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The 6 Photo competition reviews.

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited April 2012 in Types of Snuff
Here are all the reviews submitted, with just the comments edited out - thanks to everyone that took part. The competition kicked off with the one and only...................


6 Photo Kailash

I was introduced to 6 Photo Kailash quite by chance. A packet was given away as a gift for making a purchase over a set price...

My first reaction was mentally kicking myself for wasting so much time with European snuffs.

My first encounter was one of absolute wonder!
I would describe it as being akin to a first encounter with all of the subtleties of the deep woods air by a person who has lived in the big city all of his life. As a Jnani, I might compare my reaction to my first encounter with insight... Absolute wonder at my first contact with something that was always there, but outside of the realms of my personal experience.

Other snuffs that I have tried have been an encounter with tobacco and maybe one or two other aromatic sensations – usually fairly heavy, sometimes downright painful.

I have been a person who enjoys a BIG pinch of snuff and enjoyed the lingering essence.

Kailash is entirely different.
The making of 6 Photo seems to be a fine art rather than a manufacturing process.

With Kailash I prefer a much smaller pinch in order to allow the complexity of the aromatic sensations to develop.

A pinch of Kailash is like a developing friendship:

There are first impressions (something of a potpourri)...

As I delight in these first impressions, subtleties are detected (patchouli maybe?)...

These subtleties develop and the first impressions are but a fleeting memory...

The subtleties are then gently nudged aside by still more subtleties (sandlewood maybe?)...

The final sensations linger for quite a long time.

I think that they are gone and then, every once in a while, I get a slight whiff of sandlewood or patchouli which reminds me that the essence is still there.

David A. Naess
Rochester, New York, USA


I've only tried the Cheeta so far, I will be ordering the rest of the range, but not till October. I'm going on holiday at the end of the month so saving up for that. Here goes I'll keep it short and sweet.

Cheeta is one of the finest ground snuffs on the market. This does make it a bit difficult for beginners, so is it worth perservering with? DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!!! Cheeta has got the most powerful nicotine hit of any tobacco I have ever tried, even more so than my first ever cigarette. Also the flavour is very nice as well, it is not overly powerful like some Indian snuffs can be, but just a mild incense type flavour. I'm sorry I can't be more specific flavour wise, it is very complex and unfortunately my nose is not. To sum up, IF YOU ONLY EVER TRY ONE INDIAN SNUFF, TRY THIS ONE!!!!!! Once you have your technique right, prepare yourself for the best nic hit ever, with a lovely flavour. Other white snuffs taste like fish, this one doesn't. Overall this is definately a 9/10 snuff. 1 point knocked off because it's not beginner friendly, other than that, PERFECT!



Cheeta is an amazing example of the Indian white snuff. First off the snuff isn't really white but a very lite tan color. Of course it's dangerously finely ground which makes it a great pinch for the quick nicotine uptake. I find this snuff to be the perfect eye opener for myself, to aid me in my early morning caffine making. The scent however is the real jewel of this snuff. Compared to most indian snuffs which are not subtle in their scenting (which in no way is a mark against them) the scent of this snuff is subtle. The first thing is a floral scent probably a rose but lite enough that I'am not sure. It reminds me of one of my favorite Indian inscense Sai Flora. Then as the floral scent fades a more musky richness starts to present its self. Then as this scent fades a very interesting tobacco scet presents its self. The tobacco scent reminds me almost of a cigar like scent but not quite, in fact it reminds me of a very mild cigar leaf pipe tobacco. Then my favorite part of the scent comes out which is something I've never smelled in another snuff before, a distinct mineral scent which reminds me of limestone rich soil after a rain storm. For such a strong ass kicking snuff the little bit of burn there is, is very mild considering the grind and strength of this snuff. The burn which I find invigorating is offset by how velvety the texture of the snuff is. As with fine snuffs it is not very clogging and the scent is mild enough it won't interfere with your next pinch of another snuff. All though the scent is mild it's also sharp enough to cut through other stronger scents making it a very interesting snuff to make mixing experiements with. As Stefan said this is a must try snuff. If you're too green to try it don't worry it's a very easy snuff to stuff in the nose. Take a small pinch press it together and you'll have a thin layer of snuff that can easily be pushed into the nose. When used that way the floral component is much stronger. One more reason to try this is my number two snuff following Abraxas and leading Royal George.


Hmmm... well, seeing as I'd rather not go head to head with howdydave, even though Kailash is my favorite 6 Photo snuff, I'll review Anarkali instead. Then perhaps we will both end up winners in our respective categories. So, here goes:

Like several other 6 Photo products, Anarkali is built on a foundation of finely milled dark brown tobacco providing a rich flavor on its own, slightly on the moist side -- just enough to give a fluffy, soft sensation. And like many Indian snuffs, there is a complex background of floral, aromatic wood, and resin scents to provide an exotic feel. If I were to guess at some of the many background ingredients, I would include sandalwood, frangipani, musk, and hints of myrrh and menthol. No doubt there are many other elements to the background which I can't quite detect.

