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 New snuff from Sir Walter Scott

F&T Old Paris...mmm...

JinderJinder Member
edited September 2011 in General
This (along with the occasional palette-cleansing blast of Hedges L260) has been my snuff of the day, and what a glorious snuff it is-many thanks to @snuffster for recommending F&T, I can see this joining WoS Best Dark as a true staple amongst my British snuffs.

I find OP to be unique amongst the snuffs I've tried to date-that earthy, smoky, old-leather aroma is to die evoked, to me, sniffing the embers of a burned-down Victorian cobbler's shop in snowfall-I know that sounds MASSIVELY pretentious but it's the only way I can put's wintry yet warm, and just smells ancient-a real aroma of times long gone by.

I'm looking forward to sampling more F&T, Santo Domingo is next on my list, along with Bureau, methinks.


  • love santo domingo and old paris. Both are great bureau is the weak link in my opinion a lot of people love it to me it seems a mess. Old paris ages really well. Seriously don't consume it too fast. The scent alters subtly but noticable over time. I don't know how to explain it better. It's one of my favorites and I plan on a bulk purchase of this one at some point.
  • I have my F&T in a particular ranking on my shelf.
    It begins by Santo domingo the less sunny in my little architecture(exept Patchouli so particular whose first,but only in rank) to Morocco the most solar.
    I remember my first F&T was Old Paris too.
  • Yes old Paris is a lovely snuff. My tin is over 2 years old
    And it seems better and more complex everyday.
    I still haven't sampled the whole line of FandT snuffs but OP
    Definitely my favorite so far.
  • I pour my FandT snuffs into the cap and pinch it that way.
  • I'm with @gandalf...

    Morocco is at the top of my list (I have 3 large tins on reserve in my freezer)

    Princes Special and Bordeaux are tied for second.
  • I haven't tried morocco or princes special. Im not big on Bordeaux but
    It's ok sometimes.
  • @ItsMajick As you say... these are my "change of pace" snuffs.
  • I'm glad I'm not alone in my Old Paris infatuation...I like it more and more every day. I want to try Santo Domingo next out of the F&Ts, but, other than that, is there another 'must try' F&T I should check out over and above the rest of the range?
  • High Dry Toast gets a lot of praise, though I like Wilson's No. 22 better.
    The rest are all florals, or floral blends, and if you like florals you can't do better than F&T for sheer lavishness.
  • FandT's HDT IS my favorite.
    Bordeaux is the only floral I have found
    That I can tolerate. I think I will give princes special a go
    On my next snuff order tho.
  • @vathek isn't it a wonderful world that we live in where we are all different. French carotte is my favorite F&T and I don't really like HDT.
  • Along the lines @Xander is talking about, I particularly like Macouba, but it's not for the florally faint of heart. It's an occasional indulgence simply because it is so intense.
  • Yes go on every one. try them all. they are all good in there own way.
  • @theratroom @vathek. Hehehe this is what I want to hear when TAD is in full swing, I'm glad I've got a journey ahead with F&T!
  • @Jinder and a delightful journey in the past it will be.
  • Marielle32Marielle32 Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    I really love old Paris. Can anyone recommend me a snuff that has the same quality's ?

    - fairly easy to snuff
    - no real burn in the nose
    - the back drip is not burning but nice and sweet instead.
    - no clogging the nose.
    - a good tabacco base.
    - a nice sweet subtle aroma

    If you know one that has the same characteristics I would love to know !!
  • @Marielle32 The only thing that comes immediately to mind with all those characteristics is Toque Spanish Gem, but I'm sure there are others.
  • @Zanaspus thanks a lot I read the comments and I think you are right ! Thanks !!
  • @marielle32 tube rose matches all those specifications, even if it is off subject from this thread.
  • @snuffsahoy the comments matches great but i never tried scotches before so I'm not familiar with fine dry snuff other than whiskey and Honey from toque
  • snuffsahoysnuffsahoy Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    @marielle32 In reading what you say and your complaint with toque wh, I think spending some time with an American sweet is just what you are looking for. TR is the least sweet I think, I'm a huge fan of it.

    I initially thought it was congestive but that seems to have resolved itself. After trying the English, Indian and Americans I have to say my preference seems to be heading firmly to the us style.

    Edit-least sweet of the sweets of course
  • @Marielle32 Silky grind, subtle scents:

    WoS Strawberry
    M&W Mature Crumbled (very nice!)
    M&W Particular
    Toque Toffee
    WoS Summer Berries
    WoS Butterscotch
    WoS Vanilla (may be a little strong at first, but better after airing out)
    WoS Chocolate Orange

    GH Strawberry is nice too, but has a slightly grittier grind. However, if you can cope with it, then you might like their Dry Orange, Wild Mint, and Sea Breezes for something a little different.
  • @50ft_trad I think Mature Crumble is spot on.
    The others I think are to mutch of 1 specific sent but will be on a later list for sure !
  • TobeTobe Member
    @Marielle32 Let me know if you want to try some Sea Breezes. I hate it, and will gladly ship all I have to you if you'd like.
  • @Tobe I don't think I like it because of the absence of sweetness. I'm a sweet girl ;-)
  • @Marielle32 if we talking about snuff from F&T stable I would recommend those:
    F&T Seville
    F&T Macouba
    F&T French Carrote
    and at leat F&T Santo Domingo (not so sweet(ish) but very pleasant one.
  • @JackGrave thank you I will put them on the list for my next order !
  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited May 2016 PM
    I'll second that F&T French Carrote ( @Marielle32 @JackGrave)... nothing like Old Paris though, and I wouldn't call it subtle.  Oh, and it gets mentioned a few times on the "worst snuff" thread :O).  I'd say it smells of a sweet perfume.  I probably use it every other day... which is a lot since I don't typically do perfumed/floral snuffs.  LOVE IT
  • To me, Old Paris smells like an old, musty book. It's odd, and extremely off putting at first, but after 5 minutes it becomes slightly nostalgic and grows on me. Not one of my favorites, but a lot more pleasant than I first thought.
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    Do you get much of the date taste from the arrack? I love dried fruit: dates, figs etc and wonder how this compares to Johnny's Creme De Figue. You really get the sweetness of the fig with that. I love old books too though so may have to put in an ordef for this.
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