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Airing a snuffbox

TalljimTalljim Member
edited December 2011 in General
I've got a WoS wooden snuffbox, which is grand, but I now want to pop some Irish High Toast. All well and good, but my last snuff in there was McC's Raspberry. The box still smells strongly of this, and whilst I'm sure it would be a good combo, it's not what I want. Any advice on clearing the smell, or how long I'll have to wait for it to naturally dissipate?


  • Try wiping it out with grain alcohol.  I don't know if that's the orthodox method, but when I had a box contaminated with Toque Violet that worked for me.

    Now I dedicate snuff boxes.  I have one for plain snuffs, one for SPs, one for Kendal Browns, and use smash boxes for everything else.
  • Any alcohol in this house get drunk! I'm currently trying bicarbonate of soda....
  • You can leave it about ¼ open for a day or two. Never leave it with the lid off or you could have problems in closing.

    Personally I'd put the IHT in there now, as it will soon take over.
  • @DanielO @Snuffhead Cheers for the quick response, I'm going to fill it up and hope for the best.
  • Clean it with a dry piece of clothe then spray the inside with a can of compressed air like the one we use to clean the computer.
  • @KebAMP That's how I clean mine out.  You just have to be careful that none of the moisture comes out of the can.  At least in the US, they put a bitter substance in it to discourage huffing.  The air seems to be fine to use, but if it squirts a bit that bitter residue will stay for a while.

    Turn a can of air upside down and the liquid propellant is a great way to cool a warm soda.
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