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6 Photo range of snuffs - overview

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited April 2012 in Types of Snuff
The 6 Photo range of snuffs is made by Lachman Dass Amar Nath in the Punjab, India. They represent the finest aspects of traditional Indian snuff manufacture.

Six Photo Super Chetak Snuff
This is a very fine, dry, scented snuff of medium nicotine (although the hyper fine mill makes nic. delivery more efficient). The flavour is sweet and incense like. Indian snuffs, like any fine milled type, can be difficult to use but treated with respect and caution are beautiful snuffs. A fine product in every respect and one that any serious user should take some time with as it is a classic example of an Indian snuff. This fabulous snuff would grace the end of any dinner party or could be held in reserve for the times when a really aromatic and stimulating snuff is required.

Six Photo Kailash Snuff
A finely ground, black snuff with menthol. This is a stimulating, quality menthol snuff. Menthol is an ingredient that can entirely obscure the tobacco flavour of a snuff and some menthols are about as flavoursome as an ice cube. Kailash is one of the other kind - a menthol with character that still retains the earthy character of the base tobacco flour. As with many Indian snuffs there are background spice notes, fully liberated as a flavour 'on the blow'. Lovers of traditional English menthols like McChrytals or Hedges should find plenty to enjoy in this snuff.

Six Photo Special Snuff
Like the Kailash, this is an almost jet black mentholated snuff but with a slightly coarser grind. Again, the menthol is used with a lightness of touch that some other menthols lack. There is a deeper, spicier flavour than the Kailash and it is, perhaps, closer to traditional Indian snuffs in flavour. The flavour develops very well after the pinch and gives a lingering, woody taste. If you are a menthol lover there is everything to like with this snuff and it is one of the highest quality menthols I have come across. Very good snuff indeed.

Six Photo Super kailash
This snuff is made from sun cured Kaim Gunj tobacco and is a rich golden brown with a fine mill. Superbly flavoured with Indian spices it is everything that is good about Indian snuff - complex, stimulating and powerful with lingering flavours still developing over 20 minutes after taking a pinch. This competes with the best of the Dholakia products and if you enjoy snuffs such as kamal or Ganja this is a product that should be in your collection.

Anarkali Snuff
A medium ground, black snuff with a deep rose flavour. Thinking about the best way to describe this snuff I spotted the 6 Photo catalogue in my box of samples - this is what the company says: "A whiff of this potent mixture is enough to evoke memories of India's Royal Mughal past". Or put another way - luxurious, smooth, expertly blended and first class. A connoisseur's snuff.

Cheeta Snuff
Pale coloured and finely ground, this is a potent and challenging snuff and should only be attempted by snuffers who have developed their technique to the extent that toasts, scotchs and the like are enjoyable experiences not painful ones. However, unlike products such as Dholakia White this gives great flavour and power, not just power.

The 6 Photo range of snuffs shows the Indian tobacco tradition in the best of lights - with quality, taste and satisfaction second to none.


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