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New Order

Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I just placed a couple new snuff orders and was wondering if anyone here had tried any of these and if they could give me their thoughts on them if you have.

Ordered From Rajek's House of Smoke
1 - Arnold Andre - Tucky Snuff
1 - Bernard - Praiser No2
1 - Bernard - Schmalzler White-Blue Box
1 - Hedges - L260
1 - Dingler - Magnet Menthol Snuff
1 - Dingler - Taxi Super Snuff Menthol
1 - Dingler - Taxi Super Snuff Regular
1 - Poschl - Replay Kentucky Snuff
1 - Poschl - Replay Virginia Snuff
1 - Swedish Match - Doms Edelprise Extra
1 - Swedish Match - Rumney's Export Snuff
1 - Swedish Match - Singletons Super Menthol

And From Mars Cigars
1 - Bespoke - Stephans Tipple
1 - F&T - Seville
1 - Gawith Hoggarth - Camphor/Menthol
1 - Gawith Hoggarth - Dry Orange


  • edited January 2008 PM
    The Camphor Menthol is an excellent snuff, one of my favorites by GH. Must be a menthol fan though, this one has a nice strong cooling blast of menthol and decent nicotene kick with a good sized pinch. Clears me out pretty much every time if I am getting stopped up.

    The Dry Orange isnt bad, not one of my favorites though, reminds me of sniffing a crushed up orange Sweet Tart or Pez candy. I prefer the Orange by Poschl. Have some DeKralingse Orange on the way I am excited about trying.

    The Stephan Tipple has grown on me lately, hard to describe as it is a somewhat complicated blend. Could be an all-dayer if you find you like the scent. Very forgiving, goes down smoothly. Overall a very pleasing snuff, my favorite of the Bespoke's.

    The rest I haven't tried and look forward to hearing about them. Happy sniffing!
  • Thanks for the impression's, as you all know the waiting for delivary is the hardest part. I did convince my wife to let me place one more order also, lol....

    My Smoking Shop
    1 - Samuel Gawith - CCC
    1 - Samuel Gawith - Honey
    1 - Samuel Gawith - Special M
    1 - Poschl - Robby's Top Mint
    1- JH Wilson - Medicated No.99
    1 - JH Wilson - S.P. No.1
    1 - JH Wilson - Top Mill No.1
  • Poo-Diddy, let me know when you've tried the Sam Gawith Special M. I'm a bit of an Almond nut (pun intended) and have been a little curious about this snuff.
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Satyr, will do, I'll make sure it is one of the first reviews I do.

    I have the Gawith Hoggarth - Almond. I havn't used it in quite a while, probably not for almost a year which is when I got it. I rmember being very excited for it, and then being let down. I'll have to revisit it in the next couple of days, and get you a solid review on it.
  • From your list the only ones I have tried are J&H Wilsons Medicated No. 99, and Hedges L260. In my opinion they are both very good menthol snuffs. I got the small tin of No. 99 and wish I had gotten the large tin.
  • What does the CCC taste of?

  • Walrus, the CCC is very unique and hard to describe. It is unlike anything I have ever smelled before but here is a link to what was my best shot at describing it back when I first got it.

    Sam Gawith CCC at my Snuff Reviews Site
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