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MikeMooseMikeMoose Member
edited November 2011 in General
I know there are probably quite a few threads regarding Shipping and what not...  But I just couldn't help it.  I am so anxious to receive my latest order!

1 x Poschl Bundle (Sudfrucht 100g Bag & a Poschl Snuff Box)
1 x Bernard Zwiefacher 10g
1 x Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g
1 x McChrystal's Hops 8.75g
1 x Wilsons Gold Label 10g

It shipped out on Friday November 4th, with only Royal Air Mail (I didn't get the tracking and what not lol, not this time!).  It's almost been three weeks, and I know it is not Mr.Snuffs fault, nor is it the Royal Mail.  It is probably just the fact that I live in Canada, and Europe is pretty far away LOL.  Not to mention it could also be Canadian Customs...  But anyways...  I just can't wait to get it.  I have only ever tried one Shmalzler - Snuff (Zwiefacher) , and I wanted to try the Sudfrucht for a long time, and thankfully this time I ordered it.  (Poschl bundle, with a snuff box!  Woot!  My first snuff box :-P ).
It is a fairly small order...  Personally I'd LOVE to make one last huge order...  $100 ...  But maybe when I get some more money lol.  Definitely gonna do video reviews for all of them though!
I've been going to the post office every day for probably a week now :-P , I just can't help it...  Every day I think, "Maybe it's here!" .  And one of these days, it will be !  :-D .

I've just been blabbing so I should probably stop now lol...

Anyone else get like this...?
Or does anyone have any comments on this most recent order of mine...?  Anyone try the Sudfrucht?!  How was it?!
Feel free to say anything else you'd like to say as well :-) .

Peace & Love!

 - Michael


  • SlideSlide Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    I start checking my PO Box around day 5.

    My orders usually take around 6 days. The last one took 13....I know that feeling of anticipation!
  • Zwiefacher is a halb-schmalzler not a  full schmalzler.  Meaning a schmalzler-snuff hybrid.  With Südfrucht, its a true schmalzler, but probably not the best representative of the style since it is strongly flavored and very sweet.  Its a good one to try but for me Dopplearoma D is probably as sweet as I'd like to go on a regular basis.

    From Pöschl, Shmalzler "A" is probably the best representative of the style.  From Bernard, Aecht Altbayericher or Dopplet-fermentiert.  The others are variations on the theme, but all good.

  • @Xander : Yes I know that :-P , I tried to write that clearly when I said "Shmalzler - Snuff"  but I should have just said Half Shmalzler...  I can't wait to try the Sudfrucht man...  And I would honestly love to make another fat order soon, with a bunch of Bernard snuffs on the list!

    Thanks for all of that info too, it is cool to know these things.  I may have to order Poschls Shmalzler A, and definitely those bernard ones you mentioned!
  • I get ancy too being in the States. Can't wait for my orders to arrive. I am waiting on two right now!!
  • Xander

    You'd probably guess I don't use a lot of smaltzler, but for recommendations of the best of the real thing Sternecker Straubinger is the one I've settled on. Lovely stuff - a real treat when I have some occasionally.  I enjoyed your review of this on Snuff Reviews.  

    I keep waiting and anticipating:  tonka, for my big jar of a plainer sort, large tub of McChrystal's SP (which I just gobbled up from a large tin)  and some pipe baccies.  Is the post slowing up already for Christmas?  (I think tonka is being used in fancy cooking in the UK.  Am I right in thinking it's banned in the US as an additive?)

  • transistortransistor Member
    edited November 2011 PM

    I am waiting on one too for two weeks now.

    Patience is not my strong suit to say the very least.



    *EDITED by yours truly

  • @Petersuki Thanks, I do try!  Sternecker is great schmalzer, very much a "no frills" brand.  Just good plain natural stuff.

    Yes, tonka is banned as an additve here, but nothing can stop an individual from acquiring it and using it personally.  Some professional chefs were trying to get the ban re-evaluated a year or so ago, I don't know how far they've gotten.

