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Snuff and ED?

matero2matero2 Member
edited March 2011 in General
Supposedly, cigarettes can contribute to causing Erectile Dysfunction because of the contsriction of blood vessels, just preventing the blood from flowing to the necessary area.

I'm wondering if snuff can have the same effect, since it is nicotene.

Does anyone know about this?


  • Yes, it can but don't worry. All you have to do is grind some Viagra tablets and add it to your snuff. Problem solved.
  • Wouldn't you end up like Pinoccio then Pieter?

  • Lol Walrus! I'm picturing a scene from Clockwork Orange.
  • A lot of the studies I have seen suggest an atherosclerosis link with smoking, rather than with nicotine constricting blood vessels. Still, all the info around this topic seems pretty murky and filled with propaganda.

    I do know they LOVE to put the "erectile dysfunction" warning on cigarette packs here in Canada. I try to avoid the cigarettes that cause ED and instead purchase the ones targeting pregnant women that say "smoking will harm your baby." Much safer that way.
  • @Geraldo That's assuming that you never get pregnant...then you'll have to switch to the limp willy!
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    Snuff is immensely less harmful than cigarette smoking, and possibly other forms, but no guarantees can ever be given - it's still tobacco and nicotine.
    Some of the belief in snuffs benign nature comes from anecdotal or non scientifically based sources. The experiences of the snuff companies, in the form of an absence of knowledge of harm done by snuff over three centuries of manufacture as well as no complaints, and a handful of rigourously executed studies, has led many of us to a comparison with coffee drinking at worst.
    In your case snuff may have an effect, or it may not. The point is that these questions are unresolved as yet due to the lack of studies into snuff and health. I, and many others, are satisfied that this is sufficient data to believe snuff to be safe for most nicotine users. Apart from that it's very, very nice and I personally don,t worry too much about it. I hope these responses help a bit.
  • When you use snuff you absorb nicotine, when you smoke cigarettes you absorb...god knows what...
    ED would probably be more aggravated by worrying whether or not you could get it up because of your snuff intake than your snuff intake ever would...IMHO. Sexual dysfunction is heavily tied into your mental state, from my understanding.
  • edited March 2011 PM
    @Stefan, if you do end up like Pinoccio, so much beter for your woman. Just imagine going for some muff diving with a 12 inch nose and being able to breathe through your arse!!
  • I got my wife by tellin her I got a 12 inch tongue n can breathe through my ears!!!
  • bobbob Member
    Well a lot of times they aren't sure what causes e.d.. Though sucking in carbon monoxide all day puts an incredible strain on the whole cardiovascular system. Strain on the cardiovascular system ain't so good for avoiding e.d.. So even if the nicotine has somewhat of a chance of increasing e.d. then it will still beat out nicotine and carbon monoxide (and tar which who wants to talk about tar) for being safer.
    Oh and why is carbon monoxide so bad? that shit actualy binds to the hemoglobin in your blood and it sticks for a while too, this means you're blood can't transport the amount of oxygen it should. So you're heart has to pump harder you're lungs have to work harder (which makes you're heart have to pump faster), you're blood vessels have to dilate to get more blood nicotine at the same time constricts blood vessels guess what this does to your heart it's got to pump even harder and faster this combination raises your blood pressure much more then snuff could. So as you can see it's not that cigarettes are bad for your health, as much as that if you smoke them your body eventualy gets sick of you and deciedes it's not going to keep working just so you can smell like a fucking ashtray!!!!
  • Maybe that's why a cigarette is so good after sex, cools off the old new rule: no cigarettes BEFORE sex!
  • I was just curious? Is this Real ? Or SPAM ?
  • matsnuffsmatsnuffs Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    Definitely a real and legitimate concern.
    Bob hit the nail on the head up there. I don't worry about snuff and ED. Hell prescription medications are more likely to cause it then snuff. Speaking from experience here, and I was only 23 during that rather unfortunate time.
  • mustangiimustangii Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    well I thought the dicussion was about me, lol. My first name is Ed, lol. Or Edward that is lol.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    Hopefully it's not about you...
  • It's real not spam.
    I've been on this forum for about a year now under this same name with the 2.
    About ED being caused by worry though, sure worrying can make it worse, but if it never happened to begin with why would you ever worry about it?
  • without the 2 rather
  • bobbob Member
    It's a very important question really. One study found the most effective anti-smoking measure has been informing people that cigarettes kill boners. I don't know how accurate that is but I could see that. Breathing fuck that no sex I gotta stop.
  • It is a legitimate concern, and if nicotine by itself (ie snuff) causes ED, we ought to know, just as it would be nice to know if it causes death like the anti-tobacco camp likes to think. Until there is proof, however, I'm going to side with bob, slam copious amounts of snuff up my nose, and maintain a full erection.
  • @matsnuffs Will this erection be due to the fact that you actually enjoy snuff THAT much?! =)
  • Yeah don't get me wrong, I have my box right here as I write this and my spoon on my chest between sniffs, just want to know
  • Snuff and Ed...sounds like a 1950's comic strip!! =) Or if you say it sounds like Ed better run for his life!
  • @Fisch, Yeah something like that...
  • I clicked on this because I thought it was something about Ed the talking mule. Boy do I wish I hadn't bothered! Come on guys snuff's a stimulant; Ed is all in the imagination or lack of it.
  • bobbob Member
    it can be mechanical too. Doubt snuff will ruin you that way though.
  • I looked up this thread because the first time I successfully snuffed W. E. Garret Scotch Plain I tumesced (right in the middle of a Sarbucks, no less!). Whenever I try a strong snuff after some time with the lighter ones (such as Wilson's or F&T), the same thing occurs. Further, if I stick to snuff only and forgo the nix stix and the pipe, I find easy, frequent and very full

    accounts of the news of the world. Later on BBC America: Nasal snuff, is it time for a comeback? 

  • Idk what tume whatever means but I'm assuming it means to pop one, and if I'm right I agree with you @makinps I've found that I get turned on after taking huge pinches, never had that after a newport
  • I just remembered a sick joke about some nose hairs being transplanted.To stop a staining problem. The patient thought it didn't work then the drip was snorted back in. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Well... considering the fact that cigarettes are basically the crack of the tobacco world... my best guess would be that nasal snuff isn't going to affect you the same way cigarettes do.
  • Honestly if snuff was an anaphrodisiac that would give me another reason to use it. Most of the time I need more blood flowing upstairs than downstairs.
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