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Mail order from US reservation?

GsnuffGsnuff Member
edited October 2011 in General
MrSnuff and Toque provide all my European and Indian snuffs. However, for the US scotches it seems a round about way of doing things seeing that I live in the US myself. Since my local store has spotty supply of snuff I wanted to try an online order within the US. It seems this is possible by ordering from the Indian reservations that have different regulations regarding the sale and shipping of tobacco.

So.... anything I should know before I dive in? Any bad experiences?


  • No experience at all but if you try it, let us know how it goes.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited October 2011 PM
    A lot of members spoke of using Lil Brown in the past, though I have not yet had dealings with them personally.
    You might also try a post on the " Private Trades: Offers and Requests" thread. A lot of members can find a good selection of scotches locally. I know about a dozen or so brands are available to me locally.
  • I bought a jar of Levi Garrett (mmmm) and some Dark Horse raspberry from lilbrown recently with no problem. They won't ship to a few states that have local laws banning tobacco shipments.
  • I seem to recall reading somewhere that a few Native American tribes were pursuing legal challenges to restrictions on tobacco shipments, claiming exemption due to their special status. I don't remember reading about a judge's decision, however. The case(s) may still be pending.
  • Ordering Native Americans through the mail was outlawed back when Teddy Roosevelt was in office.
  • GREAT feedback and much appreciated!

    Im looking to order a Railroad Mills Scotch equivalent.
    Lil Brown stocks 1) Honest and 2) WE Garrett

    Can anyone recommend one over the other? What I liked about RR Scotch was the really fine grind and the mild flavor.

  • I believe that lil brown carries a GIANT tin of RRM plain. I ordered one myself recently.
    For some bizzare reason, it's not listed under Dry snuff.

    Look under 'Assorted items' They carry both plain and sweet.
  • @puffpuff Jackpot!

    Thanks again.
  • I don't know if you have ever tried it or not but there is a plain Dental Scotch that is only available here in the U.S for some reason this particular snuff has the words "not for retail outside of the united states" I have have not found it anywhere online but I can get it locally so it doesn't matter. It is a little similar to Bruton Scotch except that it is easier to take, has a little more of a sweet BBQ smokey scent (although take the word sweet with a grain of salt) and for some odd reason the nicotine of Dental Scotch hits me harder than Bruton but this just may be due to the fact that I can sniff more of Dental. Anyways I hope all goes well for you let us know how it goes.
  • Has any one done an order from lil brown in the UK. My wife loves clove cigarettes and they have them cheap. The same price for a carton as one packet in the UK. I would order some cheap cigars at the same time if it is worth it.
  • The thing with lil brown is the international shipping is outrageous. Last week I was checking out an order for some 35 buck of tobacco products and when I saw the shipping charges -- $52, I just went "yeah you can keep it"

  • @KebAMP I know about the high shipping but even with that it still makes it a hell of a lot cheaper.@Vathek have you had experience of. HMRC spotting your parcel is is it not worth the risk.
  • Thanks for that @Vathek. I think I will give it a miss then.
  • I have done a significant amount of business with LB through the years. I can not recommend them enough.
  • I used Lil Brown once when I wanted to try the Dark Horse. They shipped to Texas and my Visa debit card was accepted with no problems. I do recall seeing some posts where a few people had some ordering problems but I don't know all the details and cannot vouch for such experiences. All I can add is that I ordered from TX and they shipped my bacco just fine. I'd use them again with no reservations.
  • @theratroom

    you may want to be cautious about ordering Cloves from the US. Flavored cigarettes are illegal in the US so what used to be clove cigarettes are now clove mini-cigars. They are similar but definitely not the same thing.
  • Good to know @Mr. Nose thanks for that I will just get my friend to bring some back from Indonesia where goes on regular business trips. They are defiantly the genuine article there. I wonder why flavour cigarettes are illegal in the US. Dose that include menthol.

  • Flavored cigarettes are illegal because they supposedly appeal to underage smokers. In reality, there is a lot of pressure on Congress to regulate tobacco here in the US. Big tobacco has lots of lobbying power. Flavored cigarettes cut into the market share of big tobacco. So they push for "regulation" that in effect puts their competitors out of business. It's quite a racket actually. Before, they had to do it the hard way. Once upon a time there was a brand of cloves called Sampoerna (they were much better than Djarum in my opinion). RJ Reynolds bought them out and closed them down. Lobbying Congress may not be cheaper but it does get the Anti-Tobacco lobby off their back for a little while at least. Menthol cigarettes are curiously exempt from this legislation; they are, after all, a big market for big tobacco. Some brands that used to manufacture Mint cigarettes, which are distinct from menthol, repackaged with Menthol on the label instead of Mint; still the same cigarettes inside though. It's all a bunch of bull. I never smoked a flavored cigarette until I was in my mid-twenties. And I must say some of them were delicious; i.e. Botschafter Vanilla. The regulation we have over here is mind-bogglingly incompetent. We will allow big tobacco to add ammonia, formaldehyde and saw-dust to cigarette tobacco, but put some vanilla flavor in there and you've gone too far. And for the record, Phillip Morris is the largest purchaser of licorice and cocoa for non-food use in the US. They claim the flavor is indiscernible and therefore they are exempt from the regulation. It can be infuriating to be a tobacco enthusiast in this country.
  • I order from Lilbrown with no problems at all. They ship UPS. Their selection of American snuff is limited, but you should look and decide yourself.
  • Cocoa, although not present in amounts identifiable as a distinct ingredient, is what gives Marlboro cigarettes their distinctive taste. I don't know what Philip Morris brand uses licorice, but it's the primary flavoring ingredient (again, in minute amounts) in Pall Mall, an R. J. Reynolds brand.

    I spent some time as a contract worker in a major cigarette maker's laboratory, years ago. Learned some interesting, if practically useless, stuff.
  • cigarettes are a lot of paper. I'am not talking about the wrapper either. major brand big tobacco cigs have a large percentage of reconstituted sheet tobacco. Which are floor sweepings that are ground into pulp made into paper and have flavor and nicotine added to them. There are two reasons for this one can't use floor sweepings in a cigarette but you can use floor sweepings to make a product added to cigs. It's easier to control the nicotine and flavours with highly processed tobacco. So who sees what I'am saying when I say I don't consider cigs to be tobacco.
  • Actually, the reconstituted tobacco is taken from cigarettes that have outlived their shelf life. The sales reps visit retail stores regularly and remove the old packs and cartons, reimbursing the retailer with fresh stock. That was one of the many things the lab was investigating -- how much reconstituted tobacco was being used in competitor's brands.
  • it's still makes it not tobacco and explains the crazy additives a little bit.
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