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terry pratchett's snuff

dazz34dazz34 Member
edited November 2011 in General
just read the book snuff and omg he made commander sam vimes a snuff head, can we make sir terry a snuff ambassador for his services to snuff as there will be loads of people looking for ankh-morpork to buy bewilderforce's sweet raspberry snuff and his double thunder snuff or trying snuff for the first time after reading his book..


  • Yes I can imagine that Pratchett fans are the type of people who would try snuff if they read about it in his books.
    Never really got into them myself, but I did once frequent a bar where Sir Terry used to visit occasionally.
    Rumor was that he used to eavesdrop on people's conversations and make notes to make his dialog realistic.
  • I suppose he would qualify for ISTA membership, its an honorary thing after all. Philip K. Dick would too.
  • Philip K. Dick is one of my favorite authors; I was delighted when I found out he was a snuffer.
  • SnaveltjeSnaveltje Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    I thought that Dr. Varies Medicated Upright mixture sounded fascinating - if I were a snuffmaker, I'd make up a batch, along with a few kilos of Angler's Chum. I bet Sir Terry would like a pound...?
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