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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Nicotine and clammy hands

nunoHnunoH Member
edited May 2011 in General
I saw that this has been mentioned before, but in just a couple of posts and most of them seemed a bit off topic. I usually sweat a lot during physical activity etc. and unfortunately the nicotine kick from snuff triggers a rather unpleasant effect as my palms get sweaty and clammy almost instantly after I take a pinch. Does that also happen to most of you and to what extent? Mine is pretty extreme, very often i have to go wash my hands as soon as I take a high-nic snuff.


  • Yes, this happens when you get a big nic hit.
  • Nicotine constricts arteries.
  • bobbob Member
    this makes your body feel warmer. If you're physicaly active you sweat easily.
  • also makes you feel cooler in the winter, it constricts cappilaries so you skin feels colder in the winter because the restriction of blood flow in the skin.
  • xapkenxapken Member
    edited May 2011 PM
    I'd venture a guess that it might be harmaline in the tobacco, which is an MAO inhibitor. MAOs help regulate neurotransmitters in the body and brain. One of the things MAOs breakdown is GABA. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that slows down CNS activity in the body. A symptom of GABA supplementation at moderate dosages is a clammy-tingling in the hands (not usually sweaty though).

    If the harmaline blocks the GABA from breaking down, and nicotine spurs a GABA release (from what I understand it triggers several neurotransmitters), the result would be an abundance in the system and the symptoms of clammy-tingling hands.

    NOTE: I assume that your heart and circulation are okay. If not, please don't dismiss this tingling. We snuffers are too few and far between already. Let's not lose one.
  • I sweat a lot anyway (due to meds I'm on) and snuffing definitely makes me more clammy, which is why I tend to spoon snuff rather than pinch with sticky fingers.
  • supsupsupsupsupsup Member
    edited May 2011 PM
    I've had that happen to me when taking GABA supplements, along with a really heavy heartbeat (like unnaturally heavy). Safe to say I dont take that anymore. Never happened to me with nicotine though.
  • It means you are doing it right!
    Jk, of course. I don't think its much to be alarmed at, everyone's body is different. My palms don't get all sweaty, but it has been reported.
  • YES, this never used to happen to me when I snus'd and only took a couple of pinches every so often. But now I'm a snuff only man and recently I have been getting some seriously sweaty palms. I don't know if it is snuff brand specific though as my palms have been consistently clammy since I've run out of everything and am only snuffing McC's OG. I have some WoS in the post and am hoping that it might get rid of this rather annoying problem. Time will tell I suppose
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