  • BrewshooterBrewshooter Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    My first MrSnuff order took about 11 days to show up to the west coast of the United States, California.  It showed up last night.  So, today, I am enjoying a few new blends.  Of course, I realized I'd forgotten to order any schmalzlers and so had to put in a new order today.  Oh, and what are these Indian snuffs, better throw a couple of them in as well.  Hmm, I really could use a couple, stop it...somebody stop me!!!!!!
  • In the words of one of the zen masters himself (Tom Petty), " The waiting IS the hardest part." My orders have been running 8-11 days here in North Florida, I'm on day10...and found the time to check the mail myself the last 2 days!
  • transistortransistor Member
    edited November 2011 PM

    @vathek not quite but cute.

    Hey I apologized for that it really was an accident and I tried to correct it as soon as I found out what happened.  I thought we were settled but I guess not...


    However if you really do have a problem then voicing it on a public forum isn't the place.

  • FINALLY It has arrived.  It was shipped out November 4th, and received today November 22nd, but it got here!

    And I gotta say...  I'm really loving the Sudfrucht...  Been sniffing it all night.  Feeling quite nice actually...  It smells lovely, and the nicotine is getting to me nicely.  It's got a good N hit too in my opinion!
  • @MikeMoose Your pinching out of that Poschl box I take it. Must be nice.
  • i don't think tonka is banned unless you put it in food for sale. which makes sense with the number of americans on anticolagulants and statins.
  • Is tonka bean just a primarily vanilla scent/flavor or is it its own scent?
  • Love tonquin. In fact, my favorite pipe baccy is SG 1792. What would you gentlemen recommend in snuff for the ultimate tonquin experience?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Apparently the new Elmo's Reserve is good, I would also recommend SG White Label.  
  • MikeMooseMikeMoose Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    @Juxtaposer : Yes, I am pinching it out of the snuff box, and it is a pretty nice box.  But I am curious...  Does anyone else have one...?  Do they last?  I am just curious as to the actual quality of such a thing.  I hope that it will last me for quite some time, hopefully forever :-P.

    Here is the video for the opening of my latest order!
  • @MikeMoose Just caught your latest video.  The box looks nice.  I always wonder how the sliding portion will wear, but time will tell.  It seems like the perfect little box to keep in a pocket.
  • @Brewshooter : I guess so too!  I'm sure it'll last me a long long time.  And definitely the perfect little snuff box to keep in a pocket!  Thanks for watching the video by the way!
  • Received my order from 11/4 yesterday. All is well with the world. One more still on its way before XMas. To those in the States, Happy Thanksgiving!
  • @MikeMoose Yeah, I bet you'll get years of service out of the thing.  As for the videos, yours were the first I found when looking up snuffing on Youtube and they were a great resource while I was getting into this hobby.

    @furious Happy Thanksgiving! 
  • Still waiting on the tonka, McChrystal's and some Dunhill baccy.  Two orders.  A week is a long time for first class post in the UK.  But towards christmas anything can happen. Millions of letters to Lapland.
  • @Brewshooter : Glad to hear it man!  That's what they are there for, reviews for a reason.  Not to be famous or anything, but for Education :-) .  I love to find Snuff reviews and snuff related videos on YouTube, it is awesome!
  • Where the heck is the new Uni-Brow Boy video, MikeM???
  • @vathek Maypo moment?

    drop the attitude.

  • LMAO!  @Bart : Sorry about that :-P, we haven't really gotten around to working on that new Unibrow video yet :-P .  Maybe someday soon when I have more time and money to do it!  :-P 
  • Catfight!!
  • Still waiting for two packages after 10 days.  Anticipation great part of pleasure?  -not beyond a certain point.

    Beware transistor, the mighty Vathek will have you hurled into the pit.  He'll do such things, what they are...


  • I personally can't stand arguments...  Just kiss and make up damnit!
  • Vito445Vito445 Member
    edited November 2011 PM
    Anticipation is nerve wracking, especially for nicotine products, im currently waiting on 10 different tap boxes

    poschl ozana president
    poschl packards club
    poschl gawith apricot
    poschl lowenprise
    GH Englsih Rose
    GH SP
    GH Whiskey
    SG coffee
    SG vanilla
    SG Irish D

    After i made the order i found out that tap boxes of british snuffs dry out (i have only had poschl red bull as of now) so i got an air tight plastic container that im gonna use to rehydrate the snuffs when i get them. I order my snuff from, and i placed my order on november 17th, 12 days ago, im on my last tap box of red bull and just thinking about all this snuff i cant wait to get i end up sniffing half the tin

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