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New Toque Economy Bags

RoderickRoderick Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I think I've just shot myself in the foot. These new Toque Economy Bags are so cheap (wrong word) Economical no one will buy the bullets or refills. Even the smallest 50 gram Economy Bag at £5.99 ($10.00) saves over £11.00 ($20.00) on the normal refill retail price. They are for sale on the site now and the photographs will be up tomorrow. By using food quality plastic bags we are able to pass on the savings in packaging. I would love to hear what forum members think.


  • Well I would have much preferred seeing your snuffs in a slick tin. definately would be willing to pay the extra money to get your product packaged that way.

    My question for you on these bags is this, are they resealable like a ziplock bag or something or are we completely on our own to find a suitable container to store the bagged snuffs in?

    If so, do you have any plans to offer us the oppurtunity to buy a container for snuff storage.

    Personally I think your company would do well to market an airtight jar of some type, maybe a glass mason style jar, or a glass jar that has a gasket and a clip to pull the lid down to an airtight seal, with your logo on it. I know of no other companies that offer such a product and think it would do quite well.......

    Anyways, still enjoying all of your snuffs and just thought I'd fire a couple more ideas out there for you to contemplate since you have always been keen to the wants of the toque customer....
  • Poo Diddy,
    You've got some good ideas there. Firstly we tried the zip-lock bag, but it leaked, the lock part not quite sealing the bag. The bags we are using are grip-seal bags and appear ideal. If they prove as popular as we think they might, then we will polish them up a little with a more appropriate quality finish. We have also been developing a snuff humidor which we hope will be on sale in the New Year. The one other area we are working on re containers is currently a trade secret but as they say watch this space.
  • A snuff humidor? A special place to store all of my fine snuffs? Now THAT is a great idea. As it is, I don't have any sort of snuff cabinet. I simply use one of the drawers on my coffee table.
  • You've sent many of us members so much free Toque in addition to what we've purchased that it will be a few months before we have the need to purchase more. However, as for myself, I will be back once I've polished off the snuff you've sent. Probably purchasing the bulk bags. A snuff humidor would be high on my list of wants, so I'll be watching out for that!
  • Levi Garrett & a few others used to provide retailers with bulk that came in sort of a paper mache 1 pound ball, covered in tax stamps.

    Now Roderick you can say what Poschl says about their refill bags. That they are environmentally friendly
  • i think it would be awsome to see it in some sort of metal tin something kinda old school looking kinda like the old night cap tobacco tins or some thing of that style i'd totally buy that even if it did cost $13 to $15 for a 50 gram tin
  • So wheres the Toque Christmas Ornament to hang on the tree?? LOL
  • I have to say that a snuff humidor is genius. Honestly, it isn't something I even would have thought of but I can almost say "put me down for one," without even knowing the price. As it is now I'm using a couple of cedar cigar boxes to store what I have and they're proving insufficient in seal and size. Keep us up to date on this humidor business! Cheers!
  • @ TheLong, if you need something else in the meantime until the humidors are available, just go to an army surplus store or online and buy one of those green metal ammo cans with the waterproof lid. They are pretty cheap & they can store a lot of snuff.
  • We don't have any surplus stores on the island, unfortunately, so I'd have to order something anyway. I'm thinking of just searching in the few places we do have for some of those glass jars with the latch and rubber o-ring. How does snuff react to being in light, though?
  • Depends if you talking about bulk snuff poured directly into the jar or if your putting tins in the jar. Either way I wouldn't keep in direct sunlight. If you want to play it safe, keep in cool, protected area. The latch lid jars I have are ceramic so there is no light coming in. YOu could also wrap some dark paper or fabric around the jar, or keep in a cabinet. Most stores that carry kitchen utensils will have these jars. They are usually in with kitchen storage items such as sugar jars etc.
  • edited December 2007 PM
    I definitely would like to see a snuff humidor, I have been looking at cigar humidors lately, but would be much more interested in something specifically made for snuffs. My collection has grown rather large, I do enjoy variety. And like TheLong I too use old wooden cuban cigar boxes for storage. Not ideal at all for keeping them fresh. I think you are on to somthing Roderick. As far as the bags go, nothing wrong with passing on the savings, but like others I too enjoy the tins and prefer pinching over other methods. So if you sold a toque tin to transfer the bags to I would have interest. I think a short round McChrystal or Wilson type tin is my favorite, would love to see something like this but with the sealing power of the F&T tall tubes.
  • merdock69merdock69 Member
    edited December 2007 PM
    I never noticed how dark all your snuff is until I saw the pictures of the economy bags on your web site. Although I think the tobacco is a little lighter, all your snuffs are very dark in color compared to, say, american dry snuffs. Why is that? Or, is it a trade secret?

    Maybe with the new economy bags we can start ordering form Marscigars too? Not that shipping ever cost us anything, just that it would be a great way to centralize ordering...
  • UnChris,
    Your first order went out on the same day as another Forum Member, 19th December, and that member has received their order yesterday, on that basis yours should arrive very shortly.
  • I have just jumped in on this. I have ordered a 50 gram bag of chocolate snuff. I am looking forward to it, its my first try of toque snuff. Just got to figure out how to store it now.
  • MopeyMopey Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Does any one know how to whisper back to someone?? Everytime I try to do it comes up in the comments section.
  • just click the "whisper" button on the message itself that you wish to whisper to or the "whisper back" button if the message you are responding to is a whisper.
  • Thanks BigSnoot, I got it now. I was trying to do it in my phone browser and it didnt seem to like it.
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