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Poo-Diddy's Reviews

Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
Been wanting to take the time to sit down with each of my snuffs and share my opinions on them for sometime now.

I figure I will just place each of them here in this thread as I go along, I have over 100 right now so this will most likely take some time, but should be fun....

These are just my opinions and everybodys tastes are different, so I definately encourage everybody not to place too much stock in my opinions and try each snuff for yourself.

You can click on each of the listed snuffs below to take you directly to each review.

Bernard - Schmalzler White/Blue
Fribourg & Tryer - Seville
Gawith Hoggarth - Camphor/Menthol
Leonard Dingler - Magnet Spearmint
Leonard Dingler - Taxi Rock Spearmint
Poschl - Replay Kentucky, Virginia
Swedish Match - Rumney's Export Snuff
Toque - Original, ICE, Espresso, Menthol, Chocolate


  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    [align=center]Fribourg & Treyer - Seville

    Available at the following online shops
    Mars Cigars - $6.75
    Snuff Shop - $8.90
    Tobacco Supermarket - $9.00 (2 ounces)
    Greens of Leeds - £3.00
    McGahey The Tobacconist - £3.15
    My Smoking Shop - £3.10
    Rajek's House of Smoke - $10.60

    Fribourg & Treyer's Seville is described as a snuff flavored with Neroli Oil. Neroli oil being an orange flavored essence. Orange this snuff is not though. To me it smells much more like some kind of cologne I once wore years ago as a teenager, but can't remember what it might have been called.

    The snuff itself is a very light brown color (my picture makes it look almost reddish, it is not) and is very finely ground. Probably as fine ground as your American Snuffs as well as your High Dry Toasts. The big difference being that although this snuff is a very fine grind, it can be taken very easilly due to its higher moisture (most-likely due to the neroli oil).

    Basically this is a pretty mellow snuff that is not going to have much burn but does have a nice long lasting flavor. Like I said, I don't really get the scent of orange, but the scent of that cologne from long ago is a very pleasent smell for me.

    This is not an everyday snuff for me, but rather one I will probably turn to when I have had a stressful day and have the time to sit back and relax and enjoy the nice smooth scent of this snuff.
  • Nice job Poo-Diddy, I look forward to reading this thread regularly looking for updates. The pictures and store pricing are a nice touch as well. Very well done!
  • Thanks Big-Snoot, I'd actually thought many a time of designing my own website for my reviews, but since I have very limited ability when it comes to computers and this is already such a great site, I figured one big thread here would be better than an a poorly designed website of my own.
  • Yeah Poo-Diddy, I am liking this idea! Whats the next review going to be? I am looking at expanding my F&T collection soon, I will add some Seville to that!
  • I alike with you both, now I am preparing a review about your excellent American Snuffs (my prefered ones). And about the hability with computers of you, Poo.Diddy, maybe I may be worst than you...sure!!!

  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    [align=center]Gawith Hoggarth - Camphor/Menthol

    Available at the following online shops
    Mars Cigars - $1.95
    Tobacco Supermarket - $3.00 - £1.28
    McGahey The Tobacconist - £17.00 (250 gram drum)
    UK Smokers - £1.40

    Gawith Hoggarth Camphor Menthol is obviously a strong mentholated snuff with the extra added cooling effect of camphor. That I expected, what I did not expect was a light sweetness in the flavor. Not excatly sugary, but sweet none the less.

    The grind is pretty fine like all Gawith Hoggarth's I've tried thus far, but without a doubt this is the moistest offering I have had from G-H. Camphor Menthol comes in a gold flip top style box, great for those who like to pour and take a snuff right from the back of thier hand. C/M though is actually the first snuff I've tried from Gawith Hoggarth that did not come pouring out of the box. You still don't want to turn the box over and start tapping like you have to do with some of the Poschl snuffs though.

    The cooling effect of the camphor and the sweet flavor make this one a big winner for myself, and I would imagine anyone who likes mentholated snuffs would not be disappointed at all by picking up a can.

