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Super Chetak from Mr. Snuff

thendrix65804thendrix65804 Member
edited April 2011 in General
Just got my most recent package from Mr. Snuff that has my Ganesh 701 packets and my packet of 6 Photo Super Chetak. Just figured I'd say a little about it. The Super Chetak is very good. I have snuffed and dipped it so far and it has a nice mild perfume and fairly strong menthol as I feel. The menthol is a bit stronger than the other 6 photo snuffs and the perfume a little less. Excellent dipping snuff. The taste is good cooling mint and balanced tobacco and spice. The perfume comes thru with the mint to make a fine taste and flavor that is very different from the snuffing. Defiantly recommend it due to the fine taste and quality and you get a lot at a good price. The picture looks like one of the little sachets but it's quite a bit bigger.


  • @ thendrix65804 thanks for your excellent review of super chetak snuff .have you tried our other snuffs?
  • yes, i have tried the special, the super kalaish(sp) and one other im not sure what is was. Oh and the cheeta which is my favorite!
  • Motia is my favorite, followed by super Kailash, I haven't tried Cheetah! Yet...
  • Yeah thendrix of non-American snuffs I have found the 6 photo line most suitable to dipping/gum-rubbing.
  • I had ordered the Super Chetak from Mr Snuff a while back and they mistakenly sent me the Super Chetak Moist. I didn't complain as I came out on the winning end with the price and I would of got it eventually anyway. I guess your supposed to dip it, I haven't tried that yet, but I've been snuffing it and its great because the grind is course. I eventually scored a 35 grammer of the dry with a pot luck order, and all I can say is both are really darn
    good. I gotta say though, that my all-time fave of the 6 Photos has got to be Medicated 66, its quite perfect and multidimentional.
  • The 666 is my new favorite 6 photo. Its so "mentholy" it blows my head off, but in a good way. The cooling sensation opens all sinuses even though they aren't stuffed up. Waiting on chetak moist to arrive in the mail, sounds like a winner.
  • agreed the 6 Photo Medicated 666 is awesome and one of my favorite menthol Snuffs.

    Super Chetak is right on my tolerance when it comes to grind, it is fine and you have to be careful compaired to many of the other 6 Photo offerings. SC is pretty high on the nicotine and one of the few snuffs I can tell has nicotine (Bruton). The scent is musty but pleasant and seems to have decent longevity.
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