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Tobacco Shops in London

snuffmoosesnuffmoose Member
edited January 2011 in General
at the end of january i'm going to be traveling for work. could anyone suggest a good snuff shop in the area of Blackwall Lane Blackwall Lane SE10 0AR. I'm probably going to end up stocking up on my favorite McChrystal's, Toque and WoS and maybe a few new things, so a really large exotic selection isn't very necessary, just a good solid shop with fresh snuff!


  • The most well known tobacconist is Smith and Sons. Last time I was there the selection had dwindled quite a bit. And its very expensive. Though I would imagine most of the upmarket cigars shops might carry some snuff also. You may find WoS and McChrystals in an average tobacconist (though there are so few of them left these days), but I doubt you will find Toque? I think only a few brick and mortar tobacconists stock that.
  • These days the best selection is Jayems in Victoria, 125 Victoria St London SW1E 6RD. They sell McC, JH Wilsons tins, Wilsons of sharrow, F&T, Gawith Hogarth tap boxes and a few other odds and ends. Smith and sons only have a few poschl, hedges and their own expensive blends. Smokers paradise in royal exchange has a few dusty old WOS, McC and a fair selection of F&T.
  • thanks guys
  • If you can get to Covent Garden there is Segarandsnuff.
  • I hope this will help you as well..
    I have to say that I don't know if the addresses in this discussion are still valid..
  • Segar and snuff in Covent garden only sell their own blends of Covent Garden Snuff.
  • snuffmoosesnuffmoose Member
    edited January 2011 PM
    @ khalid: are the the covent garden blends worth trying?

    and @all:
    copied from Tashi's link:

    what are your thoughts on these shops?

    London - Broadweighs Cigar Store - 48 Broad Street Teddington TW11 8QY
    London - J.J. Fox & Robert Lewis - 19 St James’s Street SW1A 1ES
    London - Shears Tobacconist - 298a Chiswick High Road W4 1PA
    London - Smokers Paradise - 33 Royal Exchange EC3V 3LP
    London - G smith - 74, Charing Cross Rd WC2H 0BG
    London - Segar & Snuff Parlour 27a, The Market Covent Garden WC2E 8RD
  • @snuffmoose I was not impressed by the snuff I bought there but check this link for other thoughts
  • XanderXander Member
    edited January 2011 PM
    Re: the Covent Snuffs aka Mullins and Westley: Jock's Choice is pretty fantastic. Reviews of them can be found at Snuffreviews under Mullins and Westley.
    They also now have their own online shop (doesn't seem to work for me in the US though):
    Also stocks them routinely (even the "Special" ones like Emerald Mocha.)
  • snuffmoosesnuffmoose Member
    edited January 2011 PM
    Since we'll probably be visiting some pubs in Soho I'll definitely check out the Covent Gardens area stores. Thanks everyone! I've been checking the reviews and getting some ideas for new things to try (like Xander's Jock's Choice suggestion), but if anyone has any 'you absolutely must try' type suggestions, i'd appreciate it. I only know snuffs from Toque, WoS and McC, i'll certainly grab things from them, but a new emblamatic english snuff from another producer would be fun to try too.
  • The Segar and Snuff Parlour 27a The Market, Covent Garden is possibly the smallest shop I’ve ever visited. There is just about enough room for two medium sized people. If you haven’t been there before its tricky to locate. When you are in the general vicinity look for the kilted and bonneted Scotsman standing outside. There is a picture of the effigy on this site.

    While in the general area you might also like to visit the old Fribourg & Treyer shop in the Haymarket. This now sells miscellaneous rubbish for tourists. The only clue as to its former identity is an elegantly stencilled glass pane - ‘Fribourg & Treyer Tobacconists to HIS MAJESTY and purveyors of FOREIGN SNUFF’ - in one of the bow windows. Again, there is a picture (or used to be) upon this site.

    The snuffs are described thus:

    27a The Market, Covent Garden, WC2E 8RD
    Tel: +44(0)20 7836 8345 Fax: +(0)20 7836 1415

    The recipe for this ‘SP’ type snuff dates back over two centuries,
    made from Kentucky tobacco and aged for several years in wooden barrels.
    A snuff of exceptional quality

    Based on an 18 th century favourite this snuff now incorporates
    Malawi and South American tobaccos but is otherwise unchanged.
    A pleasing medium to dry lightly flavoured snuff

    A ‘medicated’ snuff made from a fine blend of
    African and Indian leaf, flavoured with Chinese menthol crystals and
    Australian Eucalyptus oil.

    Originally blended to the exclusive recipe of a discerning Scotsman
    this unusual snuff flavoured with Neroli is steadily growing in popularity.
    An acquired taste, but one worth acquiring.

    Robert Good
    Obtained from Segar and Snuff Parlour, 27A The Market, Covent Garden, WC2E 8RD
    Feb 08
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