. Small spoon for toast for example.

Well, just curious. Anyone else take their snuff this way?


  • I did nothing but pinch for a long while but in the past month or so I've started back-of-handing (better name somebody?) because I seem to be getting more in faster and picking up nuances is the snuff a lot more.
  • SnuffGear carries a bunch of spoons, and other accessories.
  • I lost my spoon and it irks me something bad.
  • I'm a spooner and a tap box guy. The pinch method has never been agreeable to me. I managed to buy 10 Chinese bone spoons on ebay, got one with my Patrick Collins Tripletech box and also use a metal tool for pipe smokers (Czech pipe tool- $2 from that has a large spoon to it - this one is for the schmalzlers!
  • I prefer to spoon my snuff and I find the best spoon is on a cheap Czech pipe tool that hooked mentioned.
  • i use a sawed off McDonalds stir stick..classy.
  • I use a wooden popsicle stick.
    I found 'spooning' Kendal Brown by WoS was alot easier then pinching. Pinching and back of hand being my prefered. Depends on the type of snuff is what I hear(read).
  • Me and my girlfriend "spoon". If thats what you're talking about then you are taking this hobby a bit too far.
  • Rdunnion you should post a pic . Lets see your technique.
    I joke I joke , I kid I kid.
  • I just found my spoon after months without it. In its place I used the corners of business cards, pen caps and (my girlfriend's least favourite) butter knives.
  • Well I see that field expedients are alive and well! That's great, now I'm loaded with new ideas for when I lose my spoon some day. I've tried it off the back of my hand, and that hasn't worked all that well for me yet. I get more snuff on my face than in it. :D But I'll keep trying. For a long time the only way I could take toasts or anything like it was to pinch and roll the powder into my nose. That still works very well and is my preferred way to take it. I haven't tried a schmalzler yet but will start working on a bigger spoon for when I do! Everything I've read about them makes me think I'll really enjoy them.

    You folks can all tell that I'm a total newbie at this. I love snuffing and can't get through even a couple hours anymore without a snort. My wife makes disparaging sounds about the steady stream of new snuffs arriving at our house, but I keep telling her this isn't like smoking -- I want to change flavors often. There are only a couple of snuffs that have been all-dayers for me so far. I'm like a kid in a candy store sometimes...
  • @mmjkrm
    Ok you caught me! I don't have a girlfriend. But if I did there'd be plenty of spooning', yes sir.
  • spoon pinch back of hand ? get it in there!
  • I bet I can find that Czech pipe tool locally. Dang, I should never have looked at those pipes!
  • I bought a spoon, before I finished my first tin. Truly the best way to consume copious amounts.
  • I use a pendleton mini hunter


    I only snuff at home usually, and if im not home ill use a bullet.
  • @ddavelarsen,

    I can definetely relate to the wife situation lol. I've only places two orders already and she can't understand I want to try them all! I just remind her how much cheaper it is than cigs plus the health aspect.
  • Everytime someone talks about their wife not understanding. I feel even luckier. My girlfriend makes sure I can order enough snuff. She likes the whole I'am not going to die from it thing. And that I don't smell like shitty cigarettes.
  • My future wife doesn't care at home, but if a in a tavern or somwhere else she get's annoyed with me pinching ever couple of minutes. Back on topic, I've given my dad all my vials that include a spoon as he likes them more than I. He uses the back of hand, and bullet methods frequently, but never the pinch. When he spoons Dholakia White he sure gets the looks!
  • @Ausnuffer, you are brave or very steady! :D Nice knife though, I'm jealous. Haven't seen that one before.
  • I know the situation with the big brown mess around my nostrils. That's the reason why I started to use a small tube to sniff. I bought this in a Bong shop. When I asked if they got some tubes for snuff they looked at me like I'd be an alien, but finally I got my tube :-) It's some pipe stuff.
    Using this tube is very cool, because your nose (mouth, eyes) would not come in contact with the snuff. . On the other hand it is very uncomfortable to use it outside, because you woul always need a table or something like that.
    Even at work (where I've got a table) my colleagues would look kind of irritated, if I would start to sniff :-) So, outside or at work I prefer the "normal" method, placing the snuff on the back of my hand.
  • @torgan

    Never tried a tube.. Does it work with fine snuffs? I have this bad vision of trying dahlokia white with it and it
    going right to the back of the throat..
  • @ddavelarsen

    I use the back end of the knife to my upper lip and sniff from there, its not so dangerous.

    It also helps to break up the clumps in snuff too :-)
  • I also use a spoon, an ordinary teaspoon, to place enough snuff IN my hand (on the palm) and then pinch from there.
  • I've wondered about the tubes too. Maybe pinch a little into the tin lid and sniff from there? I'd think that would get some unwanted attention in public though. :-) I might give it a try at home. So far though, the spoons are doing great by me.

    I found a tiny one on eBay that is perfect for toast -- just the right amount. Also finally some schmaltzers came, and I know now I need to make a larger spoon for those... There's no end to it! I always "need" something more... Someday I'll have spoons in so many sizes half the fun will be picking which spoon to use.
  • @EricHill78
    I'm quite new to snuff, so I don't know if the snuff that I've got is fine at all. I have

    Ozona Rasperry Snuff
    Gawith Apricto Snuff

    Both of them are from Pöschl Tabak Germany (but these ones are not Schmaltzers). The look preety fine, like coffee, even a bit finer.

    With these snuffs a tube works pretty fine.
  • Nope torgan you got it backwards. They are coarse. Not as coarse as some snuffs.
  • My family's shop used to have a mold that made two different size spoons for measuring small amounts of chemicals. I talked to my cousin over the weekend and they no longer have that particular tool. Otherwise I'd ask him to run a couple thousand of each to put up for trade. Now I'm dissapointed. They were made of thin polyethelene and I'm sure he would have used recycled plastic, possibly making them black.
  • Darn it.
  • They we're actually pretty cool and extremely cheap. With re-grind we could have turned a profit at a penny a piece! Back in those day's (14 years ago) I used to had them out to friends that used them for other purposes.
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