    I have to thank the members of this site for turning me on to another great mentholated snuff. Without thier recent reviews on Gawith Hoggarth C/M I would have continued to pass this one by. And for a menthol lover like myself, I truly would have been missing out. This is definately one I will carry with me as an all day snuff on occasion.
  • I think Tobacco Supermarket's deal on F&T is two ounces for $9.00.
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Mopey - I only have a few F&T's and Seville was my first offering by them to be a fine grind rather than the more course grind of Santo Domingo or Bordeaux. High Quality snuffs for sure...

    Malryn - Thanks, reading different reviews is my favorite thing to do on this site. Sitting down and enjoying a particular snuff while reading other peoples thoughts almost feels like sitting down and sharing a snuff with somebody as interested in snuff as yourself.

    Macalpe - I look forward to your reviews as well, I'm OK getting around on the internet and posting in forums and such, but web designing is way out of my league, lol....

    Stitch - You are right about the 2 ounces for the price of one offer on all F&T's by Tobacco Supermarket, I'll edit that in...
  • Nice review on the CM, my favorite from GH. I couldn't have worded the experience I get from that snuff any better. I would guess you would probably enjoy the SM Blue from Wilsons if you like the CM (that is if you haven't already tried it), I like the SM Brown as well.
  • I must try the C/M now thanks diddy.
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Bigsnoot - For me the Camphor/Menthol by Gawith is better than the S.M. Blue by Wilson's. Though I may have to revisit my tin of S.M. Blue just to be sure, but I don't remember that sweetness that the C/M has. Edit,---> after having revisited my S.M. Blue, Bigsnoot is correct, they are nearly identical twins, although I do still prefer the Gawith probably because it is fresher, my SM Blue is over a year old....

    Bob - As long as you are a menthol fan, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

    Mo - Like I said, I can't seem to pick up any orange scent with the Seville and to me it is very mild, but keep in mind I usually use strong menthols so mild for me may not be the same for others.

    Chas - Hope you find the Seville enjoyable, I do like it...
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    [align=center]Dingler - Magnet Spearmint

    Available at the following online shops
    Mars Cigars - Sample only at this time
    My Smoking Shop - £1.09

    If you are anything like me when it comes to snuff then with each new arrival you anticipate your new favorite will be found. And if your anything like me that favorite changes all the time. With the sample of Magnet Spearmint I recieved with my latest order from Mars, a new favorite for me was definately found.

    I've read a few reviews on the Magnet lines of snuff and just about every one of them brings mention of the nicotine strength of this South African offering. Also a strong burn and scent of ammonia which has been described as a cat pee smell. With the Magnet - Spearmint these observations are indeed true and for me it is the perfect snuff.

    I am a big fan of Spearmint and that without a doubt is the prevailing scent. In my opinion it is extremely well done. As for the ammonia, I do detect it, but for my tastes it rounds this snuff out perfectly and gives it a great feel in my nose. I didn't get much of a burn but I am taking this snuff in very small doses as I have a very limited supply. I hope and pray that Mars is able to present these snuffs sometime soon for purchase. I have some Magnet - Menthol on the way as well as a couple of Taxi snuffs also made by L. dingler and I only hope they are as good as this one.

    Now for the nicotine power which is really what vaults this snuff to the top of my list. The best way I can explain it is by bringing up my 18 year addiction to American Oral Snuff. Kodiak which is one of the stronger varieties and has been my dip of choice for most of those 18 years without a single day going by in which I did not consume at least one full can. I started snuffing with hopes of it helping me quit this expensive mouth damaging habit. Instead I just developed a second habit. Snuff while being extremely enjoyable for me just did not provide the nicotine hit my body craved.

    It had been almost 18 years since I even felt that slight light-headed feeling from tobacco. Well my first hit of Magnet - Spearmint came about 5 minutes after disposing of a large chew of Kodiak. I have many times in the past taken snuff even with chew still in my mouth and never anything. This snuff of Magnet - Spearmint gave me that euphoric light - headed feeling I hadn't experienced since 1990.

