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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Essential oils

OscarWabbitOscarWabbit Member
edited April 2011 in General

Does anyone know where to buy essential oils which can be used in scenting snuff?

I guess they need to be food grade oils?

I'm looking for oils that snuffgear don't stock like cherry, chocolate, raspberry, apricot etc etc



  • Allspice
    Blood Orange
    Key Lime
    Lemon Grass
    Mandarin Orange
  • I'll second the recommendation of Fairies' Finest. I bought several of their flavors to use in flavoring SnusX, and was pleased with both price and quality. Lorann is another good brand that is very popular with chefs and bakers. Lorann is a little more expensive, but also more concentrated.
  • BrandasaurBrandasaur Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    Theres a store called "Sage" In the mall where I live. Im sure theres probably something in your area similar, stores that have natural aromatherapy oils, natural healing stuff you know. I went to buy some and the girl had friends in Victoria that used to scent their snuff with the same oils. She even told me the best way to use them. As for chocolate Ive heard if you heat up a chocolate bar a little and put it in the same container (not making contact with the snuff) that it gives it a good chocolate scent.
  • Aromatherapy oils are usually of good quality, but to be safe, I would recommend asking if the oils are food-grade before purchasing. And even food-grade oils can irritate sensitive body tissues if overused. Be careful to use only very small amounts with mint oils, cinnamon, and such.
  • I wouldnt even put them directly in, fill a cotton ball with it and place the ball in the container.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    Not too many oils are food grade, but if you scent them indirectly (like the cotton ball above) its not a concern.
    This shop has every one under the sun:

    It also marks with a + those you don't want to touch directly (that includes cinnamon).
  • Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful :)
  • bobbob Member
    Oscar ever since you picked your new avatar I can't help but feel like your a pervert. I say this in the kindest way possible and as big family guy fan. Basicly love the new avatar pic.
  • Giggity goo
  • Lol cheers Bob. :D
  • bobbob Member
  • Usually every mid sized town and larger has a natural food store. I would go there cause you can talk to the people there before you buy anything and they might be able to tell you a little about the oil beforehand.
  • I bought some essential oils 80's inhalers some times ago (small plastic tube where you put cotton with essential oils on it) that does the trick. 
    I found them again tonight and what a pleasure it is a relaxing thing but it does not the same thing that the snuff, a little lighter and smoother.
    It would be fun to find all the essential oils in powder with no tobacco in it though. 
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