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What kind of snuff??

Vito445Vito445 Member
edited November 2011 in General
Ive been reading a lot about snuff since I put my order in, and im looking to make a second, and more educated purchase, very soon. So can some of you veterans help me out here? I got got a few questions. Firstly, what separates a Schmalzler from other snuffs? Is it just the name or is it a type of snuff, like SP and Toast? Also what does the color of the snuff mean? One website i was on organised their shop by black, brown, and gold snuff, and i also noticed SG or GH had snuffs with those different colors. Also I have been told that tap boxes do not keep snuff fresh unless it is poschl, because of the oil in it. I figured thatt buying a 25g tub of GH would go bad because i wouldnt be able to use it all, but now im being told the tap boxes i orderd will go bad, is the tub like airtight or somthing?


  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    I'm proud of you researching @Vito445! It's very interesting that we, in the web, have access to so many varieties of snuff. Surely we could be happy with one snuff, any snuff, day in and day out. Our amazing position has elevated us to hobbyist, enthusiast, even connoisseurs. I'll try as, patience will allow, to help here.

    I'll let another give, or you can search for yourself the specific details of German Schmalzlers for now. I will simply say that it is a type. It is a snuff that is "oiled" or greased. Some of the snuff made in India are also oiled.

    The colors are not as simple. Black and Brown English snuffs are usually snuffs that have undergone a special fermentation process (see Rappee). The more fermented are black the less fermented are brown. There are other mentions of brown that have nothing to do with this such as S.M Brown (or does it, I may not be in the know) . The Gold in the case of Wilsons has to do with the use of a specific tobacco, Golden Virginia from America. 

    The airtight 25gm GH tubs (not as big as you think, especially for the black and brown rappees) are the best that I know of on the market, in my opinion (I have not seen the Abraxis yet). Second best would be the F&T tubes.Tins are ok for transport but once they are opened they need special care. Tap boxes do not keep any snuff fresh but the oiled snuffs just don't dry out as quickly so they seem more fresh. I have not even started with bulk snuff. Others can tell you this is the ultimate snuff experience. 

    Keep your tap boxes in separate (so the scents don't interact) airtight containers for now. Baggies are fine since it seems you will be using them soon enough. 
  • NachmanNachman Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    Schmalzlers are a German snuff, made from Brazilian tobacco. The tobacco is fermented and moistened with food grade oil. In the old days you added the fat yourself, or your tobacconist would before you bought it and the fat was lard or clarified butter. There is a little ungreased (ungefettet) schmalzler available today.
  • transistortransistor Member
    edited November 2011 PM

    My recommendation?

    Here's a few snuffs that will dip your toes into various types of snuff so you'll know more what you like:

    Best SP from Wilson's of Sharrow

    High Dry Toast from Fribourg and Treyer

    Black Rappee from Samuel Gawith

    Kendal Brown from Samuel Gawith

    Toque Natural

    Any sort of "american scotch" like Dental Mild, Rooster, etc. They're all alot alike.

    Any kind of "Bernards Schmalzer"

    Any sort of Indian snuff (most are menthol and/or very floral)

    Maybe something like Morocco from Fribourg and Treyer (Or any other "scented snuffs")

    There you go.  If I could go back and make this my first order, I would have one of each of the more popular snuffs.  Then you will have a greater idea of what you like and you can go from there.

  • Transistor has a good suggestion.  Wish I had done that myself, would have made the learning curve easier on my wallet $-)   Took me several orders to try this wide of a variety and get a good starting sense of my tastes.
  • @Vito445 - You can always try rehydrating the snuff in the SG tapbox if it's gone a bit iffy - IIRC SnuffHead wrote something about about that a while back. I have a SG Raspberry tapbox but mixing it with a nice menthol like Hedges l260, Poschl Ozona President, or J&H Wilson Medicated no99 makes it much more pleasant.  

