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Where is snuff legal and illegal ?

MatadorManMatadorMan Member
edited September 2011 in General
Where is snuff legal and illegal ? I know its not legal here where I live, but I want to know if it's illegal anywhere else.
I live in Iceland BTW.I was thinking if any of you guys know this ??


  • Its legal in Canada. Every time I take a pinch people ask if its illegal.
  • oh that's nice.If I take a pinch on the middle of the street, people will call the police or something because they don't know what it is.
  • matsnuffsmatsnuffs Member
    edited September 2011 PM
    That's terrible. Carry a tin with a logo on it.
    I thought there was snuff made in Iceland...

    which reminds me...anyone else get a hold of this stuff?
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited September 2011 PM
    I think that snuff is legal anywhere. Of course, you have to be of legal age (as with any tobacco product in most countries.)

    It is illegal to SELL it ONLINE in the USA, but you can buy it in any store that carries tobacco products. PROVIDED you can get the store to carry it. (It's all about demand for a product.)

    You can also buy it online from outside of the USA and have it mailed to you.

    That is why Mr. Snuff is doing such a booming business these days -- guys like me who used to buy it online from a retailer in the USA.

    I just saw a report from October 2010 in
    Iceland Review

    That says snuff sales and use is on the rise in Iceland.

    re: Xander - I stand corrected.

  • Is snus legal in Iceland?
  • I don't think it's illegal anywhere that tobacco is legal. Now selling it's another issue. But there are lots of legal things you can't sell. Not to be crude but sex is legal everywhere it's illegal to sell almost anywhere.
  • I think its illegal in some middle eastern countries.
  • to what extent? I know in some countries it's illegal to sell and manufacture. Then again in these countries the additives in their native tradional snuffs do seem like they would cause a public health concern. Things like chicken droppings.
  • @MatadorMan: Snuff (nasal tobacco) IS legal in Iceland. Snus (oral tobacco) is illegal there, at least to buy and sell, but not to own and use. These were the last bits of information to come our way about Iceland, though laws mya have changed in the last year or so.
    Furthermore, Iceland makes a single snuff brand, Neftóbak, which is very difficult for people outside of Iceland to find. Apparantly Iceland does not allow the importation or exportation of snuff. However, such laws are usually applied to businesses not individuals, so you can probably order from overseas for your personal use. Conversely, you can make yourself quite popular here if you can track down Neftóbak locally, and trade it with other members of the forum. :-)

    @howdydave: Incorrect. It is perfectly legal to sell snuff online in the USA. The PACT act smply stipulated that all interstate retailers must submit and pay the local state tax of each customer's purchace. Also they may not use the US Postal Service for their deliveries, and any private couriour they use must use age verifcation and signature delivery. None thought it cost effective enough to keep selling snuff, but it is technically legal. The same rules apply to snus, and and those guys still in businesss, though much reduced.
  • @bob

    sex is legal, using your womb to have a baby is legal, using your own extra kidney is legal.

    Selling any of the above is considered repugnant in most countries. These things change with the times however. It used to be illegal to put a bet on your own death so that someone gets paid if you die. Today its called life insurance.
  • I remember matero telling snuff was illegal in Qatar because of 'save the kids'-type moral panic. Obviously snuff gained popularity among young people and to make things worse, it was sold by Indian immigrants! Classic stuff.
  • You couldn't make it up!
  • Bhutan is rather famous for making tobacco products (which includes nasal snuff) illegal. Fines are apparently handed out for tobacco possession, although there some theoretically severe penalties for buying, selling or possessing tobacco.

    I read somewhere that nasal snuff was illegal for a short time in Poland in the late 90's, but I don't know why that was. It is legal there now, I believe.
  • I believe in Bhutan, (a country I'd love to visit even though it charges US$200 a day to stay there), all tobacco is illegal. You can buy it from India, Nepal etc but at a ridiculous price, which is charged by customs etc.

