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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

I'm tired of merely lurking...

SatyrSatyr Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I'm tired of lurking and have decided to join this forum and introduce myself. My name is Bill, I recently turned 28, and I'm a Union Sheet Metal Worker living just outside of Chicago. With the new Illinois anti-smoking law coming into affect in less than two months, I have been desperately seeking alternatives. I have tried just about everything; Chew, dip, hard snuff, smokeless name it. I didn't really enjoy any of those. I'm not looking to quit using tobacco. I really enjoy using the stuff and I feel it's my right to do so. Though, I can understand how non-smokers wouldn't want to be forced to share our habits. Anyway, I think finally found something I may enjoy more than smoking, and that something is nasal snuff. It seems less risky has far as health is concerned, I can keep it to myself, and it's a great conversation starter.

I tried my first bit of snuff last weekend when my order came in the mail. My first snuff was the Ozona Cherry and Raspberry. Now, when I placed my order, I was expecting all fruit and no menthol (poor website description). The only analogy that comes to mind is standing in line to meet Richard Simmons, only to find out he was merely the doorman to Helga's House of Pain. I think I shed fewer tears the first time I saw the movie Old Yeller. I really don't care for menthol at all. I didn't like it in my cigarettes and I certainly don't care for it to be in my snuff. I don't even like to use Halls cough drops. Still, I can't stand throw the stuff away, so I aired it out a little and have been using it in small doses. I've had no more than 5 cigarettes per day since I started with the snuff (down from 1 pack per day).

I ended up ordering a Poschl variety sampler which has yet to arrive. Though, I hear pretty much all of their products are mentholated. Great! More stuff to use sparingly! After I found that out, I decided to order Toque Chocolate and Espresso flavors. I also ordered some McChyrstals Appricott and Raspberry. I may have ordered some Wilson's Best SP too, but don't remember. None of these have arrived yet, but I can't wait to try them out.

If any of you have any snuff suggestions for a new guy to try, I'd love to hear them. I do like the idea of fruit scents, but without the menthol. I would also be interested in some snuffs that have more of a plain or tobacco taste to them. Anything that reminds me of walking into a fine cigar shop would be totally suitable for me. So far, I really do like the grind and moisture of the Ozona snuffs. It seems easy to control. But, I don't really have any basis for comparrison just yet. Anyway, I'd love to hear some suggestions.



PS- If anyone knows a way to order some Smith & Sons Cafe Royal and have it shipped to the U.S., I'm really dying to try some!!!


  • Hello & welcome Satyr. The McChrystals Raspberry is a great snuff. It smells just like raspberries. You might want to try McChrystals S'nuff smokers blend, Wilsons Gold Label, These are not to hard to control.There are a lot of good ones I could recommend but they are very fine and dry. Don't know if thats what your looking for? Like the American snuffs: Rooster, Bruton, Red Seal, Navy, Railroad Mills, Square. And Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast, Wilsons Irish High Toast. These all have a nice plain deep tobacco taste. Gawith & Hoggarth Whiskey is another good one I would recommend.

    Did you buy your sampler from

    One of the best stores here in the States if you haven't been there yet is Mars Cigars They have a huge selection with the best price.

    Another thing you might consider is the Wilsons Gift Pack from the Snuff Shop. You'll get a good sampling of what they make but they usually have a menthol or 2 in them. Mars usually has this as well but they are out of stock there right now.

  • Hello and welcome to snuffhouse Satyr. Nice to see yet another snuffer on the site from our area. (I was born in Chicago and raised in the 'burbs). This is a great place to get info on snuffs from some really knowledgeable snuffers and there's some very friendly and helpful people here. Though I first snuffed in the early '80's, I only recently quit smoking cigarettes and began a mission to try as many snuffs as possible to find a favorite and so consider myself somewhat of a newbie. My best suggestion is first, don't be afraid of the fine dry snuffs. I jumped right in and love them, especially the Rooster. I too find many of the menthols overwhelming though I can enjoy them once in a while, just not for all day snuffing. Some others are too perfumy, flowery, and sugary. They are fun to try once in a while but I get pure satisfaction from the regular stuff. Follow Troutstroker's suggestions, he has set me on the right path also. And do try Mars Cigars. We've all looked around and they do have huge selection, low prices, quick service. I couldn't find a reason to go anywhere else. Also, check out the "swisher is a-ok" thread. I received some great coupons this way, thanks to the guys on the site here. And you can send them in to Mars (I've never seen any of these snuffs locally).
    Good luck!
    Oh, and let me know what the McChrystal's Apricot and Raspberry are like when you get them. I figured they would be menthol since I have ozona raspberry and wilson's raspberry and gawith apricot and they are most definately menthol.
  • Welcome, If you aren't into menthol snuffs, you may want to give DeKralingse a try, the Latakia 1860 is my personal favorite along with the Macouba and AP. The 1860 is pure smoked tobacco, the Macouba is cognac scented and the AP is the Latakia with a nice pine scent added. I was afraid of the pine at first, but after a couple tries absolutely love it. Nice course grind keeps it from going down your throat. All the DeKralingse products are excellent quality and ground in a traditional dutch Windmill, so they also make a great conversation piece. Also may want to give Wilsons Irish High Toast #22 or F & T's High Dry Toast a try, these are also favorites of mine, I recommend the Irish High as it is cheaper and I can't really tell the difference between the 2. This stuff is ground fine so should be taken with care.

    Good luck finding your favorites, one of things I love about snuff is all the choices.

    Happy Snuffing,
  • Yes, the Dutch WIndmills is a good choice. I also forgot to recommend Samuel Gawith Irish 'D' Light. A very good snuff.
  • Satyr, you can find Cafe Royal here The Tobacconist
  • SatyrSatyr Member
    edited November 2007 PM
    Thanks Troutstroker! And thanks everyone else for the warm welcome. I appreciate all the suggestions. I have already ordered several more tins in a wide variety. I can't even keep up with what I have ordered. :)
  • Hi Satyr...

    From one recently ex-lurker to another..!
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