What makes Anarkali unique, however, is the delightful and uplifting citrus-like fruit aroma that constitutes its primary and most potent fragrance note. At first sniff, I would have guessed the scent to be from grapefruit, but since a little Web research tells me that the English translation of "Anarkali" is "pomegranate blossom," I'll assume pomegranate is what I'm sensing. This makes Anarkali quite a treat, as I can't think of another Indian snuff that so prominently uses a fruit fragrance. Yet it is not overly sweet. In fact the sweet and tart flavors are quite well-balanced, just as they would be in freshly picked fruit. The fresh taste invites repeated pinches, while the nicotine level is fully satisfying without being overwhelming. Highly recommended as a refreshing change of pace, no matter what your taste in snuff may be. For lovers of fruit-flavored snuffs, Anarkali could easily be your choice for all-day use.


I took a big pinch of Cheeta today, and was inspired to record my thoughts here. As mentioned, it is a really dry, light tan snuff, and a little wisp of powder flies up after removing the lid. I love the tin, but that is a complete aside.
The snuff is a little hard to take, as finer ones go. What I detect is an incense note at first. I cannot decipher what goes into is nag champa-like for lack of better words. Spicy and exotic. Underneath the perfume is a nice, mellow, tobacco scent that tends to fade rapidly, along with the other scents in it. This one earns its name with its dramatic nicotine boost, which invigorates at first, then relaxes as the complicated and wonderful scents bloom. This is grade A snuff.


I purchased a 6 photo bundle from mrsnuff and love them all.

as for the review I will share my experience of cheeta.

cheeta is dry and fine. very very fine and dry! this initially put me off as I sneezed and wheezed uncontrollably on my first several attempts taking the stuff. I had almost written the tin off for consignment to th back of the drawer when one night at work I dared to try it one last time. this time I didn't take too far back and I was rewarded with a beautiful, gentle floral scent and a stout whack of vitamin n. the scent persisted for a long time, never overpowering just a lovely understated gentle pot purri sensation. now I have tamed this dusty tan snuff it is rare not to have a few pinches of this challenging but rewarding powder.


6 Photo Anarkali:

6 Photo's superb Anarkali was not only my first purchase from the 6 Photo range, but also my first experience of Indian snuff-surely the first of many.

The exquisitely, exotically decorated tin speaks volumes about the sensual eastern delights contained therein, certainly something that captured my imagination, as a man used to the relatively plain packaging and stout, sharp, punctual scents of the British snuffs that have been my staples to date.

Popping the lid off brings forth a proliferation of scents, rushing forth as if keen to escape the confines of their packaging, in order to tantalise any and every willing nostril in the room. Taking a sniff at a distance, there is a strong and evocative aroma of Indian and perhaps Nepalese herbs, an incense-like tang and the underlying throb of dark tobacco.

I find Anarkali to be a medium-fine grind, certainly not coarse but not as fine as some British snuffs such as Wilsons Of Sharrow. Moisture is in the medium category too-certainly moist enough to snuff with little trepidation, but not heavy or prone to clumping.

In the nose, Anarkali is a journey-don't expect to bang a pinch in and carry on where you left off with your daily tasks, set aside some time to enjoy this superlative snuff and the journey it can take you on.

Initially, there is some moderate nose burn, but not enough to be a major distraction-within seconds, the snuff delivers a huge bouquet of all the factors that the preliminary tin-sniff suggested, but vastly amplified. There is more of that incense-like, quintessentially Indian floral aroma, but the herbal notes are far more present in the nose, humming with vitality and evoking a Spring morning on an Indian mountainside...a decadent treat indeed.

As the experience carries on, there is a moderate Nicotine impact, but nothing monumental-this snuff is very much about the aroma and evocation rather than a stout wallop of nicotine.

As the aroma starts to dull, blowing the nose instantly reinvigorates the experience, and all those wonderful aromas and mental images come flooding back for one final encore, before disappearing into the wings like actors in a play you want to see time and time again.

In short, you have to sample Anarkali for yourself-it's more than just a snuff, it's a journey and a joy, and an exquisite, deeply evocative experience for the well travelled and/or imaginitive snuff enthusiast.

KebAMP September

I will Review 6 Photo Special
Tried my best to write something in English that actually make sense.

6 Photo Special
This snuff comes in a bright red metal tin that catches the eye for sure. When I offer someone to sample some new snuff from my cabinet this is often their very first pick.

6 Photo Special is a very dark brown snuff, almost black, with a medium to fine grind. There is just enough moisture to make it suitable for both the pinch and the back of the hand technique. For that it can be labeled 'beginner friendly'.

In the nose, Special has just enough menthol to deliver a nice cooling effect. I find this very satisfying on the nicotine department. Then, the real fun begins. Be prepared for a palette of spicy and floral aromas that evolve over time. All the scents put together seems pretty complex but I swear at some point I can smell Cardamom and black Cumin. My overall feeling is some sort of spicy Indian dessert. This will stay with you for quite some times but in the end, you can smell a pretty good tobacco scent that reminds me of Dholakia Black. Still, occasionally, some reminescents aroma can come back at you and say hello again. A very interesting snuff!


I'll try my hand at Super Chetak.

