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Chewing Tobacco and Moist Snuff

edited November 2011 in General
This post is more for the non-US members.

I have found a source of US chewing tobacco and moist snuff. I would like to solicit opinions as to which you would like to try. I will pick only 10 to experiment with (ie the vagaries of getting it to the UK), so whichever comes out tops....

Also consider the price. I will break it down on a per pouch basis, though obviously I would be sending over several hundred tins/pouches. 

Here is how it works: I send it over a $4 a pouch plus $1 shipping. HMRC will Add these two numbers together before they start. So, $5. Call it GBP3. Excise applies at GBP79 per Kg. A 3oz pouch is for the sake of argument 75g. Add GBP5.92. Subtotal: GBP8.92. Now add customs duty at 40.6%; new total GBP12.52. Now add to that VAT. New total GBP15.05. That's cost remember. So now add on 20% profit: GBP18.06. 

The question is, would any body be willing to pay GBP18.06 for 75g of tobacco?

I find it incredible that on a GBP3 bag of baccy you have to pay the government GBP12. But it is what it is.

Here are your options for Chewing Tobbaco. I will post the Moist Snuff later:

Apple Jack Chewing
] Apple Sun Thin Chewing Tobacco  
 Beech-Nut® Wintergreen Loose Leaf 3 Oz
 Beech-Nut® Original  
 Bloodhound Thick  
 Black Maria 2lb Chew  
 Bowie Chewing Tobacco  
 Bull Of The Woods 2.1 Oz Brick  
 Cannon Ball Chewing Tobacco  
 Chattanooga Chewing Tobacco

Durango® Loose Leaf 3 Oz Pouch  
 Granger Select Chewing Tobacco  
 H.B Scott Chewing Tobacco  
 J.D Blend Chewing Tobacco 

Lancaster Chewing Tobacco
 Levi Garrate Chewing Tobacco 

Levi Garrate Plug 

Morgan Chewing Tobacco  
 Peachy Chewing Tobacco  
 Red Man Chewing Tobacco  
 Red Man Plug  
 Red Man Select Chewing Tobacco  
 Red Man Gold Chewing Tobacco  
 Red Man Silver Chewing Tobacco  
 Southern Pride Chewing Tobacco  
 Stoker's Butternut Chewing Tobacco  
 Starr Chewing Tobacco 3 Oz  
 Starr Peach Chewing 3 Oz Tobacco  
 Sun Cured #2 Chewing Tobacco  
 Tennessee Chew® Loose Leaf Original 16
 Tennessee Chew® Loose Leaf Original 8 Oz. Pouch 
 Trophy® 2 Pouch Loose Leaf 3 Oz
 Taylor Pride Chewing Tobacco 

Taylor Pride Plug 


  • I suspect the price might render this unworkable. I chew and would buy the occasional packet - probably about as often as I get someone in the US to send me one right now, which is a couple of times a year on average. I just wonder, in the current climate, whether you would get any return. I think this is a great idea - which is what we expect of you - but I don't see it flying off the shelves.

    Would a better option not be to invest in some British chewing tobacco? It clearly works for Snuffstore and, whilst still expensive, I would think you would get the stock for far less. And, we do have fantastic home grown chewing tobacco.

    Either way, you can put me down for a couple of packs. But there lies the rub - a couple.
  • I am just one customer and not a business man so take this for what its worth, but to add to what @snuffster said, and I am in the US, I've always wanted to try some British chewing tobacco. Although I do not use oral tobacco very often, I would still like to try some of the British stuff for curiosities sake. I do plan on making a large snuff purchase around christmas and if you had some , say Oliver Twist, I'd throw a tin in the cart. I also plan on throwing a can of makla, Poschls chema, and maybe a "twist" from gawith hoggarth or sammy gawith.

    The fact that carried the Oliver Twist made me consider them for my next tobacco purchase but since snuff is my mainstay and MrSnuff has a superior assortment (along with some different oral tobaccos i've never tried but want to, ie makla, poschls oral tobacco,and the indian ones) I will be ordering from you.

    I'm not sure what the laws are but if you carried something like a General Snus, you'd probably be able to sell some of that too.

