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what's your favorite 6 photo snuff

sixphotosixphoto Member
edited July 2011 in General
Hi folks!

you guys have been savouring our various 6 photo blends namely

1 super kailash
2 kailash
3 special
4 super chetak
5 cheeta
6 anarkali

which of these is your favourite 6 photo and why?


  • Call me odd, but I don't care for indian snuffs. The only one I've ever liked was Dholakia Swiss Chocolate- and I've only taken it a few times. I've had the same small container since I've started snuffing!
  • KAILASH!!! Because its just GGRRREAT!
  • Cheeta, the strongest tobacco I've ever had, it blows your head off, love it!

  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Cheeta and Chetak!
  • I've tried all of them except for Cheeta (which I'll have to try some day soon), and my favorite is Kailash. It's hard to say why, other than it's the most satisfying to me. The others are all fine products, it just comes down to personal taste.
  • TheBoggartTheBoggart Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    I've been sampling Super Chetak and Super Kailash this week. The Super Chetak isn't really my cup of tea. It's definitely a quality snuff and I know that lots of folks here love it. I'd happily recommend it to others, but it's simply not to my taste.

    The Super Kailash is a different story. I am really enjoying it and I will definitely get more the next time I am putting in an order. Delicious! In fact, I think it's time for another pinch...

    Need to try the regular Kailash and Anarkali next.
  • Kailash.
  • Super Chetak is a clear win for me. Everything about it is perfect in my book. Grind is great, flavor is amazing, menthol levels are just to my liking, and the mix of burn/nic hit is satisfying on a whole new level for me. I only have a few grams left and no money. It's the only snuff I've been sad to see run out! Next time I've got cash there are multiple 200g tubs coming my way.
  • I'm just not into the Indian snuffs lately. the FUBAR line (made in India) is my top pick right now.
  • Im excited to receive my next order after seeing so many great reviews about Kailash
  • @brandasaur:do post your reviews after you savour it.I'm sure you will like it.
  • mustangiimustangii Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    still trying to enjoy it, But it and my allergies don't mix, not even special. will have wait till this winter, lol.
  • I will post a review, if it ever comes! Ive been waiting a month.
  • I've only tried Cheeta and Kailash, both are amazing. Excellent contributions to the snuff world, thank you sir!
  • at this moment, mine would be cheeta. the reason for this is quite simple, since it is the only snuff from 6 photos i own so far but i can clearly say that i am eager to check out the other one in the near future.

    just wanna leave a comment on the cheeta, since it has some awesome benefits in my humble opinion. in style it is like the dholakia white but it works even better in all terms - at least for me. the taste is more in my way and it lacks that what some described as a "fishy untertone" in same dholakias. i cant detect any of that. the nic hit is something that works for sure. i cant say which one, the D.W. or the cheeta has more nic to deliever but it is a remarkable hit for sure.
    to be honest, i dont think that the cheeta is something that would appeal to newbies to this game of fine grounded tobacco but i personally would recommend it to any seasoned snuffer who seeks for some huge nic delievery in a plain snuff the way India does it. best to this company!
  • thanks for comments @prismaster .Your comments and suggestions inspire us to make better products
  • @Vikas just my 2 cents. really like the cheeta and it is growing on one of my friends too. will go for super kailash next. --just another question: do your factory intent to produce new brands of snuff in the future ?
  • ya sure .We are currently working on 6 photo natural and 6 photo medicated snuffs.should be able to launch them soon.
  • @Vikas that are some good news !!! looking forward to try this out. good job! :-)
  • @prismaster
    I agree with everything you said about Cheetah. Since my Super Chetak ran out it is my main snuff.
  • bobbob Member
    can't wait to try all of the six photos snuffs. The Cheeta is amazing. I have not tried the dholakia white yet so I can't compare. It does have a great nic hit. Most of the time a regular strength snuff will do for me there are times when they don't the cheeta works all the time in these cases. The most amazing part though is the fact that the scent is so wonderfully amazing. Reminds me of how my apartment smelled before getting a girlfriend that is too sensitive to smoke.
  • I've tried Anarkali, Kailash and Super-K; and I like them all. I use Anarkali a lot--I like how bright it tastes to me.
  • That Kailash is the best perfumed indian snuff ive tried so far! Nice silky base, strong sharp scent with the perfect cooling effect. These two tins wont last very long
  • I am definitly out to try them all. First i found 5 Photo and now 6 Photo, which has awesome snuffs too. The world is really nice to you sometimes - at least that pleasure of ongoing snuff consume should last unitl my dying bed.
  • Vikas, you must love visiting Snuffhouse. Your products receive a lot of praise here, and deservedly so.
  • bobbob Member
    are there any bad snuff makers? If so I've not encountered their snuff. Now there are styles I'am not into but that is another story.
  • @bob
    Snuff industry is a class act, must say. Some british snuff makers used unsuitable containers but that is mostly sorted out now.
  • bobbob Member
  • @PipenSnusnSnuff:
    you are absolutely right. Today when I got up from bed, I checked up on this thread on my iPhone and found 9 comments in praise of 6 photo snuff.
    Such a wonderfull way to start your day!!
  • ..and to your partnership with Snuffhouse. You have a very knowledgeable ready-made tasting panel here if you want to field test new ideas.
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