This snuff is difficult if the taker is not practiced. Super Chetak is as fine and dry as Cheeta with a color somewhere between Cheeta and Super Kailash. This excellent blend causes no burn in the nose and opens the nasal airways effectively. Super Chetak may not be for everybody, the scenting is very reminiscent of baby powder with less menthol than most other 6 Photo offerings. Under this is a natural, almost smokey or peppery, herbal scent which is quite pleasant. I cannot name the underlying herb used but I do wish it was stronger. This might sound like an odd combination but it works. This snuff puts me in mind of being with my kids when they were much younger. Over all, I find this snuff to be pleasant for occasional use.


Well, seeing as it's the only 6 photo snuff I have to hand (the rest has all been used up), I'll toss in a review for Anarkali. Anarkali is a rather interesting snuff, like many Indian snuffs strongly scented, moist and jet black tobacco. Although it's rather finely ground, the moisture levels make it quite easy to take in quantity, even for a novice. Although it is a rose snuff with a strong rose scent, it's rather more complicated than that. It immediately reminds me of Pan Parag's Pan Masala, my go to brand for another Indian vice I've acquired a taste for. It seems there's some cardamom, menthol, sandalwood, and just a dash of cloves sitting in the background. The cloves could even be my imagination, but if they are there, it's only just enough to be noticeable and not overpowering.

Aside from the scents themselves, the feeling of Anarkali in your nose is quite interesting. To be sure, the cooling effect menthol fans love makes itself known. In my experience, though, it builds up in intensity, and then is cut by the sandalwood before it becomes too intense. For some reason, I'm also not nearly as prone to rebound clogging with this as I am with other menthols. There's an average amount of nicotine in this snuff, but whenever I take it I'm more preoccupied with the peculiar sensations in my nose than with nicotine. Out of the Indian snuffs I've tried so far, it's certainly one of my preferred varieties. Uplifting, with a strong scent that never becomes cloying or overbearing. Definitely recommended for those interested in trying Indian snuffs, along with fans of snuff in general.

Many of them are used as a dentifrice according to a couple posts by manufacturers, though they also see nasal use. As Juxtaposer pointed out, Fubar isn't a traditional Indian snuff, Dholakia has made several Western style lines of snuff. Kamal, Ganga, or Sparrow are a couple of their more "Indian" snuffs. Sun, 5 photo and 6 photo all produce blends that are of an entirely different sort from anything in the Dholakia lines. I'd definitely recommend giving them a go. There are a number of pretty unique blends available from those companies, though I don't know if any of them will really blow you away. Some people are rather fond of them, I find them to be something I can be content with only taking a pinch a day. Well worth a try, regardless.


GOT IT! My wife brought it in from the, mailed friday in the UK got it here in Missouri USA not far from Kansas City on WED great shipping MR SNUFF. Now for my review of SUPER KAILASH.....First of all, freshness must be a factor with 6 Photo, they have an armor plated plastic seal which does what it is supposed to do. FRESH. The scent bursts upon your senses without even snuffing....I dont know where to start. I ordered a 45 gm container and now I know I should have gotten the 200gm. NEXT ORDER FOR SURE. nice fine powder of a med brown colour. Nice moisture content, not too much. THe scents are many and hit you at various stages of the breathing. A background scent of some unknown origin. Organic, barnyard hay? menthol is in there at the back, I am at a loss as to the number of scents. Perhaps rose is in there as well, but not as much as the 6 photo special. I could feel myself in some bazaar or market smelling the exotic cooking smells and it took me on a journey to India. My words fail me. THIS is truly one everyone would love. Very soothing, very relaxing. I started my day off with some and it does seem to me that it would be hard to have a bad day if one started off with this pinch..I highly recommend buying some. But dont bother getting the 25 gm, get the 45gm at the minimum. You will find it amongst your favorites as well. I rate it ten out of ten


The only 6 photo snuff I have tried so far is Anarkali. I added an 8g tin to my last order after reading some of the comments on this site. I'm a newbie to snuff, so I didn't know what to expect, but if Anarkali is any indication of the other snuffs in the 6 Photo line, call me a fan.

First off, I can tell you that I didn't order a big enough tin - rookie mistake. This snuff is so flavorful that I find myself craving it like no other. It comes densely packed and moist enough that you almost have to break it apart. A quick sniff coats your nostrils perfectly as it clings to the walls of the nose. Instantly I get a warming sensation across the front of my face. The strong floral and spice aroma is wonderful, and the dominant flavor is rose. This one will stay with you for a nice long time, fading slowly over time. I will be ordering a nice big tin of this soon!

........ and closed with this from Vikas:

It's 1st Nov and we have come to the end of this competition.Thanks to all of you who took time to write a review. I appreciate your effort.There were some really very good reviews for our snuff, it was flattering to say the least.

The winners were picked by my daughter Rupangi .Here is the list

1. super kailash - graybeard19
2. Kailash - howdydave
3. special - kebAMP
4. super chetak - PENNANNGALAN
5. Anarkali - jinder
6. Cheeta - bob

Congratulations to all the winners .Please pm your postal address to me for sending you a 6 photo gift hamper.
Thanks to all of you and Nigel for your support.
Snuffhouse rocks!!

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