  • @jbruckus - The Gawith twist is about it, for British, the Malka, Oliver Twist, Chema, whole different animal. These chews mentioned by Dave are the only products I can buy locally, and dirt cheap, so it figures I have no interest in them, although the Stokers was worthy. Just too many health risks associated with constant use.
  • I don't mean to hijack, but I wouldn't mind seeing some Oliver Twist in the lineup.
  • @Whalen , I've never had a "twist" tobacco, so I wanted to try some. I know i've seen a few other brands of English oral tobacco on other sites, aside from the Oliver, Hoggarth, and Sam Gawith. I've tried just about all those American chews though, they really aren't my thing anymore. Most are very sweet. I agree with you about the health risks. I realize the maklas, poschls chema, and the indian ones are different than british twists and american chew, which is why I'd like to try it ,if only once, out of curiosity. Used to love some fresh los snus too but is too pricey these days.

  • I think Oliver Twist is a Danish product. Often you can find it in the US at cigar and pipe shops. Expensive for what you are getting.
  • There are some nice one in this list, that is for sure. I second on the health risks on constant use, thus i try not to use too much of it these days and it´s fucking expensive anyway since i am in Germany. The Cannon Ball and the Black Maria are both maybe the best plugs i ever had, had just to add this. ;-)
  • KebAMPKebAMP Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    I would love to have a retailer that sells american chewing tobacco marked as "nasal snuff" on the declaration form. For some reason SNUS or ORAL TOBACCO do get raped by the canadian customs but so far Nasal snuff goes right through! Depending on the price I would become an occasional at worst, or a regular at best, customer.

  • I think his major concern is the price, would you buy it at £18 (or $30 give or take)??
  • SpamSpam Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    I'd probably give the Redman and Beech-Nut a go, if I have the money to spare.
  • Under $4 a pouch most days here.
  • Grimm Triepel Kruse, Chewing strips, turning up at My Smoking Shop.  Anyone tried it? 
  • @petersuki I had a bunch of them last year. Seems to me like way bigger and rougher version of Oliver Twist. It´s a traditional german chewing tobacco made by the sole remaining producer here.
  • Thanks.  I might give some a go...
  • Would love to buy Swedish snus from a middleman which i would use as chewing tobacco - made clear  of its change of useage as chewing tobacco by having labels stuck on it saying 'for chewing only' by the retailer...
  • edited December 2011 PM
    Thanks for the input.

    I will get some Oliver Twist for sure. It has been on my list for ages.

    @Snuffster: I carry every British Chew I can find. I there are 40 different Twists. Maybe it is confusing having them under the Twist category rather than chewing tobacco. Or are you referring to something else?

  • The UK chew is all fire-cured isn't it so more TSNAs?
  • Wow Mr Snuff - quite a proposition.
  • David - just me not knowing whats on your site:)

  • If the price is less than $20can then I will be buying it. Especially if it is Redman.
  • Anybody tried Poschls chema makla? I plan on ordering some to satisfy my curiosity but reviews/opinions on it are hard to come by.
  • I tried some Scoal chewing tobacco once. Spit it Two seconds after placing in mouth. Guys, how you do it? It's red hot like somekind of a chilly pepper!
  • You get used to the burn.  I just never really enjoyed the flavor of most dip.  There a stinky, pungent thing about it that doesn't agree with my palette.  Even after I used it as my only source of nicotine about almost three months I still could hardly stand the flavor.
  • Yeah, the flavor is not pleasant. The smell too. I tried to make snuff from it - it was terrible. But the boxes are perfect as a snuffbox.
  • That's why I'm loving the Skoal Snus.  It tastes pretty good, and the cans a parfect for snuff.  I don't feel so bad about buying it either because I don't just throw the contents away.
  • Skoal citrus has the best taste of all dips.
  • Bought a bag of Red Man Golden Blend for the first time last night, and it's quite enjoyable. Not too sweet in my opinion.
  • I have been looking into Oliver Twist. I notice that most sites charge over GBP4 (about $6.30) for 7g. This is actually quite comparable to the US chew once it is over in the UK. At 30g the price comparable price would be $17.35 or $27.

    Just a thought.

  • Here is the availability of moist snuff, or dip. I am going to take the plunge and buy maybe 3 manufacturers and whatever flavors they offer. 

    My choices are Cope, Skoal and Grizzly, but I am open to suggestion. 

    Gold River
    Timber Wolf
    Silver Creek 
    Red Seal

    Thanks for your input,

  • I'm in the u.s. But would suggest kodiak for dip. That and Copenhagen would be my choices and I've tried most of the brands listed.
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