    Sadly I havn't felt it again while using this snuff, but I havn't had a chew since. While not giving me that head rush again it has taken the edge off my nicotine craving that in the past would lead me directly to the nearest can of Kodiak. Now when I get that strong urge I just stick this Magnet - Spearmint up the old schnozz and so far that nicotine urge has been satisfied.

    In closing, I know I rambled on alot with this review, but if quiting a longtime smoking or chewing habit is your goal and you are looking to nasal snuff to help you quit, then I'd have to say your best bet is with L. Dingler made snuffs. I may be dipping again in the morning, but the Magnet - Spearmint at least got me through one day and that in my situation is saying an awful lot.
  • I to enjoyed the Magnet Spearmint. I didn't experience the head rush but I guess thats due to my everyday use of Spanish Jewel, the only snuff I get a good rush from. It does satisfy the need for nicotine though!!
  • Yeah trout, that light headed feeling I got could have been anything. I thought maybe due to the fact I had just jacked up my nicotine levels with the Kodiak that maybe the Snuff had something to do with it, which is quite possible.

    No doubt though, unlike any other snuff I've tried it does satisfy a good nicotine craving.

    I'd love to one day try the Spanish Jewel, it sounds wonderful. I always keep an eye on the thread where reproducing it is discussed with my fingers crossed....
  • Malryn - That's great news!! The swedish match line most definately had to have been added in the past couple of days, I am disappointed that I just placed an order the other day with MySmokingShop and they were not yet available, I would have ordered them all!!! Oh well, I will definately be placing an order with them again soon, but I think I will give Mars sometime to get them first, maybe now that MySmoking shop has them, Mars won't be far behind.

    Samorost - I don't know excactly how to describe that scent either, I've heard ammonia and that was about the closest thing I could think of to describe it myelf....
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    OK , I changed my mind, as usual I can't be patient and went ahead and made another order through My Smoking Shop to pick-up More Magnet Spearmint, as well as some Magnet Peach, Taxi Extra Strong Red snuff, and Taxi - Rock Spearmint snuff...

    I will be sure to update the snuff guide to reflect these new products at My Smoking Shop and also add a few more bells and whistles to it.

    Thanks again Malryn for giving me the heads up....And regarding the snus, I have that excact can sitting on my dresser right now, I picked it up about a year ago and liked it at first but then I started getting heartburn from it, just didn't work for me. Being over a year old I'm sure it is pretty dried out. If you have some success making a snuff out of it, let me now, maybe I'll give it a try....
  • I got them from a sample container store on ebay. I attach the link at bottom. They also have some small transfer bulb pipettes I was thinking about getting for scenting snuff. I bought a couple different size & shape containers. They had reasonable shipping. The second link had great stuff but didn't like the shipping price. The bags were also bought on ebay along with some menthol crystals. Let me know if you want a link for those

    Sample Container Store

    Plastic Containers
  • That's great Trout, I'm gonna order some right now as soon as I can get my wife to the computer. She's the E-Bay master in this household, lol....
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    [align=center]The Current Toque Tobacco Line

    Available at the following online shops
    Toque Tobacco - £1.52 (free shipping)
    Snuff.Me.UK - £1.89
    UK Snuffstore - £1.49
    My Smoking Shop - £1.49
    Germany Snuffstore - €2.30

    First off for those of you not familiar with the Toque line of snuffs, These are not the packaging Toque snuffs are sold in. These are smashboxes purchased from marscigars. Also the prices reflected above are for the Toque Refills. Toque Tobaccos are sold in 3 varieties of packaging at this time. Bulletts, Bullet Refills, and Bags in a variety of sizes. Roderick the owner of Toque Tobaccos and a member of this site has recently given us information that a variety of different tins will be available soon also.

