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Stokers chew

Sly3904Sly3904 Member
edited September 2011 in General
I have only chewed once and liked it. I want to try some stokers but the only places that I can get it are online. How long would six 12 oz pouches keep in the freezer? I imagine a pouch would last me quite a while


  • They are sealed packages, so probably quite some time. I would think at least 6-months to a year. I see no benefit in placing them in the freezer, cool and dry storage conditions should suffice.
  • BartBart Member
    edited September 2011 PM
    I don't know if I'd keep chew in the freezer. If you are a while getting thru a pouch, I would keep it sealed from the air though,: it seems to get a 'bite' to it. I could get thru a pouch that size in three days if that's all I was doing
  • I kept mine in a freezer for 10 months before depleting the fabulous contents of the pouch. It was fine, maybe a touch on the dry side, a few weeks ago, but still delightful when i took that last chew. Probably no need to freeze it, that's just what I did.
  • All righty it seems whenever storage questions come up the freezer is usually mentioned, I'll just throw it where I keep my other tobaccos. Which would be a dark closet
  • I once bought a pouch of stokers, I used it not much and prob went through it in about 4 months. No freezing, no cooling. I just kept in a cupboard, never went bad, always tasted the same. Good stuff that Stokers.
  • You do not need to freeze tobacco products. Its a simple matter of physics that if tobacco is kept in airtight conditions that it can not dry out - no moisture out, no air in, no drying out. Maybe it's the natural desire to be pro-active with your new found hobby - and this comes up at least once a month - but it really is that simple. Trust me, you don't need to freeze anything that is kept in airtight conditions. The average chew can is probably not 100% airtight - same for the average snuff can - the most you need to do is store the can in an airtight jar. I've lost count of the times people post about using freezers, humidors etc but a scrubbed out peanut butter jar will do just as well. I have dozens of tins of tobacco that are over 30 years old that are as fresh as the day I bought them.
  • a freezer might actualy damage the tobacco and make it lose flavor. I've noticed with snus the greezer is a great place to store a can but if you put it back into the freezer again and again it actual seems to damage the snus faster.
  • good to know. my parents are visiting my home town and they are going to pick me up a large amount of stokers chew. now im thinking of getting pound of it. Bakersfield California is dip/chew central and you can find everything you would want there
  • indeed, i really like the stokers too and dont freeze them. at the moment i have 3 big dip tubes open and pick
    form them depending on what flavour i just like at the moment. same goes with the chew.
    doing work with the horses and chewing some nice apple is quite the thing.
  • ive dipped a lot of flavors but not so much with chew. my favorite dip is stokers so i want to try a few of their chews. ive had the wintergreen chew before but id rather reach for hawkens. (its kind of a hybrid between dip and chew if you havent tried it.) right now im loving red man golden blend and i guess stokers makes something similar called Tennessee chew 
  • Stokers is pretty great. They used to sell it bulk at my local store. Again don't freeze it. Just store it out of the light in a stable place.
  • @peacock yeah i am familar with hawkens. did really like it and loved the can. since it is quite difficult for me
    to obtain dip here in Germany (i have to order via northerner and can only stuff for 20 Euro at one time, since
    if it is more it will get into customs and then mostly i will not get the parel) i stick to the pick dip tubes of
    Stokers or their chew.  I have to say that i like most of their chews.
  • i cant believe it! i got a coupon for 4 dollars off stokers chew in the mail. i have never got one from them before. i think its a sign..  @-)
  • My coupons for 3$ off a tub and 1$ of a can came in the mail last week. Can't find it locally but did search via their website and found it at the reservation gas station close to where I was going for dinner tonight. Stopped by on my way home and asked for Stokers chew and they looked at me and said they haven't got that chew and don't recall if they have ever carried that product.
    I'm pretty sure that they know what they have on the shelf but "nope" is what they said. Probably will contact the manufacturer about this problem.
    Good thing I didn't make a special trip.

    Don't trust the Stokers website finder feature is what I've learned.
  • @nicmizer the fine cut natural is my favorite! the cut is also a little long too. id say its close to cope LC with its  cut. i just cant dip a whole tub before it goes bad anymore. thats what i used to get before i discovered snuff and snus though.
  • That is the go to for me. stokers long cut NATURAL. love that stuff. for like 12-14 dollars a tub is a deal...
  • stoker's tennessee chew is sold in germany i have ordered one but did not try it yet
    apparently similar to redman chew that isnt sold here anymore
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