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Snuff reviews down?

ToqueToque Member
edited February 2012 in General
Just went to snuff reviews and it is down. Does anyone know if this is only temporarily?  


  • It says 'account suspended', which means its not been paid for; that was always going to be on the cards with that site and why I stopped posting there.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I wish we could import all of the reviews onto here were there is no concern of blackouts.  Seems like SR goes down every year around payment time.  I wish the owner would turn it over to someone who can keep up with it.  
  • And someone that would make it 'purdy'
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    What?  You don't like the 1994 layout?
  • I feel somewhat bad because I always wanted to donate money but never did. SnuffReviews has been incredibly helpfull to me.

    Importing the reviews here is probably a good idea. But I don't know if this forum presentation would work to parse the data. Does the Vanilla interface supports data stored in a tree-like manner? (categories, sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, etc)

  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Domains are cheap these days.  

    You are right, Vanilla would not work with the format.  
  • All my reviews are also on Filek's site as well as my own. 
  • We have a rewviews category that is not fully taken advantage of
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    I would be nice if the review threads here at snuffhouse were open so that everyones reviews could be on the same thread. Make it so that no one could start a thread except the moderators and we just petition them to open new snuff type threads. It might take a lot of work to keep clean though unless a strict posting reviews only rule is followed.
  • I'd happily take it over and promise to keep it independent.  
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    @juxtaposer - I don't see how that is better? At the moment you write a review, click 'reviews' and its on the review section. One of us then closes it so it doesn't turn into a discussion. What you suggest seems to be one long review which I think would just end up with lots of comments on it, it would then start wandering off course. I don't think that would be of any benefit. Reviews, imo, should be the work of one person in one package. I think your suggestion has some merits but on balance I think the reviews would get very scrappy because people would comment, as with a discussion, and as you say it would need constant moderation.

    There really isn't anything on the review site that couldn't be replicated here. The only thing the review site has over Snuffhouse is the body of work that is on there. What we need are more dedicated reviewers here.

    @Toque - Roderick, do you mean the review section here or the Snuffreview site itself?

  • ahhh, I need my snuffreview--should have donated to it, clearly.
  • One time this happened it wasn't money but busyness so who knows could be the same story this time.

  • must be me clicking refresh like crazy hoping the page will finally come up

    <just kidding>
  • Snuffreviews has been incredibly useful to me. I hope it returns.
  • Hi Snuffster, I meant snuffreviews site.  

    I think what Juxtaposer meant, it would be nice to be able to Juxtapose the good reviews with the bad. 

    When I'm going to a new restaurant I like to read all the reviews not just one.  I have to accept that on snuffreviews site not everyone loved Toque snuffs (99% did, but there was some crazy person who didn't like Toque C&B, then again that could have been me) and it's good to see a fair representation.  
  • I don't get it, just click on the reviews you want to read, they are all there. Maybe juxtaposer has a genuine love of juxtaposition. A harmless hobby I suppose.

    I think all snuff producers should be banned by universal law from having any input into a review site.

  • Yes I agree  "I think all snuff producers should be banned by universal law from having any input into a review site."  That's why I said if I took over Snuffreviews I would keep it independent. It would have to be moderated by independent users and I would only pay the bills with no access. 

  • It would be a shame to lose Snuffreviews as a resource.

    The layout is user friendly and the reviews are very valuable.
  • Hmmm, ok. I'll allow that:)
  • What a tragedy, I just did my first snuff review a few days before it went down. I'd like to at least go back and get it and post it here. I loved that site.

  • I remember that filek and if I am correct did he pretty much promise us that we wouldn't need to worry. Or did my brain just make that up. Who knows?
  • someone has got some splain to do.
  • You would think so wouldn't you. I suppose its possible that no one donated anything but here is the thing; websites cost nothing to keep on the net these days, the spending comes from re-builds or development, but the review site never changed. So unless he was locked into some exorbitant deal I don't know what he needed donations for. 
  • Hasn't he kind of disappeared?  If we get a site up, Im sure we could pool together and get quite a few reviews up in no time.
  • Sorry, what is that?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Top 25 Snuff English version.  Quite a nice site.  
  • It's some time since I visited so I'm going on my old memory.
    Al build the site himself so it was only his time and he would have no cost in it's future development.
    He promised it would never go down again due to his sponsors and the donate button.  
  • I don't understand the donations part? How much could he need to keep it online?
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