    Toque Tobacco is one of the newest, if not the newest snuff brand to hit the market. The bullets they come in are great for taking snuff while on the go, and Roderick has been more than accomidating in presenting his line of snuffs in a variety of different packaging, as mentioned above. Roderick has also been keen to listen to his consumers and has taken it even a step above by including the members here when deciding on new flavors, slogans, as well as the aforementioned packaging of his products. It's amazing to be able to have such communication with the owner of a snuff company.

    As for the snuffs, the first 2 to hit the market were Toque (original), and Toque ICE. The original is a great S.P. style snuff that rivals old time favorites such as Wilson's S.P. Best and Tom Buck for it's light citrus and nice tobacco flavors.

    The ICE is a very well done Peppermint snuff, you'd be hard pressed to discover a snuff with such a strong peppermint taste, a real treat.

    Next to hit the market were the Menthol, Espresso & Chcoolate varieties. Menthol is excactly what is advertised. A strong menthol with just a hint of citrus flavoring that is a complete joy for the Menthol fan.

    Espresso is a coffee flavored snuff that is nothing short of spectacular. Don't waste your money on Wilson's Irish coffee when Toque Espresso is available to you. It's flavor blows it away, only the Smith & Sons Cafe Royale comes close, and if you're like me and have a hard time acquiring the Cafe Royale then Toque is the choice for your coffee flavored snuff needs.

    Toque Chocolate is the prize of the Toque line in my opinion. A flavor booming with a unique chocolate liqour taste. Sweet rich and full is the best way I can come up with to describe this masterpiece.

    Finally pictured above is a sample of the yet to be released Toque Toffee, another shining example of how Roderick has included the members here with him having sent off some samples which thanks to BrianC, I was lucky enough to come upon. The particular blend of Toffee I recieved is not a final version but is very tasty and complex. Spicy sweet in the beginning with a back aroma of english toffee to follow. Good enough to market as is, but Roderick is sure to not release it until he has it perfect I'm sure.

    All in all I can't reccomend the Toque line of snuffs enough. They are all well worth a purchase and Roderick has made it as easy as possible for everyone to get the entire line at a cheap price in whichever style packaging you desire. A first class line of snuffs by a first class snuff craftsmen.
  • High praise indeed. Many thanks Poo-Diddy great reviews. I will continue to include/involve this forum and the opinions of our tasting panel in every thing we do. I know a lot of users think it great to have access directly to the snuff producers Jaap, Namatra and myself. But this has always been a two way streak, and the feed back I get from here is invaluable.
    Interestingly the smash boxes you have shown your Toque in, look very similar in size to our new tins. Our tins are 76 mm wide x 19 mm deep with easy access, a screw thread (no more lost snuff), slip into the pocket nicely and will be forsale by the end of the month.
  • It is a nice review. Roderick, the smashboxes pictured are 37.5mm wide x 18.5mm deep.
  • They are smaller than they look. Ours will hold 20 grams, how much do the Mars ones hold?
  • 5 grams
  • Nice review on the Toque line. Believe it or not, I dreamed of Toque last night. I could see the logo and everything (never tried it ). So I will place an order today!
  • Roderick - Thanks for reading, the good reviews you, your company and products get are well deserved..

    Sprangalang - I too have had dreams where snuff was involved, lol...

    Chas , lofat- Can't see you being disappointed in the least with your purchases
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    [align=center]Poschl - Replay




    Available at the following online shops
    Rajek's House of Smoke (Germany) - $1.44
    Snuffstore (Germany) - 1,00€
    TopCigars (Germany) - 1,00€

    What to say about the Poschl Replay snuffs? The best way to start would be by examining the name, "Replay". If you've had Poschl's Ozona Cherry then tasting Replay Kentucky is basically a high definition "replay" of the Ozona Cherry. The same could be said when comparing the Replay Virginia, only this time with Poschl's Silverstone Orange.

    What, you might ask is a "high definition replay"? Basically it is just my clever way of saying it tastes excactly the same with the exception being the flavor is much stronger and more powerful.

