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Buy American Snuff in America

alexdalalexdal Member
edited July 2011 in General
I'm plannig an Holiday in Est Cost of USA,
I'd like to know if in American I can buy american Snuff like Swisher, Us SMokeless, Fubar, etc. (also chewing ones)
Because now it's impossible to buy online Smokeless (your govern want you smoke only, paying also a lot) most of all buy snuss in Europa online store.
But are there shops (for example in Washington dc or nearby) selling all type of american snuff?
I tried to write to Swisher but never answered to me.
If I try to search on google I find only pages saying that tobacco is the evil or worst things.....


  • Where are you from alexdal? When you say you can't buy online smokeless do you mean nasal snuff? The three snuff companies --------------------------------here>>>>
    ship all over the world.
    We don't keep lists of specific stores but nasal snuff is sold in stores in the US in some places, but not usually a great selection as I understand it. Most of us buy online.
    Can any member assist alexdal with stores in D.C?
  • XanderXander Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    Not DC specific, but in urban areas in the northeast you can find them in cigarette outlets (NOT in upscale tobacconists except on occasion). Sometimes you have to venture into the ghetto a bit. I've seen them in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.
    Also I'm told supermarkets will have them in Maryland. Try Food Lion or Winn Dixie.
  • It won't be difficult to find dip and chew in local stores. Just about any gas station or convenience store will have a reasonable selection. Dry snuff may be a different beast altogether. I hear that D.C. has some good "classy" tobacco stores and that might be your best bet. Good luck...I live about 4 hrs. from D.C. and this is all speculation on my part based on local trends around me. Dry snuff, once plentiful, can now only be found in 2 stores locally. Seems to be dying out this far north. A shame really....
  • WhalenWhalen Member
    edited July 2011 PM
    Food Lion grocery stores near DC has at least a dozen snuffs, and more chewing tobacco choices than you could possibly carry! Fubar is not an American snuff, it is Dholakia of India. Just drop in to the stores during your travels. Good luck and enjoy your Holiday! If you do find one in DC proper, let us know! I work all over DC, but I never shop there. I live in the Maryland/West Virginia border area, and all the Food Lion stores are loaded with snuff here. Probably 35 different chews and chaws, and some interesting ones at that. Google Food Lion stores.

    You will have better luck outside of the urban environment, think Rural Agrarian (Redneck).
    Of course that might be an acquired skill for a European. The irony is that in DC you would be able to find snus, and not Redman or Cotton Boll chew. Go for the Stokers chew, and the snuff is available in big 5 oz tubes.

    BTW, Americas number one stores, Walmarts, are worthless for snuff, and there are none in DC. If you wonder more than four blocks from the Mall in DC you are a very brave man on foot! Its like a safari park, stick close to the vehicle at all times!
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