  • @Walrus1985 i lived in Nepal for a while and tobacco wasn't too expensive. Would love to go to Bhutan but need my tobacco.
  • re Bhutan it says this: "The tobacco ban will not apply to foreign tourists, diplomats or those working for NGOs." here...
  • It is legal in your nose... illegal in your bum. :)
  • @Ansel, I meant that the Bhutanese customs workers will charge a ridiculous tax on the tobacco, not that it costs a lot in Nepal/India. Whereabouts in Nepal did you live? I tell you, you were extremely lucky, I would love to go to the Himalayan countries. Trouble is I'll never have the money :-(. A few years ago ex Monty Python, Michael Palin, did a documentary travelling around the Himalayas. The scenery is breathtaking, and as a Buddhist, the culture appeals as well. Beautiful, beautiful area.

  • As I remember reading, Qatar is the only place where snuff is illegal, and where it's clearly spelled out in the law. Bhutan simply raised the tax on tobacco so high that no natives can afford it. On top of that, foreigners visiting can bring in up to 200g, but if you just give a native any tobacco for free, they'll charge you with smuggling if you're caught.

    Poland tried banning snuff, but it was widely sold with all stock kept under the counter.

    All internet sales of tobacco are technically illegal for both the vendor and the client in Iceland. You can probably get away with small orders, but you might just want to gauge how good customs are. Don't want to order 2.5kg and have the police showing up at your house over snuff.

    Allegedly I've got a 50g tin of neftóbak coming my way that I traded a couple cans of dip for, but I'm starting to have my doubts that this Icelandic fellow actually intends on sending me anything. I'm still interested in trying it, and if nothing else I've learned a bit about using it from him. It's most commonly used akin to snus, and it's pretty much only tradition that has it labelled as neftóbak rather than munntóbak. To use it in this fashion, he was telling me you need a tool called a sprautu to shape the pris, though he mentioned that an icetool seems close enough. If I get some I'll let you guys know how it goes. @matsnuffs, TheSeattleite over on SnusOn got some in a shipment from a friend in Iceland. He seems to like it, though I believe he's usually primarily as a nasal snuff.
  • AnselAnsel Member
    edited September 2011 PM
    @Walrus1985 ahhh you are a buddhist, good. I was in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan... can you not save up some money for a flight? I understand you now yes i imagine the customs in Bhutan will charge a rediculous amount.
  • Monk gets 3 years! A 23 yr old monk has just been sentenced to 3 years in prison in Bhutan for possession of $2.50 worth of chewing tobacco. Wow! I wouldn't go there if you paid me.
  • I don't think they arrest snuff monks so Roderick you'll be fine.
  • A link to what Roderick posted above.:>
  • Well Neftóbak just means Nasal tobacco and what sucks about it, is that, that is smells like horseshit (litterally) and i know that it exists and have used it many times before.But the kind of tobacco i'm talking about is the (snuff) which is very finegrain.And the finegrain tobacco is illegal here which just sucks because I like it better than this horseshit tobacco here.But on the market has arrived a new kind of tobacco which is called Lundi (Puffin) and it is quite better but smells of Tea.Snus isn't legal but Lundi is quite like Snus but not really good.
  • The packing of all tobacco products in plastic pouches has been outlawed in india recently by the supreme court.

    It is highly probable that some popular tobacco products like gutka and khaini may be banned altogether.
  • I've read that some people consider it an attack on the poor. Because they are more likely to purchase tobacco in plastic pouches. To me it seems like trampling your culture to enter the "modern world". What do I know though.
  • On facebook there is a Bhutanese group called, "Amend the Tobacco Control Act". I'd advise all to sign up here and give our support to Bhutan's tobacco users. I've actually sent a message to the Bhutanese Prime Minister, to express my horror and disgust at this legislation. I'm awaiting a reply.

  • @shikitohno:Well this is what we do in Iceland,We buy a plastic syringe (sprauta) like this one: And cut the end away so it is open.Then we put the tobacco in the syringe and compress it and then put it under the lip.
  • It's illegal for sale in Oz, but legal to import and possess. I've a mate who claims his has been turned back at Customs, but mine's got in - thus far.
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