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Snuff with the most Nicotine?

buffalobuffalo Member
edited December 2010 in General
I am looking for the snuff with the most Nicotine in it,i am a former smoker and need a snuff that has the most nicotine possible to take the edge off every now and then when the smoking cravings hit. I would love to hear people opinions,i will most likely buy several brands that are mentioned and see which i like the most. Thanks alot for your opinions.


  • Rooster or any toast really.
  • Toque Quit will take that edge off - I promise
  • Fubar Grunt, WE Garrett scotch, Rooster, D White hit the spot

    toasts are high in nic? I'm still somewhat new to snuff and didn't know lol. I've been doing alot of HDT recently, and noticed my tolerence has gone up. That's gotta be why
  • Considering all the variables regarding the uptake of nicotine using nasal snuff. I do not think it worthwhile to conclude that the snuff with the most nicotine will fit your needs. Basically what I am saying is that any snuff will do. I would recommend the F.U.B.A.R. line to a beginner due to it's combination of stable moisture, good flavor, perfect grind, and high strength.
  • Thats a good point. Frequency rather than potency is probably the key.
  • McChrystal's O&G has the best nic hit for any medicated snuff, I think, and all American scotches and Irish toasts deliver and of moister, coarser snuffs, South Africans Taxi and NTSU are total nic cluster bombs.
  • A lot of strength perception is down to the feel of a snuff in your nose; take a big pinch which burns and you can easily infer it is a high nic snuff. When you get to the stage of being able to take big pinches of any snuff you find a lot of them are pretty much the same.
  • I have seen a chart that shows the actual and available nicotine in American Scotches and no.1 is Brutons 2. Red Seal, and third is a tie between Navy Plain and RR Mills plain. Rooster was quite a way down the list. Burn is confused with Nicotine strength.
  • Quit does nothing for me nico wise. Neither does taxi super. Can't wait to get d white, ntsu and some American scotches as I want to give up smoking. ATM I snuff and still crave ciggies
  • matsnuffsmatsnuffs Member
    edited December 2010 PM
    ^^^^It takes patience too: its not like you can just pick up any ole tin of snuff and have cigs banished from your mind forever. Patience, and any snuff would probably be just fine if you can take it properly.
    If you you really want to roll with a high nicotine snuff for a beginner than Toque Quit, or either flavored one with quit as its base, namely SP Extra or Spanish Gem. Taxi is also a favorite of mine, for what that's worth. Scotchs or toasts, but especially scotches, are rough on beginners...rough... Dholakia White can't even be taken properly by skilled snuffers so its completely out of the question.
  • I never found that Taxi had a huge nic hit. I thought it was rather rubbish and WoS Grand Cario had a much larger punch to it. Still, it is all down to the invidual. I'd say get some WoS snuffs as they aren't too bad in the St. Nic department. Also, once you've got some sort of technique under control, then go for Toque.
  • Thanks for the tips everyone,i appreciate all the opinions.
  • OscarWabbitOscarWabbit Member
    edited December 2010 PM
    Yes, me too. Thanks for the advice.
  • WE Garrett and Dholakia Sparrow both scratch the itch for me. Especially if i take a pinch of some coarse snuff then a pinch of one of those right afterwards. I consider myself to have a pretty high tolerance too.
  • I don't know if you're still interested but FUBAR toasted just kicked me in the nicotine gland.
  • Rustica!!!!!
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Any traditional Indian Madras, or any of the Indian whites does it for me in terms of nic or when I get the craving for plain tobacco
  • I have not tried any of the Indian snuffs. The most potent I have tried are Sir Walter Scott's Lundy Foot and St James' Parish. Toasted with Rustica: gives a nice high with lovely tobacco flavours.More expensive than usual but Johnny uses the finest tobaccos (many rare) and the snuffs have no additives.
  • The snuff that is most satisfying, isn't always just about nic strength. Took me a while to learn that. You can get drunk on whisky, but you can get drunk on beer or wine too. Once you find your preferred grinds and flavours, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

  • 6 photo cheeta hits me the hardest. if you are looking for some serious nicotine, try swedish snus. they make ridiculously strong snus
  • Toque Rustica
  • If you can get your hands on some OSP, that is the strongest that I have ever had, and the only one to get me "sick" from too much nicotine. 
  • @yisraeldov OSP is gone I believe, the feds got to him and had to give up shop.
  • @Aamon yeah, I know, it is sad. You might still be able to get some in a trade. 
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Aamon I'll bet if you were to talk with him personally, he may have options.
  • To my mind, it's Dolakia White, but I suspect different snuffs affect folks differently.
  • White makes my nose sing
  • Bruton will give you a nice nicotine hit
  • IMHO vast majority of UK produced snuff have about same nicotine levels, but nicotine hit is depedendant how quickly is nicotine released to system. For example toasted snuff could have lesser nicotine amount in total mass, but nicotine hit is quick and short lived. Coarse snuff such as Santo Domingo and Kendal Browns are slow release tobaccos. Also a factor is proportion of actual leaf and stems in mixture + nicotine freebasing compounds such as alkalizing agents in "white" snuffs. Thats my tupence. Jack
  • You can by nicotine on the net and increase your favorite snuff
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