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Silver Dollar Snuffs Review!

transistortransistor Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
Silver Dollar Snuffs!
First Pic= All 6 SD snuffs next to Ego-T E-cigarette and Tripletech

I finally got my 12 SD tins from the contest. Roderick sent me two of each kind: Original (SP Menthol), Raspberry Menthol, Cherry Menthol, Apricot Menthol, Spearmint, Natural.
So far these snuffs seem like they'd be great for a beginner to step into the world of nasal snuff. Although most of them are menthol and I despise menthol (unless I'm sick and/or congested really badly), I think that menthol is a more forgiving snuff for a beginner's over-sniffing tendencies. However, these snuffs can also be enjoyed by just about anyone. I can definitely see that the SD line are an attempt to corner the US market in the place Poschl used to. I'd like to see snuff be more prominent in the US and Roderick did a great job IMHO. HOWEVER 5/6 of these snuffs are menthol. I don't like menthol unless I'm sick. I do realize alot of people do like menthol and those that do might find great pleasure in these snuffs. I just don't see myself using these that often. That sucks for ME, because I'm partial to English snuffs/tobacco (particularly SP's) with some moisture to them and now the only ones available in the US are 5/6 menthol! I found the SD Natural to be very nice however.

SD Original: This medium grind, medium nic, medium moisture snuff is supposed to be an SP with some menthol to it. I think it's more like a menthol with some SP to it! What it reminds me of is if Poschl were to make an SP variant for their Ozona line, this is what it would be like. Now I don't have a nose like @Xander or any of the vets, but I found the menthol fades after only a few minutes and there was still no SP qualities that I could recognize. I'm sure many people will enjoy this one but it's not for me. I was disappointed because I'm an SP guy that doesn't USUALLY like menthol! YMMV.

SD Natural: A medium grind, medium nic, medium moisture "plain" snuff. It reminds me of maybe a scotch with some moisture. Now I'm not too familiar with many "wet natural snuffs" but I can definitely see many people like this one. Would make a good all day snuff. I've read many people are looking for "their plain snuff" and this just might be it. Doesn't clog much, doesn't shoot down the throat. I really like this! Winner! Nice robust tobacco scent and taste. Very good.

SD Raspberry: Like Toque Raspberry Menthol! IMHO almost identical. The grind and nic are the same as the others. Now, I love raspberry but only like menthol to "accentuate the fruit notes." They did an alright job on this one. Once again this one will go in my small but mighty "sick collection." A sweet and cool "raspberry candy snuff." Menthol fades early and the pleasant raspberry scent remains and lingers for quite awhile.

SD Apricot: This one is pretty darn good! I can't compare it to other apricot snuffs out of lack of experience with them, however this is one of the few fruity snuffs that I've had that uses menthol to compliment the fruity sharpness and not overwhelm. Delicious! Tangy and sweet, maybe a bit sour like a good Apricot should be- with menthol undertones. Good job on this one. Really reminds me of those fruity chewing gums with Xylitol. My #1 Congestion remedy :)

I still have Spearmint and Cherry Menthol to add. So far, the Cherry Menthol smells like cough drops and the spearmint like spearmint so I pretty much already know what to expect...



  • I know these are sort of hard to get as of right now so if anyone has any questions lemme know in a PM. I'm not quite sure how to acquire these yet- no tobaccoists carry them locally around here.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    Could you please re-post the second pic. It was showing up too large and slowing down the thread.
  • transistortransistor Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    I'll try.... I knew it'd be a problem.... I don't know how to do pictures on here. Doesn't it resize them for you automatically?

    IF any MODS out there can resize these pix for me then by all means please do! I can't figure it out!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    You have to do it with an external program, ie Paint.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited July 2011 PM
    Hmmm... I tried but only could delete the old ones, not repost the smaller ones...
  • Right on Rob! it's good to see some pictures of the Silver Dollar Snuff... I'd really like to be able to grab some for my collection :-D
  • Can you guys see the two small pix at the bottom? If so then I'll leave it that way
  • My local Tinderbox said they would order some..haven't heard back yet though :( Iam looking forward to the spearmint the most! Even if it is mentholated.
  • My smoke shop down the street starting carrying these (well 3 of them at least) at my request. I think his review of the Natural to be spot on accurate. Its a great plain tobacco snuff. The apricot is also very good. Much better than the Poschl, not as mentholated. Its also not as cloying as the McChrystals version. After the menthol subsides, you're left with a pleasant apricot flavor with undertones of natural tobacco scents. Its my favorite of all apricot snuff. I've never tried Toque's Raspberry menthol, so I can't compare the two, but I love this one. The menthol is used so lightly that it only adds to the "cleanness" of the fruit and accentuates it. It is a little candy-like, but not overly. The raspberry hides the tobacco scent that I got with the other two varieties though, its my only complaint.
  • We need SD reviews on the review section btw.
  • @snuffster oh my bad I thought you were taking them off the general section and putting them there yourself
    could I just copy and paste?
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    Just do the review by opening a conversation and click on the review tab - it goes straight in there. I just close them as discussions so we don't get lots of replies - because they are reviews not discussions. I am not moving any reviews from general to review, if thats what you mean. Cut and paste is fine, also for any of your other reviews.
  • CamuCamu Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Just yesterday I tried Silver Dollar Original. This is the 2nd ever time in my life I have used nasal snuff. I do not taste menthol in this one. I tasted something entirely different. Is it possible that they stopped adding menthol to the Original? It's not the Natural. I have a can of that too...just not opened yet. I will say the Raspberry is really nice. It does have menthol and is a rather nice snuff. I do not understand what the Original is all about so I signed up here to try and figure this out via reading and taking toots of the snuff while reading..
  • After a bit more reading and taking pinches of the SD Original..I have come to the conclusion that the SD Original that I have in my possession is an SP type snuff. I can taste maybe Bergamot and maybe some other spice. I do not taste Menthol.
  • Camu, The menthol is in there just toned down a little. keep sniffing and welcome to our world.
  • Wow @Camu you have a great talent. Nailing down the original as an SP type and only the second time snuffing. Welcome to the
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Wow @Camu you have a great talent. Nailing down the original as an SP type and only the second time snuffing. Welcome to the
    I was standing on the shoulders of giants when I made that conclusion...I know nothing about snuffs guys should see my order though..I got 75 bucks worth of nasal snuff sitting in front of me..a bunch of reading and wanting to quit Copenhagen and go for a purer night I just ordered everythang I wanted from MrSnuff not having but one pinch prior 7 years ago of some American Peach snuff in a cylinder...don't even remember the name..