    With that said, the Poschl - Replay Kentucky snuff scores well with me. It's flavor is similar to Ozona Cherry, only the Cherry flavor as well as the menthol seems amplified. I'd venture to say the flavoring used in the Replay Kentucky is probably double of what is used to make the Ozona style.

    While the Poschl - Replay Virginia snuff just has double of the very artificial candy like orange flavoring of Poschl's Silverstone Orange. Not really my thing, but if you like the Silverstone, you would probably love the Replay Virginia.

    There are 2 more factors also that set the Replay Kentucky & Virginia snuff varieties apart from thier counterparts.

    The first being the texture of the Replay snuffs, which are much fluffier than that of the Ozona Cherry or Silverstone Orange. The grind to me seems much more like that of say McChrystal's O&G than any of the previous Poschl offerings I have tried. Maybe they left the parafin out, which also might explain the stronger flavoring of these snuffs.

    The other factor is the packaging the Poschl Replay Snuffs are sold in. They are almost like miniature versions of a cigar case with a handy flip top. These fit great in your pocket and are easy to dispense a nice sized helping to the back of your hand. A top notch package for anybody to carry thier snuff around in.

    In closing, if you are a fan of Ozona Cherry, but wished it's flavor was stronger and more mentholated then Poschl Replay Kentucky snuff is just what you have been looking for. If you can't get enough of that unique Silverstone Orange flavor, then pick up the Poschl Replay Virginia, you'll be in synthetic orange heaven.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Those Replay tubes are almost the same measurements as the tubes Roderick wants to use in the Toque line. The Replay tubes being 85.5mm x 20.5mm and the ones Toque is going to use are 88mm x 20mm. I also liked the Replay tubes and was glad to see that Toque was going to use this similar size tube.
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    [align=center]Swedish Match -

    Rumney's Export Snuff

    Available at the following online shops
    Rajek's House of Smoke (Germany) - $2.59
    Tabak Broker (Germany) - 1,80€
    Snuffstore (Germany) - 1,80€
    Tabak Heinrich (Germany) - 1,80€
    TopCigars (Germany) - 1,80€

    Packaging, that is what set's Rumney's Export Snuff by Swedish Match apart from the many other similar snuffs from other companies.

    The flavoring of Rumney's Export Snuff is a pure English Menthol flavor. Strong menthol with a light citrus undertone. Similar to Wilson's Menthol Plus, and Toque's Menthol. This is the style and flavor of snuff I absolutely love.

    It is the unique packaging though that makes Rumney's Export Snuff stand out. The container is plastic, but is made to look like wood-grain. Whoopee, nothing special here, but when examining the container you will notice in the lower left hand corner there is a blue colored circle and the bottom left hand corner of the container looks like it got chipped off.

    No need to worry, your container was not damaged during shipping. That blue colored circle is actually a dial which I initially thought you would need to keep in the closed position and shake the container to fill a chamber before dispensing a sized portion to the back of your hand.

    Thanks to forum member Lambchop, I discovered after he had pointed it out to me that there actually is no chamber which needs to be filled, simply give the dial a quarter to half turn to open the path to the inside of the container where you can now tap out as much as you like onto the back of your hand.

    In closing, Rumney's Export Snuff by Swedish Match is a refreshing, light citrus - menthol snuff. The flavor alone is quality, but can be had from a variety of other more easilly available snuffs. But if you get the chance to place an order from one of the fine online snuff establishments in Germany. Take a chance and pick up a can of this snuff, if only to have a go round with this fantastic container.
  • Thanks once again for the excellent reviews, nice to see some reviews of snuffs only available overseas. Helps those us here in the states make some quality selections when placing those overseas orders with the huge shipping charges. Well done.
  • Thanks for reading BigSnoot, (lol, that sounds insulting) I really enjoy sitting down with a snuff and spending time whipping out a review. Since I just recieved a large overseas shipment I'm glad to share my findings with the forum. Hope they help make some decisions easier for everyone.
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