TUBE ROSE...a sweet surprise

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Hello to you all,

I am really surprised with the American Dry "TUBE ROSE". Is a very mild and easy to take snuff. I may not explain well the flavors I notice, but one thing is true : is very different to others Sweet American Snuffs. Sometimes,when I enjoy a pinch of it, I suspect some flavor similar than Oriental spices ( maybe curry?????).
The thing is I include Tube Rose into my prefered snuffs.



  • It is definitely one of my preferred sweet snuffs. Its not toooooo sweet, just right. Great scent.
  • Yes, and there also is a Tube Rose incense!! You can buy Tube Rose oil as well!!!!!!!

    I personally don't think it needed anything added to it. But I remember you said you didn't like tube rose that much MM.
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