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How Often do you use Snuff?

UnicornUUnicornU Member
edited February 2011 in General
How many times a day, in about situations or before some events :)


  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited February 2011 PM
    It varies for me. Sometimes i might only snuff 2 or 3 times in an hour, and other times it seems I'm reaching for a tin every couple of minutes. I think it comes from smoking for so long, during times of stress I have that uncontrollable fidgety problem. I do the same when I try a new snuff that I really dig...feels like i can't get enough of it, almost to the point of over doing it. As far as events go, the only thing that comes to mind is eating, but not before. I HAVE to snuff right after eating!
  • Sometimes upwards of 50 times a day, sometimes 2 or 3. Just depends on what I'm doing and how bad the craving is.
  • I like to have a snuff or two in the morning with my coffee. Usually one or two after dinner. Maybe a bit more in the evening.
  • Walrus1985Walrus1985 Member
    edited February 2011 PM
    I snuff when and where I fancy. Could be 3 times an hour could be 20, just depends on what I'm doing and how I feel.


    Edit: Typo
  • I use snuff all the time :P

    Honestly though, one of the reasons I took up snuff in order to quit smoking was that I liked the idea of snuffing anywhere in the same way people would smoke pretty much everywhere 40 years ago. Now I snuff in every room in my house, I can snuff at the dinner table (after the meal of course), I can snuff inside a hospital, cinema, pub, whilst shopping, on public transport etc, and even at work. Now the staff and residents at the nursing home where I work have gotten used to me snuffing most of them don't even bat an eyelid when I take a pinch.

    There is no place or time where I would hesitate to snuff.
  • about a million times a day. I'am counting each speck of snuff each crumb. Just a guess though. Never bothered counting each one.
  • Depends of the day of the week for me. I smoke more on the weekends at home but don't smoke at work. At work I take a couple of pinches every hour, and intersperse that with hits off the ecig. I even take snuff in some meetings, though none with VPs! One of the VPs saw the snuff cans on my desk one day and asked what I was painting. So I explained about snuff and he thought it was, if a bit eccentric, interesting. Like street carp, I'll snuff pretty much anywhere any time. I never go anywhere without my Tripletech box of McC Clove in my pocket. On the weekends my snuff taking is more in the morning and evening, when I'm not busy doing stuff. I snuff with my coffee and my beer!
  • I tend to smoke the cigs when at work or driving then switch to pipes snuff and an occaisonal dip when I get home. I think I am uncommon in the way I use so many different forms of tobacco on a daily basis but I enjoy them all and I can't seem to settle on one. Only reason I don't smoke good cigars too is cus I can't afford them yet.
  • I am simialar to mr john deere...I chew skoal most of the day, I snuff "here and there" all day , ...smoke a pipe when I have a good 45-1hr to myself...I smoke perodi cigars on occasion , ... 2 bucks for 5 /
  • It's a pretty wild guess, but probably every 5-10 minutes unless I am asleep or occupied with something that requires 100% attention. When I smoked, I smoked like a fiend. I probably snuff even more than I smoked.
  • I usually enjoy some in the morning, and when I am relaxing in the evening. During the afternoon I usually do not partake.
  • As you can see, the answer is; when you feel like it. There's no rule book..
  • edited February 2011 PM
    I do not count pinches and calories. Just enjoy it whenever I feel like it, even during the night. Life is to short to worry about petty things!
  • Usually when I don't have time to actually sit & enjoy a pipe. I snuff regularly when out & about, but I also snuff at home at my desk, just not as often as I do when out & about.
  • right now.
  • As often as I want to.
  • I never counted, but probably 30-40 pinches a day.
  • Jesu27Jesu27 Member
    edited February 2011 PM
    A 3 or 4 pinches of FUBAR and dhoaklia med in the morning. 6-10 pinches of various Toques in the afternoon. 2-4 pinches of scotches or toast at night. With about 4-6 swedish snus in between. If im out and about 2-4 pinches of various Poschl or McC S"nuff. Im a creature of habit.
  • some pinches usually....hold on a minute *sniiiiiiiff* ok now what was i saying?!
  • I sniff in my sleep. Checkmate
  • Bishop to e6..or some crap like that...I sniffed one time when i was dead!!!
  • So, I have been awake two hours and taken six pinches, so I guess an average of three pinches an hour sounds right, more or less.
  • @FischTix Touché ! :-P . Ah yeah, well... When I was waiting for God to send me to Earth, AGAIN, he's all like, "Here, try this... They'll call it, 'Snuff', it's pretty amazing."
    And God said it was good :-P

    Basically about 1 pinch every 20 minutes. Sounds about right to me.
  • Anything between 5 and 50 pinches a day.
  • Um 0 times to a fair amount, I think I'm going to try and use more since it's cheaper than snus.
  • I will get through a flip top rosewood snuff box, whatever that holds, every day. If I don't bother going to bed, being an insomniac, I will do another box full. And the weirdest thing; although I do blow and, to be gross, see some of it again, its only a fraction of what goes up there. If you cross sectioned my head I probably replaced my brain with compacted snuff some years ago.
  • Well that would explain a lot. ;-)
  • Yip:(
  • Actually, I've wondered what exactly becomes of the snuff that doesn't blow out. Some is swallowed, for sure, but is it all? It is a mystery.
  • lots of it gets swallowed. lots of it. that's how your body deals with dusts. Is by slowly pushing it into the stomach.
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