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Toque Strawberry?

OscarWabbitOscarWabbit Member
edited October 2013 in Types of Snuff

I'm sitting here watching Batman Begins, snuffing on some GH Strawberry and in my opinion, it ain't a bad snuff, quite nice in fact. But my predominant thought is 'I bet Rodders could produce an even better strawberry snuff'.

Whad'a'ya reckon Roderick? Your fruit snuffs are the best on the market.


  • worth a try at least. But WoS has an awesome Strawberry. Tough competition.
  • I think this fits into one that would violate Toques natural policy.
  • I agree with Xander WoS Strawberry is lovely, never tried the GH version, I'm still weary of them, cos of the sneeze boxes. Might have to try it from a tub.

  • I'd try it. I think @bob is right though...a bit difficult to reproduce naturally.
  • I haven't tried the WoS Strawberry. It's one of about five Wilson's I've not bought. I'll have to try it out.
  • I've got this funny feeling that when Roderick reads some of these threads he has to bite his tongue while mumbling under his breath, "Must-not-talk-about-research-and-development! Breakthrough-just-weeks-away..."


    "Impatient Gits! I give them 37 flavours and what do they want? 38!"

    (just kidding about that last one...)

  • WoS Strawberry is great! Really delicious with a long-lasting scent. The aroma is almost like strawberries and cream, very luscious.
  • The G and H strawberry is very odd and awesome. I don't know if I would recomend it to everyone but it's worth trying out. It's like a strawberry perfume scent that is really unique. The scent is odd because it kind of rolls, there is a distinct front mid and back scent on it. Definatly worth the try.
  • Toque Strawberry is quickly moving to the top of my list for fruit snuffs. It's so natural and yummy. I want to eat it!
  • Unfortunately I didn't like this one. Toque is a great company but for some reason their fruits just don't do much for me, nothing personal I only tried 2 now BUT...I finally found a toque flavor I did very much fall in love with and that is the coke one def one of my favorites.
  • I didn't like WoS strawberry at all. Toque's was much better, I just think that strawberry isn't a great fit for snuff.

  • javigeeejavigeee Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    Where can i buy Wos strawberry? after reading this i really want to try it lol

  • @javigeee my review was for TOQUE strawberry, I have some WOS but it is just awful.
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