    TIred of waiting on the order to arrive I found out Silver Dollar is 60 miles away...picked up Raspberry(AWESOMENESS) Natural, Original and Apricot. I totally enjoy the Raspberry and it's menthol goodness. Thing is that Original grew on first it tasted awful..but then I started enjoying it. I've almost finished the 5g can in two days. I sneezed my way through that can and saved just enough to compare it to Toque Original.

    My bro liked the Raspberry so much I just tossed the Apricot over to him unopened and said, "Enjoy this man, I cain't part with the Raspberry!" was one of the few times I actually seen him appreciate a freebie from me..He said, "THANKS" for once..

    This Silver Dollar stuff is decent..but I think I would rather have real Toque. I got 25g or Spanish Gem and two 10g tins of Natural and dang do I enjoy the can seal better and the label look and everythang better...and I got them at a better price..I'm not comparing flavor cause I don't know enough yet..but this Silver Dollar can leaks and is expensive...just give us that sexy Toque can with that gorgeous yellow label..that said...

    I will snoot the heck outta Silver Dollar Raspberry while waiting for Toque orders to arrive..

  • Glad your enjoying them. A bit of good news the new SD tins don't leak. We had them remoulded.
  • Glad your enjoying them. A bit of good news the new SD tins don't leak. We had them remoulded.
    That's cool. Maybe my can of Original was old and the menthol had evaporated..

  • i just started snuffing i bought a tin of silver dollar blueberry for my first tin and i really enjoy it im just waiting on my order from toque to come in its already
    two days late but hopefully it will arrive on monday
  • Those snuffs are available here in Alaska. They were some of the first I tried.

    Not bad for starters, I think I liked the spearmint better than the apricot. Possibly cause I expected a menthol from the spearmint but menthol in the apricot surprised me. I wish the flavor lingered longer on both.
  • I just bought the silver dollar snuff as my 1st snuff. I also really like the apricot, and the cherry I just tried today. The original I enjoy as a snuff when I wake up. For some reason I don't smell the raspberry well. I did a YouTube review of apricot and original . Only a week snuffing and I am hooked cant wait for my mr snuff order to come
  • FYI not sure how to post links here. If you search bacchus68 on YouTube you can see my reviews. I just want to thank everyone here for great info. It has been really helpful along with the YouTube vids that are out there. Thanks again
  • Silverdollar apricot was the first snuff I ever tried. As we speak I am using SD raspberry. My local tobacco and brew carry the silverdollar snuff. A bit over priced if you ask me. $5.48 a can for 5 grams. But hey if I ever run out I know where to get it lol.
  • @Bacchus68 . Keep the videos coming. You've got a good camera presence. What do you have coming from Mr. Snuff?
  • I didn't buy many. I bought some toque flavors that sounded good, peanut butter,coke, toffee,and almond toast I think. I also bought a couple of bullets and a handkerchief . I'm already thinking of my 2nd order and the first isn't here yet
  • The first time I tried SD I got original and cherry. I only noticed the menthol in the cherry a tiny bit, and I didn't know the original was mentholated until I was told. It's really, really mellow. It's one of the reasons I keep spending ugly amounts of money on SD too. That light bit of menthol opens things up just enough to really bring out the scent. It makes the cherry divine.
  • Dogwalla,
    It's interesting to hear you say that as that was what I was thinking when we created SD. With Poschl pulling out of the US I didn't want to just make a copy, I wanted to make it much better and thought that less is actually more. The hint of menthol hopefully makes it easier to take and faster to feel but, doesn't hide the tobacco.
  • I love the SD's I've tried, I wish I knew where to buy them when I'm home.
  • I am really liking the SD original. Especially in the morning first thing. How is the Toque original compared and are there any other brands I should try like it?
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