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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

My own snuff - african violet aroma with med99

xsysxsys Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
As snuffing became my passion I started to collect snuff tobacco. Fortunately I travel a lot, so I had collected about 15 types in short time. Unfortunately I found later that I cannot obtain any new type, especially english brands, which I really want to try, are quite unavaliable to me. And I asked question: "Can I make my own snuff? And if, how?"

I could not find any tutorial or receipt, so I started to experiment. I want to be chemistry engineer, so I should be able to create my own snuff. First try: moisting med99 with whisky (J. Walker - Red Label). Nothing special came out. Just less smelling, stronger med99. And I noticed, that too much heat burns tobacco. Then I tried to add to this product of my experiment cocoa. It turned out this was a quite good idea. Strong snuff with multi-flavour aroma. In the end there was even a hint of whiskey.

Second experemint's base is also med99, but this time I use as flavouring agent african violet aroma. I will keep it close in box for 7 days. As I tasted it yesterday it's promissing.

Wait for further info.


  • Welcome to the forum xsys, keep us informed on how it turned out. There has been some good recipes posted here for scenting your own snuff. Just do some searching through the old posts.
  • xsysxsys Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Today I reopened box with my experiment. I used african violet aromatic oil and med99. I put a paper in metal box, dropped 12 drops of oil onto it and tha I put a smaller box with tobacco. After six days...'s nothing special. Menthol scent of med99 is too strong and overwhelms the violet aroma. It would be very nice if the violet was stronger. I tried to add a little bit of my favourite white(of course grinded) and it weakens menthol aroma. That's good, but not enough. Tomorrow I will give it another try. I'm going to use virgin cigarette tobacco. I will dry it(could someone tell me what temeperature is best? 60°C?) then I will leave drop some oil directly on tobacco and wait another six days. Then I'm going to drop there a sodium bicarbonate solution, stir and leave for one day.

    And then I will let you know of course.
  • The temperature depends on what kind of snuff you're making. 60 degrees C should be fine for a low dried snuff. High dried and Irish Toast types require higher temperatures. Sodium bicarbonate alkalizes tobacco and can induce ammoniacal fermentation.
  • Thanks for info. So what else use for neutralization? NaCl? I've read somewhere that Poeschl uses K2SO4.
  • Swdish Match Product Ingredients This link can give you some precise information. Just click on "Ingredients in snuff" on the left hand side and then use the drop down for "nasal snuff".
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