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Levi Garrett, dots on bottom of glass bottles

edited March 2011 in General
I have read many posts ,online.. stating that the number of dots corresponds to the strength of the snuff... 4 being the strongest...I will have to disagree with that theory....because... I found a case(12 glass bottles) 4.65oz..levi garrett.scotch & rappee..think i bought it back in 2004 for my neighbor but she never used it.. she used to dip it like it was skoal...all 12 bottles either have 3 or 4 dots..but they all have the same 420611 barcode.... 12 bottles, in one case,same upc, different dots.. therefore... i think that the dots dont matter.... maybe they used to... but not in 2004...


  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Do a search, there are many threads discussing the issue.
  • There are also a lot of posts discussing Grand Cairo but no one complains about that.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    edited March 2011 PM
    I'm not complaining about the thread, but simply stating that there are other threads with a lot of info on the subject.

    No need for an attitude.
  • Hey a girl just rejected me I have plenty of reason for an attitude :P
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    LOL, well don't take it out on me! :)
  • BartBart Member
    You are the relationship councelor here, Stokes, don't forget..haha!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    No, that would be my wife!

    Looking up old Levi threads makes me want to buy a few bottles. Damn good stuff.
  • BartBart Member
    To answer your question, snuffalupagous , I remember this was brought up before with no real conclusion other than mere marks on the bottle, possibly used for traction on a canveyor belt. IMO, the less dots the stronger snuff, at least in the "Old" days.

    That's why when I ask for Levi Garrett I say to the clerk, "And I want the "two-hole", too!" (Because the markings used to be concave instead of convex) Either way, she'll know what you mean and she'll know right off the bat that you're one of the old-school boys. You're welcome in advance, my friend.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Yep, always ask for "two holes"!
  • BartBart Member
    Yep, then you'll get what you want.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
  • XanderXander Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    This is a perfect Troutstroker question. No, the dots have nothing to do with strength. That is an old urban legend that seems to be perpetuated by the not so knowlegable sellers on ebay.
    The dots had to do with the glass manufacturer's identity. Somehow that was how the bottle makers could be identified so that they would get paid for however many bottles they delivered. Cstokes is right though, there is definatley more information on this in an old thread or two. I'm probably only half right, as that is what my memory is telling me.
    Now the bottles are plastic with no dots.
  • bobbob Member
    no you are right. Notice how many glass bottles have the dots on the bottom. There are similar myths about diffrent bottled beers.
  • maybe i'll have to go to philadelphia to talk to them in person......went there years ago...back in the 70's....actually got to climb around inside the liberty bell after the tour people left me alone with it.... it has no clapper and it has two cracks ya know,,,.. i think 2 cracks in the bell meant it was stronger than a bell that has 4 cracks.....anyways.. quit smokin... found this case of snuff...think i'll keep 2 for me to use.... and sell the other 10 on ebay.....but before I do I want to get as close to the truth as I can about this whole dot thing.. and post the info in my ebay listing..not gonna try to rip people off....probably got this stuff from lil brown..back in 2004 for about $7 one time I listed 18 bottles for her for $95 on craigslist... they never sold...Ruby was 87 yrs old and she used to DIP this stuff..i tried that a few times..made my face turn a tad bit greenish...I think they are around $20 now for the 5oz plastic...maybe will go bout $25/bottle ..+ 5 shipping.... well...i'm not opposed to gettin some money....but dont wanna overcharge..and i do want to get the truth out there...if there is a truth... seen someone listing a bottle for $198... could be from a 2004 batch?....are they tryin to inflate its worth? I suspect these 2004's are about the same as the new stuff I'm not dipping like Ruby was i figure 2 jars outta last me a long long time......but some folks just like the one point i calculated the nicotine in one jar to be around the same as 66 packs of cigarettes..... for all i know i could be the only snuff user in Fresno..would like to get a second opinion about this snuff... seems fine to me...smokey,peety,scotchy flavor... but i am far from being a pert or even and ex pert...anyone near fresno wanna try some? if it dont cost me too much i'll send ya a sample... or just stop by my house...
  • edited March 2011 PM
    My bottle has got 4 dots, very weak kind of stuff. I've added some Bruton and since then I'm really enjoying it.

    I have an unopened bottle of Johnie Walker Purple Label with NO dots, does that mean this whiskey is very strong?

    Edit: Oh, I see it's the other way round. Now I've stuffed up my perfect bottle of Levi
  • Only one way to tell about that Purple label, No dots up! Enjoy brother!
  • BartBart Member
    I trust Xander's explanation.

    I'd trust anyone that travelled the entire intestinal tract of a Great White Polar Bear and emerged alive!! (with the help of a bowel- trowel)
    ...uh ,..wait , my bad..that's a picture of an igloo you've got there ;)
  • I scored a few bottles on E-Bay for less than ten dollars each including shipping. This was a few years ago. I don't think they put that stuff in glass anymore so you do have some value in that. I would say a price that is over twenty dollars might be a bit excessive.
  • Yep, my good old trusty bowel-trowel. Its gotten me out of more than a few sticky situations.
  • bobbob Member
    here is a question why would a company ever make the selling points of a product so esotericaly labeled? If they didn't want people to know for some reason why would they have a secret code? I mean if they wanted to say this one is stronger in nick then this one they'd use a code that would be easy to figure. Like the way cigarettes can be "full flavor". I guess I'am saying the answer to the orginal question has to be no no couldn't be.
  • Wow, bob. The brilliance of reasoned deduction and logic! Good job! More people could benefit from the power of their own minds, if only they paused to think like that once in awhile.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    My plastic bottle has 4 dots.
  • bobbob Member
    @xander. The power of urban legend is indeed strong. We all love the feeling of the secret handshake. It's definatly got a strong appeal and if you get caught in the appeal it's going to bypass your logic. Happens to me all the time. For example I really want to belief in the lizard people rulers, because I really like lizards and think that if they had human like intelligence that they'd be some sharp rulers indeed. :)
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    What I posted on an older thread concerning this same question.

    I have read a few different reasons for the dots. One explanation is strength, one is that they are vent holes to release air from the mold & another is that the bottles were filled before the labels where added, the dots help identify what type of snuff needs to go in that bottle.

    But the real reason for the dots are instead glass maker marks intended to track quality control of bottles produced by different machines & before machines it was the makers mark of the individual glass blower who blew it into a mold. This last explanation is straight from Conwood.
  • By jove Doctor, he lives!!!

    This place is starting to feel like the old days. The band is back together. Welcome back Troutstroker!
  • Ay up Trout! Long time no see, welcome back.

  • 12 bottles..full case.. all the same scotch rappee...some 3 dot..some 4 dot..dots all over... some dots here .. some dots there... here a dot, there a dot.... dot dot.. dot... dddddd, the rate i'm using this 4.65oz bottle, 13 of them should last me bout 30 years longer than i'll be alive...maybe by that time the world economy will have totally will be worthless...and tobacco products will be a universal currency,..well that and alcohol...and women... ya know... the basic stuff....
  • Thanks, Trout. A very timely return on your part!
  • Maybe someone should research wether a particular configuration is more historically significant!
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