  • How do you go about rehydrating snuff?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Place the snuff (in tin) into an airtight container and next to it place a small vessel of water.  Seal it up and leave it overnight.  Should be good as new.  
  • As a beginner myself I can tell you that Schmaltzers are not always beginner friendly, but if you give them time and care when trying them you'll probably like them more and more. I own tapboxes of Lutzbeck Premium and Bernard's Brasil (For short) and what seperates them from other snuffs that are just as black is the process Nachman mentioned. It is also very uncomfortable when they burn going down your throat. I still thought they were alright after my first try and over the months I've started to like my schmalzers as an occasional treat. To me they taste like what must be the fermented tobbaco with a little bit of raisins, figs, or some other less popular fruit and they have a firm nic kick.  I'm starting to wonder if my tapboxes are to blame for the throat drip.
  • I don't think it is the tap box to blame for the throat drip...  I ordered a 100g bag of Sudfrucht from Poschl, and I put the snuff into my snuffbox, and I still get the spicy throat drip.  I think it's just the Shmalzler, is it not...?  Personally I've just gotten use to it ;) , it's really not so bad!
  • The BIG difference is that Schmalzler is fermented.
  • That's probably the reason for the spicy throat drip, yes? ;)
  • Im ordering a bunch of schmalzlers very soon, the descriptions of them that you guys are giving me especially @TomStrasbourg plus the descriptions ive found on other websites, it sounds like the stuff for me! Ill post my new order soon!


  • @MikeMoose yeah the only reason I thought that was because NO reviews of schmalzers I've seen even bothers mentioning the drip. I guess they just take that for granted with them
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Schmalzler is made to be stuffed, not snorted.  I place a copious amount onto my thumbnail and then stuff it in my nose.  Once it starts running out I usually dispose of it and take another pile.  I usually only use Schmalzler when I'm enjoying some beverages.  
  • MikeMooseMikeMoose Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    @TomStrasbourg : I've mentioned the drip in my videos haven't I? :-P .  I don't really take it for granted, I have actually developed a taste for it LOL.  It really isn't that bad at all...  Actually, it can be pretty nice

    @cstokes4 : Interesting!  It is very easy to stuff with a Schmalzler I will agree
  • Vito445Vito445 Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    I cant wait to get my schmalzers, i just dont know where im gonna keep them, my parents hated when i used to smoke, and the whole aestheic of snuffing "snorting powder" would just set them off.

  • @mikemoose I do agree with getting used to and even liking the throat burn. I'm an alcoholic and I always enjoyed the burn of liquor, even cheap whiskey. I think I'd like the throat burn alot more if it didn't remind me of blackouts and not knowing how I got home if I got home and all that stuff. I guess if my computer wasn't so slow I could have watched those reviews. I've seen your Tom Buck review and some poschi ones The one about home made snuff really got me excited by possibilities. . Now I'm particularly interested in the F&T reviews as I've taken a liking to them but I haven't watched any of them.
  • @Vito445 I have that same problem with my parents! I was never into cigarettes but I'd smoke any other form of tobacco any time. I'm sure there's some place in your room or closet they'd never look. Plus as you get more used to snuffing you'll be able to just go to the restroom for a pinch when you need it and you'll learn to just take a pinch while no ones looking. If you don't look suspicious people won't be suspicious.
  • schmalzers are like p---y the worst i ever had was fantastic!!!!!!
  • @TomStrasbourg I can pretty much snuff when ever i want because it is so simple and discreet, i dont need to go to the restroom, i can just do it anywhere in the house or in my room. The thing is storing it. My mom can get very ocd at random times about cleaning the house, and she might stumble upon my stash. Regardless i think i can manage a nice spot in my closet that wont be found, but then it just makes it a little harder to get out when i want it. Ive left tap boxes of poschls out countless times, and my parents are kinda old so they dont know what it is and it doesnt seem suspicious to them. A big bag of schmalzer would look very suspiscious though XD
    Btw you claim to be an alcoholic, its kind of shocking when people openly admit it like that. Its one thing to be a drunkard, but ive met many alcoholics that hang out behind my place of work, very nice people, very sociable, and i never see them without a bottle, but the rare times i see them and they havent gotten their fix, it can be pretty scary, their complexion and the way they act. I hope you arent on this kind of level :/
  • @Vito445 I'm not at that level but i bottomed out early. I was at my worst in my freshmen year of high school. Had to drink liquor everyday or I didn't function. Lately I've been avoiding it. When I do start drinking though, its damn near impossible for me to stop. I ;have other vices that don't make me throw up or black out now so it's all good.
  • Vito445Vito445 Member
    edited December 2011 PM
    @TomStrasbourg  I dont think I ever could not function without a drink
  • It's an addiction, just like heroin, except it's perfectly legal. However, unlike H, it destroys the liver and impairs cognition(thinking) over the long haul. It's probably good to moderate your drinking TS, you'll live longer and less long term health issues. I'm not preaching, please understand that. I am an ex-junkie and have been clean for 17 years so I know a little bit about recovery. That being said, I am a snuff junkie now. I hope it doesn't kill me, but I accept the consequences of my actions. I know this is sort of o.t., but I had to respond. forgive me if I'm out of line.
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