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hello to everyone at snuffhouse. a couple of comments/questions.

snuffinspecialsnuffinspecial Unconfirmed
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
hello to everyone. i'm really pleased to join this community, having only gotten into snuff just before christmas.

a question i had is. how often have people here accidentally spilt their tin of various delights?

i recently bought tranter's "otto de rose" and "citrus" flavoured snuffs, which are an absolute delight on the nose. however, both tins i have had the misfortune of spilling a signiicant amount onto the floor in a bout of stupidity!

i feel i must add, today i received shipment of toque's collection of which i was most excited about receiving. i think my favourite from this collection is the chocolate, although very rich so i think i shall keep it as a desert snuff. that rarity, which you pull out on a cold winter night, to accompany a spot of port/glass of red.

my daily sniff i feel may become snus ice, with its delicate yet firm peppermint tones, it's a real comfort on a cold winter morning.

the espresso i had alongside a cup of coffee earlier, along with a helping of chocolate for good measure, and both of them proved to be fantastic additions to my afternoon cup.

i feel slightly guilty though, that with all the excitement of trying out all these new flavours today, i have almost completely ignored the original, i have tried, and appreciated it, but i'm trying to work out when this will be most useful. i'm thinking using a few pinches of it to dilute the royal george, of which i talk about below?

today i also recieved my (very generous!) sample from wilsons of 'royal george' which i must say is a lovely little number, nice and moist, but i must say, it's slightly too floral on its own, i think 'otto de rose' was the piece de la resistance for me when it comes to floral snuffs, nice and delicate!


  • I really don't like the overly floral snuffs either. I've never lost a tin of snuff to the floor (knocks on wood) but I'm the kind of guy that could do something like that; so given enough time I will.

    Welcome to the forums. It's really exciting to be getting into snuff and I can't help but try and hoist my favorites on you. I think you should get some of the Irish Toast tobaccos; from Wilsons or Fribourg and Treyer, or from just about anywhere really. They're a fine snuff that may be a bit difficult for the beginner to keep in the front of their nose but the snuff is really a superb experience and is a constant in most every snuffer's collection.

    Also look into Fribourg and Treyer's line, particularly Old Paris. I like Santo Domingo a great deal, but I didn't at first and there are many who are in the same boat that I was.

    A funny idiosyncrasy, similar to your tin to floor escapades, it seems that every time I go to blow my nose after a snuff that happened to invoke a sneeze I seem to catch a good dose of the snuff in my eye, reflected by the tissue.
  • thank you for your replies, TheLong, I shall ponder on your suggestions and snuff forthwith as soon as my next installment from student loan arrives. i know snuff is cheap, but a lot of a little adds up, if you catch my drift.

    i must say, your snuff in eye quip made me chuckle, i dread to think of that happening to me, but as you said on your post, i'm the kind of guy to which that type of misfortune often happens.


  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Hello snuffinspecial, Welcome to the forum. It is pretty common with a new tin to get a little spillage when opening it. Especially with the Tranters because they are packed full. You just have to give it a few drops flat on a table before you open it to pack the tobacco down, not to high just drop 2-3 times from like an inch high. Now I would strongly suggest you try Frederick Tranters Regency. Its very good. And second the recommendation to the Tranters Irish Toasts. If you are able to sniff the citrus with no problem, you can sniff the toasts just fine.
  • Welcome to the forums! I think just about everyone here has a snuff spilling story. I've done it a couple of times. The first time was with a tin of Ozona Cherry. Those tins aren't really meant to be opened. You're meant to simply twist the top and bottom until two holes line up and tap the snuff out. Well, there is a way you can open the tins IF you are careful. I was trying to open my tin to let some of the menthol breathe out of it. I ended up spilling nearly half of it out! My second spill was with a small tin of McChrystal's Raspberry. My hands get really dry in the winter and I can't get a grip on small metal objects very well. Needless to say I lost a good portion of that tin as well. At least snuff is cheap and easy enough to replace. It still hurts when that happens to your only tin of a certain snuff.
  • thank you all for your comments/reccomendations. it seems that this community is far friendlier than most online communities, which are usually thriving with hostility.

    i just purchased a tin of Tranter's Brunswick on the way home about 10 minutes ago. my gosh, am i pleased. a delightful, moist little number, very dark, with a VERY long-lasting aroma. reminds me of a walk through a country garden, floral, but with almost a grassy touch around the edge.
  • Welcome to the forum snuffinspecial we have a great community here, enjoy! As far as spilling snuff, the only time I have ever spilled all my snuff from a container was after enjoying a few adult beverages, I decided I really needed a pinch of some Pompador. Now Marscigars gets all their DeKralingse products from bulk and sells them in plastic smash boxes. The smash boxes at times can be challenging while sober, let alone half drunk. Needless to say I fumbled the container just after getting the top popped and as it flew in the air, all I could think about was the scene from the movie "A Christmas Story" where the kid accidentally lets the lug nuts fly through the air and exclaims "Ooooooooooh Fuuuuuuudge!". This happened outside in my yard, so there was no salvaging any of it. I was bummed.
  • I just spilled some of my borduex :(
  • @BrianC, you can find Tranters Brunswick here Tranter Snuff Its under the moist snuff section.
  • @Troutstroker, thank you for that, i was just about to post the same link.

    @BrianC, that link there is Tranter's official online store, the only place online that I know if where you can purchase the Tranter range of snuffs.

    I have to say, after this evening, I'm starting to really enjoy my moist snuffs. This Brunswick, I can't help myself with! I seem to be dipping into it every few minutes. ALTHOUGH I MUST ASK, CAN THIS THEN DAMAGE MY NOSE? I.e. play havoc with my septum?!?!

  • @ snuffinspecial, read through this post. It discusses health reports for snuff use.

    Snuff Discussion
  • @ trout, many thanks for that! it's quelled my worries to a degree, i think one must remember that general phrase "nothing is good in excess"...
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