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Your top five ESSENTIAL snuffs...

JinderJinder Member
edited October 2011 in General
Hi all,
I'm going to be ordering some new snuffs in the next three or four weeks, and would love some input from you all to help me pick the next five or six to buy.

So...what are your top five essential snuffs? Ie the ones you can't imagine life without, and that you get twitchy about when you're running low.

My five to date (in no particular order) would be:

WoS Best Dark
Hedges L260
WoS Grand Cairo
Gawith Apricot

Those, to me, are a day in snuffs. Hedges first thing, Grand Cairo in the morning, alternately Best Dark and Grand Cairo in the afternoon, Abraxas in the evening, Gawith Apricot for bedtime.

It was HARD to leave out the glorious 6 Photo Anarkali, in reality if I was permitted a sixth it'd be a tie between Grand Cairo and Anarkali.

Over to you...


  • 1. Grand Cairo
    2. O&G
    3. Toque Rose
    4. SG Blue Crest
    5. Toque Quit
  • none. Try all you want and see what you like proceed from there. Which is too say five that's not even close to all of them.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited October 2011 PM
    1. 6 Photo Kailash
    2. 6 Photo Special
    3. Poschl Ozona President
    4. Molens Latakia Ao 1860
    5. NTSU Green

    Personally, I have closer to 10 "essentials."
    Tom Buck is great for "clearing the nose of additives" when you want to change snuffs.
  • Molen's Musinotabak
    Bernard Cardinal
    WoS Grand Cairo
    SG Lavender Dark
    WoS Best SP
  • Whatever is in my snuff box is essential!
  • Dholakia White
    Sparrow Cool
    McChrystal's O&G
    Bernard Klostermischung
    Dholakia Ganga (added a floral for variety)
  • Quit
    Spanish gem
    Old Paris
    Dholikia sparrow
    Bernard Postillion
  • Furbar grunt
    Toque sp extra
    6 photo cheetah
    Molens Prins regent
  • I Never want to be without any of these.

  • McC O&G
    Toque SP Extra
    Toque W&H
    WoS CoC
    F&T HDT
  • Plenty of Toques in there, I can't believe I don't own a single Toque snuff, shame on me-I need to order some methinks!
  • Mcchrystal O&G
    Mcchrystal hop
    Toque st clements
    Toque sp extra
    F&T French carotte
  • Toque Whiskey & Honey
    GH Irish D
    F&T HDT
    Toque Lime Toast
    WoS SP Best
  • WoS Best SP
    McC O&G
    Toque Original
    F&T HDT
    McC S.P.
  • F&T HDT
    D White
    WoS IHT 22
    Toque Vanilla
    FUBAR Grunt, wish I had some of that.
  • 1) 5 Photo Super Himalaya
    2) 5 Photo Special
    3) Molens Latakia AP
    4) Toque Original
    5) Sun Kohinoor
  • toque peppermint
    6 photo anarkali
    hedges l260
    fubar grunt (have a 250g tub mmmm)
    wos royal george
  • New order arrived and made me change my mind about essential snuffs.
    I now believe I could be quite a happy lad with just these from Toque.

    Natural toast
    Berwick brown.
  • I don't believe I have 5 essentials yet. The ones I consider essential thus far are:

    SG Red Crest
    GH Kendal Brown
    W.E. Garrett Scotch
    ???(Toque Quit or Natural will probably be here soon)

  • Well 5...

    6 photos
    s Gawith
    ...And I forget some of them.
  • I don't have five but McChrystal's O&G is essential with a toast, I prefer Wilsons #22. All else is just variety.
  • WoS Apricot
    Toque Pom
    F&T HDT
    Tom Buck
    WoS SM Blue
    Those are the 5 I am never without. There are many more on my sometimes list.
  • O&G
    Camphor & Mild
    Toque Natural Toast
    SG ZIP


    Ps. as you can tell I like camphor ;-)
  • Lmao!! Now this is a first, I've got a triple post now!

  • Anarkali
    Toque Orig
    Toque Lavender
    Best Dark & WE Garrett Scotch (I know this is sorta cheating, but I always take 'em together)
  • Rectified, Stephan.
  • Toque Original
    Samuel Gawith's Irish D Light
    IHDT #22
    Tom Buck
    Toque Natural
  • Subject to change, but....

    Hollandse Bolongaro
    Camphor and mild
    Toque Natural
  • They are always subject to change!

    My current five would be:

    GH Kendal Brown Plain
    J&H Wilson's SP No. 1
    F&T High Dry Toast
    WoS Best SP
    F&T Dr JR Justice
  • It's an exercice quite restrictive but..
    Without ranking inside and only for this precise moment/
    Ma's ruin
    Toque Chocolate
    Royal George
    HDT (In my litlle choiceI haven't include indians ones,only for english snuff,whose always seems to be leader..)
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