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Energy Snuff

Vito445Vito445 Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
Okay so I'm going to type this fast because I have to go to shool and I wanted to share my energy snuff expierience and my ideas on it because this is a very exciting topic. The only Enery Snuff I have tried to this day is Braniff Guarana, for the past couple days I have kept it in my nightstand next to my bed, the second I wake up i crack it open, stick my fancy new stainless steel snuffspoon inside it and blow a nice sized pile into each nostril (I find it necessary to do more and sniff it harder than regular snuff). After a minute, I definantly feel an energizing effect, like motivation to get up and go make breakfast and get ready, it is really an excellent thing.So anyone who has tried energy snuff and it has not worked, try this method and it might actually work for you. I am definantly going to experement with other energy snuffs, and once I figure out how this bullet works I will try the rokit fuel one.

Right when I was sniffing into my second nostril this morning,  thought to myself, 'If thou' was't to invoke ye a combination, would'st thou recieve the best of both worlds?' So I need to ask, has anyone tried combining energy snuff with tobacco snuff? I might just try it before school right now, perhaps Red Bull with this Braniff Guarana. Then I would have Red Bull snuff that could more so resemble its name in the more popular brand :D


  • Copied from a review on mrsnuff. Now I'am wondering whos wrong and right here. Though placebo will do some amazing things (your body is a chemical factory)


    I contacted Villiger, the manufacturer Braniff about the guarana content in this
    product and to my surprise it does not contain any guarana at all. They also
    told me that it is a mixture of about 20 ingredients and is imitating the
    Guarana flavour but there is no caffeine in it at all. The powder is refreshing
    but not stimulating

  • looks like its all in my head then

  • just don't forget how powerfull your head actualy is.
  • It's identical to Bernard's Tiger, they probably make it for Villiger. 
  • the placebo is a switch, it turns on all of the massive potential in your body, which is why people with serious pain can feel better just after taking a white pill with nothing in it in double blind testing regimes
  • plus there is another level on placebo. Which is the expectation of help is very comforting in itself. The body says I'am getting help with this I don't need to keep giving you the signal to get this problem fixed, so good bye pain. At least that's some of the recent theory on placebo.
  • Wonder if SG Guarana has any guarana in it? Anybody know?
  • nope. Though I'am trying some of wilsons energy snuff as soon as I get my shipment which could get here as early as this tuesday. :)
  • Okay so can sombody tell me what snuffs DO have energy ingredients in them? And are there any that have tobacco aswell?
  •  I just make my own. Guarana powder and Toque Quit 50/50. It's a good placebo for heroin.
  • I feel so cheated right now...

  • I copied and pasted the text from their website into a translator and got this

     "Exciting nicotine-free alternatives offer Mint Snuff and Snuff guarana, which are prepared on the basis of glucose. The classic version of Mint Snuff is mixed with oil and menthol provides a cooling burst of freshness in the nose. The energy-charged guarana Snuff version is due to the extract from the caffeine-containing Guaranafrucht a true "Energy Powder.""

    So maybe it is not just in my head!
  • Don't forget they are only ever going to give the effect of a cigarette and cup of coffee at best. If you really want a buzz from a pinch..................................
  • Way back when I picked up one of the energy snuffs we started to carry (Rockit orange I think it was). I had a good old sniff or 4 from the bullet during the day and felt nothing significant. Tasty, but not a buzz of any kind.. I was not impressed. However I then took some at about 11pm. It sparked me up nicely much as a cup of coffee does and I could not get to sleep until about 4am. My conclusion is much like snuffster: it is the equivalent of drinking a coffee or a red bull . It does not ompare with snuff, but if coffeee keeps you awake and/or more alert, then energy snuff will do the same. The advantage: less potty breaks. 

  • There is a lot of factors involved in the effectiveness of it, including when you take it . Also you're body may be getting the effects but they are maybe not strong enough to be clearly noticable, or your mind is too preocupied to notice. Regardless I like this type of stuff, herbal supplementing, especially when its minor and discreet such as in snuff, so I may start experementing with guarana powder and mixing it with my snuff of choice, i'll fill you guys in on the results.

  • tried the wilsons caffinated pez powder. Reminds me of doing thai redbull. Just a relativily quick jolt of enough caffine to get to the coffee machine. Actualy like it.
  • sorry bob, you left me confused with what you were trying to say
  • I see Gandalf has tried SG Guarana and has brought an interesting point to light. Guarana fruit is a flavor! I see that it is popular in soda. This is not the same as Guarana powder, which is the ground seed of the fruit that certainly does not have the fruity scent. Which raises the question, are these snuffs just Guarana scented snuffs? I have been using Guarana powder to mix with my tobacco. I doubt that the fruit pulp is as strong as the ground seed is. Just thinking out loud here.
  • I do want to try SG's Guarana because it is a tobacco-guarana mix. It's not just menthol and caffeine. Overall though, tobacco and coffee is like the epitome of heaven for me, so I don't feel much of a need to use simply tobacco-free snuff.
  • I re-read this thread and my experience w/ the Braniff and Tiger snuff is that they do not contain anything at all to awaken you. I was at the local health food store just about an hour ago and saw Guarana powder. I bought a few $$ worth and mixed it in with my homemade Rustica SP snuff and did a few pinches. Nothing yet, but I reads that it is released into the bloodstream more slowly than caffeine. Maybe it acts more quickly when snuffed. I think I'll go take a few more pinches and report my findings here.
  • md363md363 Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    Good to know that some "Energy Snuffs" don't really have Guarana or Caffeine at all. I was going to order some from Thanks guys. #:-S
  • I'm all for caffeine and snuff, but I prefer to take the former as very strong, milky tea or black, unsweetened coffee. As I'm waiting for the tea to cool, I take some pinches of Dholakia White. It seems to work fine like that.
  • I just ordered some pure Guarana powder from amazon. Great price. I will post here when I come up with a good snuff/Guarana mix and to let everyone know if it energizes me.
  • I agree with @MrSnuff, i have some rockit fuel, there's not a jolt of energy but it's got a mild pick you up similar to coffee or soda. just barely takes the yawns away for me and makes me sneeze like crazy lol. still gonna order some rockit orange though cause it's nice to have around in vehicle or at work end of day. I think i would enjoy mixing up some guarana powder and snuff think i'll have to try that.
  • So, the Guarana powder I ordered came a while ago in the mail and I tried snuffing it straight and WOW, it felt like some kind of drug or like drinking 10 cups of coffee all at once or something. It really gives you a hardcore pick me up. I only snuffed a small pinch in each nostril and it was still very strong. I would recommend mixing it with something else if snuffing it. The only really bad thing about it is that when you snuff it you will have a scent and taste stay with you that smells like curry or cajun seasoning. So @cloudyman if you get some Guarana powder use it cautiously.
  • Every snuff energises me a bit.
  • @md363 thanks for the heads up!
    @Viertel what energy snuffs do you use?
  • The energy snuff may be only as strong as a coffee or a soda but, it is a whole lot cheaper. for me $2.56 for a tin of Wilsons is, a lot cheaper than a 24 pack of cola.
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