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Stoker's snuffs...simply PERFECTS

macalpemacalpe Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
Well dear fellow snuffers, here is an Spanish lover of plain and pure traditional tobacco snuffs that is a privileged man. And the privilege is I may try and use the best snuffs in the world, id est, American Dry Snuffs. And all is thanks to my friend and fellow of this forum, Troutstroker, AKA Brian from California.
I received from him 2 lbs. of Plain and Sweet Fred Stoker's snuffs (1lb. of each type), and also he send me several samples of different American Dry Snuffs brands.
Now I will post a review explaining my experience with the plain type from Stoker's.
Firstly I need to tell about the excellent fine grinding and pretty pale brown color.
The first feeling I noticed is it's very easy to take, I think even for non experts in dry snuffs; is a typical American Scotch Snuff, but, using words from Brian, slightly smoother than Bruton or Navy Scotchs.
You may notice as well,perfectly, the sweetness of air-cured and smoked of fire cured tobacco leaves.
Is a very smooth or equilibrated snuff, sure obteined from high quality tobacco plants.
Other thing I need to explain is the actual satisfaction feeling after the pinch, id est, you have the plain satisfied sensation; and nicotine amount is enough.
To my taste and feeling is the perfect snuff for every day and anytime.
And finnally, I need to tell you Stoker's have a really competitive price.



  • Very well put Macalpe... I've really enjoyed the samples Troutstroker sent me as well. It really embodies the perfect pure tobacco, there are no foreighn scents to compete with the tobacco scent and the tobacco scent is cured to a perfect and pleasing aroma. I encourage anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of trying this snuff to band to together and put in a group buy for a few pounds to share, it's a very economical way to continually enjoy good quality snuff!
  • Yes it is very economical & very good. The 2 pound tub is equal to 27.82 of the 1.15 oz pocket cans. Which breaks down to about $1.18 per can. Very cheap. Where else can you get an ounce of good snuff for $1.
  • Yes of course, is a very good price for a high quality tobacco snuffs. I am not an expert, but during 30 years I used snuffs, I need to tell I tried and knew Americans from long time, and allways I liked them. But here in Europe we have very difficulties to buy American Dry Snuffs, and the offer here is not interesting for my taste. Sincerely I do not like so much European snuffs(only Dry and plain English types) and how the traditional Spanish snuffs are disapearing, the opportunity to have an important amount of great dry Americans is a huge privilege for me.

  • Well that does it. Damn. I wasn't going to buy anymore snuff for a while. A couple months ago I droped a C-note with Rajek's - Now I have a superb collection or hard-to-find German products and also picked up a tin of Magnet Menthol and some Manjul. For a couple weeks I've read some posts here and also how nice the snuff is from Stokers. I got their catalog, and it will be hard for me to restrain myself from overdoing it. Their twists look awesome. Have to get a sampler of those. They sell a pack of three GIANT twists, Air Cured Natural, Smoked Natural and Air cured Sweet. I'm sending in my order tomorrow.

    Stoker's Sales Promotion

    If you are interested in saving $10 off your first order from Stokers, have me send in your catalog request. They will send you a catalog and a coupon for TEN BUCKS. I get a $20 credit toward my next purchase for sending them a new customer. Once you become a customer, you can do the same thing. So just whisper me your snail mail addy to me and Ill send in your catalog request with my order tomorrow.
  • Thats pretty good stitch, I have been doing the same thing with a few people here. If you want to wait a little bit I could send in a card for you so you can save $10 or did you get a free shipping code with your catalog? They usually send a second envelope after you get your first catalog with a code for free shipping.
  • still looking for someone to sell me a oz or two of stokers plain scotch if anyone has some. i am very interested in trying it. thanks much... tim
  • I'm really, really, really, enjoying the stroker's plain! It just such a perfect plain snuff... Tobacco meant for those who love tobacco.
  • TS was kind enough to send me some plain and sweet while I'm waiting for their catalog/coupon. (still waiting) I think both are fantastic. Really smooth yet rich and satisfying. I seldom go anywhere without one or the other, usually both. I will probably justify purchasing what amounts to a lifetime supply. Not exactly out of character, I admit to a tendency to hoard tobacco. I tell myself it's a hedge against new prohibitive taxes or a time when money is worthless. Perhaps this behavior is a little bizarre - is anyone else similarly afflicted with Tobacco Acquisition Syndrome or TAS?
  • Not really I try to keep my supply on the small side of things because I can tell a degrade of quality that well not terrible is noticable and so holding off and haveing smaller amounts is good. Oh wait I collect crazy amounts of pipe tobacco I guess I do have that. Oh and snus I have a lot of snus around.
  • Well, I'm convinced I need to check out the stokers line.
    Is it anything like the F&T HDT that's been my all day snuff since I got it?
  • periqueperique Member
    edited December 2007 PM
    I've been wondering about the Stokers snuff for a while. I'll have to order some now that I heard all the good comments about it !

  • Hello perique, Welcome to this great forum.

    Stokers is a great snuff. Just in case you missed it (don't know if you've been lurking for awhile), this is the first intro/review to the Stoker's Snuff on this forum with pictures of the tubs. (just click the Stoker's link)
  • Hello perique...wellcome to this amazing and very interesting forum...
    ...your nick is also very interesting...for me Perique Tobacco is the best to blend with the excellent matured Virginia leaves.

    Yours, from Spain,

  • Just got a 2 pound tub of Stoker's Plain. Obviously I don't need this much. Wondering if anyone in the states wants to "go in on this" with me. If so give me a whisper.
  • All gone. Thanks for the quick response and interest. The Stoker's has left the building.
  • No doubt, shame I missed out, ahh well, one of these days.
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