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Snuff and stomach cancer

SoundtrackzzSoundtrackzz Member
edited April 2011 in General
Hey everybody. Im fairly new to snuff, although I started a few years ago I only really got back into snuff a few months ago. Im not addicted to tobacco so snuff is just a pleasure thing for me. I know snuff is just about the safest form of tobacco a person can do. However, I have noticed that some snuffs tend to get into my throat and undoubtedly make their way to my stomach so I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about a link between snuff use and stomach cancer? I havent been able to find any studies on my own but thought some of you might know of some.



  • XanderXander Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    I know of no stuides. I'm I sure swallow a lot of it. I'd look at throat & espophogeal tract before worrying about stomach, though. Having said that, I 'm not overly concerned.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    Never heard anything along these lines. There are only a very small amount of studies of nasal snuff in mainstream, peer reviewed scientific publications and at this stage of our knowledge snuff seems to be harmless enough for long term tobacco users, like most of us here, to be happy to switch to it as something far less harmful than smoking. But don't forget that a lot of people here were heavy smokers at one point and snuff was a lifeline. If you are not addicted to nicotine my personal advice is don't develop any kind of tobacco habit. Cheers.
  • edited April 2011 PM
    There must be some cause of death, can just as well be snuff in my case.
  • bobbob Member
    actualy poor diet and chronic alchoolism are considered the leading cause of stomach cancer. In general though the cause of stomach cancer isn't well known.
  • I would be highly surprised if there was any kind of link between snuff and stomach cancer. The only way I could imagine would be to swallow a ton of it. And who'd do that?
  • I'm not worried about this at all. I think it's such a small amount it doesn't have any negative effect. YMMV, but I have stomach problems and get bad acid/indigestion so If it were an issue I'm SURE I would have felt something by now lol
    Tobacco normally would give me that BURN feeling, and it will do a number on your stomach, too. I don't get that from snuff....
  • bobbob Member
    eat a lot of veggies and excersie if you want to avoid stomach cancer.
  • I haven't heard of any issues with stomach cancer from nasal snuff. The amount swallowed would have to be huge to have any effect; you would have to swallow in the same way as dippers and chewers to have any chance of contracting any form of illness.
  • i was under the impression oral tobaaco users are more at.risk of pancreatic cancer as that is where swallowed nastiness collects.
  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    Nothing actually 'collects' in the pancreas. It simply secretes different digestive enzymes, including proteins secreted into the duodenum and hormones including glucagon and insulin used to maintain proper levels of sugar in the blood...somehow med studies relate pancreatic problems that stump them on diet and the intake of "toxins", even though the liver and kidneys are responsible for the filtering of such toxins...go figure!! =) it's just an endocrine/exocrine gland...doesn't actually filter anything, which is what it would have to do to collect toxins. IMHO with as little tobacco is actually swallowed while dipping or snuffing, the HCl levels in your stomach would completely digest the small amount of snuff before it actually reaches the rest of your digestive system. Just my .02...I'm not a doctor, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express!
  • Well ... FWIW, I just got finished with a year long bout with colorectal cancer, two long surgeries, chemo radiation , Ostomy bag until last month and etc.

    Big interest with all the Docs was my tobacco use.

    When queried my answer was "Dry nasel snuff for the last 25 years and maybe one or two cigars a month."

    Notes were made, and subject was dropped. Five different Doctors.

    No lectures or orders to quit.

    I asked my Oncologist if my tobacco use had any impact on my cancer, it's cure or it's cause.

    His answer was short ... "NO".

  • That's really terrible that you had to go through that @gbrhys !!! But I guess the silver lining, if there is one, is that it wasn't the snuff. Cancer ain't no joke!! Find a cure now you greedy medical researchers!!
  • True dat, Fisch.
    I visited an ear-nose-throat specialist a few years ago for a nasal issue unrelated to snuff. His nurse asked me about tobacco, so I told her I took snuff. "I've never heard of that!" she said.
    The doctor came in, cauterized my nose, and didn't say a word about snuff. My physicians in the past have been far more concerned about the pack or so of smokes I used to use per month than the snuff I took daily. There ya go.
    After the ENT doctor appointment, I got specific orders not to blow my nose for a week (!!!) and of course, I came home to a package of new snuff in the mail. No blowing=no snuff, and I was very sad. That long-winded story aside, glad to hear you are doing well gbrhys!
  • I dont know about stomach cancer but I'm sure there is a VERY slight chance of nasal cancer. Snuff tobacco still contains some carcinogens, but not nearly as many as smoke-able tobacco. And it cant be that hard for a few cells to get a slight mutation from it. Im not worried or anything and I doubt that anybody will get cancer from nasal snuff but Im sure the risk is still there. As small as it might be.
  • bobbob Member
    Well interestingly some of the industrial chemicals that are associated with bladder and pancrease cancer are some of the same chemicals that I wonder why they are legaly allowed to add to cigarettes. I just noticed that today. Oh one thing the whole body is connected. And anything you ingest goes through out the body really. One of the reasons that something you eat might effect your gallbladder or liver is that is the first stop off point for blood after it picks up nutrients from the small intestines.
  • I don't think nasal cancer cases are mentioned anywhere in the studies done in the Lancet or by the US scientists, ie the basis of the faq's given on Mr Snuff's site and others . I've heard it mentioned in relation to some traditional African types that have a different set of ingredients (including burnt roots and aloes) compred to dry nasal snuff of the Euoropean or US types. Nasal cancer is sometimes inferred by people simply because its tobacco and goes up the nose but I don't recall ever reading a single case of it or of one being linked to snuff. I guess you could also say there is a very slight chance of cancer of the fingertips through pinching it as well? Not being flippant, but I'm not convinced of any evidence for nasal cancer.
  • bobbob Member
    nope no mentions of nasal cancer. People certainly get nasal cancer. The thing is even if snuff increased the chance of nasal cancer (which it doesn't seem to at all) at least you'd have a better chance of noticing a change in your nose mucousa then a regular person. Plus snuff restricts blood flow a little bit (hence the burning) which might even help kill any nose cancer. P.s. the african snuffs you speak of not only contain odd ingrents, their also grown in soil that is natural more radioactive then usal.
  • Probably if you swallow around 100 grams of snuff daily you might have the chance to develop stomach cancer, would worry more about the nose or esophagus but won't worry too much if its just pleasure I'm pretty sure there is nothing to worry about.
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