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Smokeless Tobacco Prices

BrandasaurBrandasaur Member
edited April 2011 in General
Ive noticed in my city that most places have gone from $25+ for a tin of dip to less than $20. They have banned smoking in all parks, 10 meters from any door and no places in any buildings. Cigarette prices are going up, a good pack of smokes costs $9-$11. I think more people are choosing smokeless tobacco, they are even out of lots of kinds at gas stations, which never happened a few months ago. I dont think it will be long before snuff arrives!


  • Silver dollar should be here shouldn't it??
  • Not in Canada... I dont think
  • @brandasaur ... man, that is rough ... higher than NYC prices!
  • I never understood why they charge 20 dollars for a 1.2oz, 7-8 for a 15g tin right? It's more amazing people pay it for plastic tins that are probably stale and don't somehow get it from the states when you can get a tin of cheap dip for under a dollar pretty easily in a lot of states. Since you already have reached 1 in 4 cigarettes smuggled I'd think they'd worry about that.
  • Those prices are insane. I've been paying a little over $3.00 for a 1.2 oz (34g) can of skoal. Not to mention their website offers a $1.00 off coupon a week.
    If I'm not mistaken, Pennsylvania doesn't tax smokeless.
  • @ Vathek re Cellar Door, been there. Get out of London, Come up north and the prices are a lot cheaper. Snuff is plenty-full.
  • What snuff do they sell?
  • it is really expensive, i mean, i am in Germany and my smokeless tobacco cost me less then these prices
  • "And with an innovative but retro way of getting around the smoking ban, they also sell lines of variously flavoured snuff."

    Love it!! I hope that will spread!
  • You can get a 25g tin of snuff round here for about £2.70-£3.30, depending what it is.

  • $20 for a tin of dip? Are you sure you don't mean a roll of tins!?
    A tin of dip here in the Midwest USA is $2-6.
  • @Pike Mopers no, he means 1 (one) can of dip. i know it is hard to believe but it seems that Canada is somehow a nightmare for tobacco lovers.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited April 2011 PM
    Canadian tobacco tax is ridiculous. A pack of cigs is over $10 and pipe baccy is $25 for a 50g tin, I thank god that I can get my baccy from other countries where it is much cheaper. @Brandasaur why don't you order your dip from Northerner its like 3 or 4 bucks a tin and they have a HUGE selection
  • I'm from Herefordshire, but I currently live near Sheffield, Yorkshire (returning home with the family in the summer). There is a news agents at the end of my road that sells O&G in medium and large tins and has the tins of Hedges but thats it. Im intollerant to mentol (I almost exclusively snuff SPs), so this isnt much good to me. They charge about £3.70 for the Hedges but I dont know about the O&G. There is a place in town that I know of that has J&H Wilsons Top Mill regularly and gets those assortment boards of the WoS small tins sometimes, but thats usually a selection of menthols aswell :( They sell the WoS tins for £1.50 which isnt bad, and I think £1.20 for the Top Mill. I don't really frequent high street shops much so I don't know of anywhere else, God Bless MrSnuff is all I can say!
  • If dip cost me that much, I would probably rob a corner store or steal a semi full of it, before I paid 20 dang dollars for a tin of dip. What good does that do for anyone in Canada to have the tax so high? I don't get it.
  • Since January 1978, to comply with EEC (EU) regulations, the Customs and Excise duty was completely removed from snuff tobacco. As the ad valorem tax had already been removed by the Chancellor in 1976 snuff became very cheap indeed. Unfortunately the former tax is back at 20% in the UK. Even so, it’s still good value for money when compared to other tobacco products. A pound in weight costs about 27-30 quid.
  • 160 a week @ 10 bucks a tin thats more than 100g a day, even if you smoked the pipe 24/7 I don't think it is physically possible to smoke that much
  • Oh you were talking about cigs, I thought you were talking about pipe baccy
  • $13 for a pack of cigarettes, yikes!

    I remember late 1970s when the price broke $1.00 a pack here (USA). I switched to the cheaper ones; my friends thought I was being eccentric.
  • aw man ... those were the days ... even into the 80's ... $.99 for a pack of camel lights. no wonder i got hooked on them!
  • $0.99 for a packet of fags???????????? That's insane. What is the price now @snuffbrant? Here in England even the cheapest fags are around £6. When I bought some pipe baccy the other day, I noticed that the RYO baccy I used to smoke is £14.09 for 50g. I mean FFS!

  • oh ... well .. in ohio it is "relatively inexpensive" as compared to Chicago, let's say ... and can be had for between $4.50 and $5.50 ... Camel is always pushing savings, especially if you buy "3 packs". ha! ;) Snuff, in contrast ... is like a fantasy world for me ... never have i seen such great quality product that can hook me up like a cigarette, so inexpensive, even with shipping. and i love the use of "FFS" ... gotta use that more!
  • bobbob Member
    It's funny that snuff is better then cigarettes and it cost less. Imgaine if good cigars worked the same way.
  • BartBart Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    Cheapest cigs, or fag for that matter, I ever got was a pack of Pyramid non-filters about 25 years ago for $o.79 . I'm sure some older folks can beat that, though.

    Some of the old Lucky Strike green could be picked up mighty cheap and supposedly, you received change in the cellophane of the pack if it came from a vending machine...not sure if that is actually true.
    I do know that American Tobacco Company used to sell packs of smokes with baseball cards in them at the turn of the 1900's, back when cigs where associated with healthy, popular activities.

    Just a crazy idea, but possibly Roderick could include some type of glossy cards inbetween the double-bag of a bulk order. Kind of old fashioned looking, maybe of different times in snuff history, his homeland. Jaap Bes would also be another who'd be capable of doing it..of the old historic mills and countryside (and women,haha!)Kidding, there. But, I'm sure they are both busy enough and this would only add another cost. Sure would be nice to hand down some Snuff-Cards to my young ones when I go, though.LOL!
  • @ Bart: All customers get a picture postcard of the mills with their first order, but you gave an idea, I'don't promise anything, but I'll kook in to the matter.

    Jaap Bes.
  • 2/- for 20 Players No. 6 way back then.... :D
  • SlothSloth Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    I could buy 10 cigs for around 80 pence in the early 1990's, and they're around 2.60 - 3.20 nowadays. The price for a 25 gram tin of snuff is about what @Walrus1985 said, although I have seen tins going for 4 quid that's still cheaper than 20 cigs. 10 grams tends to be about 1.70 or so.

    @ermtony is referring to the real old school complicated money!
  • @sloth I'm in a poor ex-mining community if they charged any more for that they wouldn't sell it. It's good in a way being in a deprived community, cos a can of beer is only around 80p, and a pint in the pub in the pub is only around £2.40. God help those in cities or down south.

  • @Walrus1985 Well I'm from Suffolk, so I'm pretty much 'down south'!
  • I started smoking heavy in the early 90's here in Missouri and I could give my friend $2 to get me a pack of lucky strikes. It's crazy how much the prices change in such a short period. My dad was in the army in the 60's and he tells me in the food rations they would give you gum, a pack of matches, and two lucky strikes. Talk about encouraging smoking. Would be kinda cool to have a ration like that to collect though.
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