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Dental Scotch Snuff

FischTixFischTix Member
edited February 2011 in General
I have read reviews on both the Dental mild, and Sweet, so I decided to pick up a can. When I got home I noticed that it doesn't say mild anywhere on the tin. It's just plain dry scotch. I've searched the internet for any reviews or websites selling this snuff, but can't find any. Is this a new variety from Dental, or is it just not very popular. I myself find it to be really has moved to the top of my list!


  • Not's just MILD, and too mild for me after using the likes of WE Garrett and Square as my 'go-to' American Scotches for two years now.
  • No's not mild...that was my question. Nowhere on the can does it say mild. The spot where the word mild normally is just has a design. I've seen Dental Mild tins and this one is just says Dental Scotch Snuff and then lower down it says Dry Snuff.
  • This is what I'm used to seeing with the Dental mild...
  • And this is what i got...sorry about the poor opening!
  • Of course, I could be wrong and they just changed the design...but it certainly doesn't snuff like a "mild"!
  • bakdoorbakdoor Member
    edited February 2011 PM
    They had to change the label to comply with the new FDA labeling laws.

    Here's what it used to look like.

  • Aaah...that explains it then. Had me kinda confused. Thanks for the clarification!
  • I think they had to remove the word mild because that gave the impression that it wasn't as 'harmful' as the regular stuff or some bollocks like that, same with mild cigs.
  • That makes sense(not what the government did...what u!) I've noticed that cigs have gone from being lights and ultra lights to gold packs and silver packs and some other shite. All it accomplished IMO is to confuse people that have been smoking for years! But' as long as the governments happy right?!
  • Oh yeah you've got to please the government! They don't seem to realise that the word 'mild' etc was regarding strength of flavour and asume everyone who smokes or snuffs is thick as shit... I seem to remember that they get free GH English Rose in Parliament though...
  • I think it was more of a need for more space for the rather large warning label. Warning label is 1 1/4 inches high all around the bottom circumference of the tin.
  • In that case, they should apply a 1 1/4 inch wide label all the way down each and every fine Cuban stogie that's smuggled to the fat cat politicians. Stuck straight to that fine tobacco wrapper of course, but only to increase the enjoyment of their smoke! ;-)
  • Yes. With the same sticky glue shite they use to adhere warning labels to my snus cans, the ones that always destroy the original label...
  • Right on mat! Maybe with smidge of some sort of hallucinogenic substance to make the laws they impose even MORE foolish!
  • BIG BOLD LETTERS, right on the cigar:
    Then a giant picture of a diseased lung or bladder or something glued along the length of the fire-safe wrapper.
  • Or do what the CIA tried to do to Castro and lace some cigars with explosive? Just to drive home thepoint that they CAUSE DEATH. Castro cottoned on before he had any...probably a 'searched by US Customs' sticker on the box...might have tipped him off. Idiots.
  • koba stop giving out ideas.
  • Hahahaha...Don't forget REPRODUCTIVE HARM....with a pic of a shriveled wank!
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